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Top 10 YouTube Video Editing App for Android Users

The best YouTube Video Editing App for Android. Scroll down to find the best apps for editing YouTube videos.

YouTube is considered to be the most liked profession, a large number of hard work is done behind the scenes. Creating careers through YouTube can be easy, but many minds go through innumerable things to maintain a single channel.

As much as shooting a video, editing those steps is important because the presentation becomes a selling point. If you are not the owner of a personal computer then you will be surprised how I edit the video. Today’s phones are equipped to handle anything you throw.

If the shooting of vlogs has become a thing from the phone, then why not follow the video editing suite? Okay, today we want to solve it. Scroll down to find the best apps for editing YouTube videos.

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Top 10 YouTube Video Editing App for Android Users:

  • Adobe Premiere Clip
  • FilmoraGo
  • VivaVideo
  • KineMaster
  • Quick
  • Action Director Video Editor
  • Magisto
  • Funimate
  • Movie Maker for YouTube
  • VideoShow Video Editor

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

youtube video editing app

Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro, are operating on the editing area with software. Therefore, when a few years ago Adobe released the premiere clip for Android, a ruckus spread on the Internet. This is not the exact copy of Premiere Pro, but it will work. Expect to be overwhelmed by trying effects and music tabs because they are feature-rich.

Editing is a fun work on the video premiere clip, which has various text effects. Although it lacks a dedicated horizontal editor, you can still edit your favorite videos seamlessly. With the presence of Adobe CreativeSync, all your settings, fonts, etc. will be unpredictable. Also, if you think the rest of the footage is to be edited on Premiere Pro, you can do this easily. For that, you have to sign in with your existing ID. So, tap on the download link below and start editing the clip immediately.

Main Features:

  • Sync to Adobe Account
  • Adobe Creative Sync
  • Great Video Effects
  • Adobe Capture CC

Download Adobe Premiere Clip

2. FilmoraGo

youtube video editing app

FilmoraGo by Wondershare Software is at the top of our list because it is now the most versatile Android Video Editor on the Play Store. With different theme options for setting the tone, FilmoraGo includes template styles during those times when you are confused to get settled for an editing style.

In addition, to reverse play and music, this app has a small feature called Nifty and Motion Graphics, which enhances your video. You can also mix photos and videos together to create a montage film. You have to choose the ratios for your favorite social media – 1: 1 for Instagram and 16: 9 for YouTube. Edit texts, add changes to your videos and overlays. So, download this app and edit that lovely dog ​​video (or cat!).

Main Features:

  • Horizontal Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Simple Delivery
  • Different Aspects Ratio Supported

Download FilmoraGo

3. VivaVideo

youtube video editing app

QuVideo brings VivaVideo, an award-winning video editing app for Android. This app lets you edit videos effortlessly while sharing the final cut hassle free. In addition to video editing, make your music or import what you already have. VivaVideo also has a built-in slide show that easily makes movies with just a few photos.

If you ever want to reconcile a lot of memories in one frame, then VivaVideo is a video collage maker that makes it basically. You can edit slow video at playback speed up to 0.2 seconds. To further your story, VivaVideo offers a premium membership. So, click on the link below and create viral stuff.

Main Features:

  • Adjust the speed of the video
  • 1-Tap Share on any social media
  • Movie Slideshow
  • Different filters and overlays

Download VivaVideo

4. KineMaster

youtube video editing app

KineMaster is an accomplished video editing app that is professionally used to create quality content. Being the favorite of many journalists and YouTubers, this app is a full video editor that comes close to changing your PC’s software. KineMaster tops the other video editor with many features such as multi-layer support, keyframe animation, time-lapse and slow-motion effects.

If you do too many vlogging or citizen journalism, then you have to add your own. Own voice Keynemaster includes some beautiful blending modes, fonts, and stickers to add the heft to your video. You can also download a premium version with which you can remove the watermark and some additional tools have also been added. So, tap on the download link below and master your editing skills.

Main Features:

  • Horizontal Editing
  • Multi-layer editing
  • Time-lapse and slow-motion effect
  • Export 4K video to 30FPS

Download KineMaster

5. Quick

youtube video editing app

A free video editing app brought to you by Quick GoPro. This lets you choose more than 23 effects that seem professional. If you want to create a video with amazing sound, do not watch anywhere because you get 100+ songs that can be added to your background for a soothing effect. This app also specializes in shooting videos with an in-built recorder. You can also apply time-lapse or slow-motion for any of your videos.

When creating slideshows or photo-based videos, set a duration for the photo and title, because it easily adjusts cuts and changes. After editing the video, you can export it in several formats, including a smooth 60 fps. So, download the application from the link below and quickly edit a professional video.

Main Features:

  • Go Pro Sync
  • 23+ video themes
  • 100+ free songs for background effects
  • 60 fps support
  • Flashback 24H

Download Quik

6. Action Director Video Editor

youtube video editing app’s ActionDirector tells its name. Record the video directly from this app and start editing the footage. You get the normal white balance and saturation tweaking as well as a lot of filters to choose from, effect. The trim tool focuses on the part you want to trim and gives you a jaw-dropping result. With the action director, you can upload and share up to 4K videos.

Take that favorite track out of the list and add it to your video. With the support of most video formats, you can export it easily and share it to your desired social media. So, go to Play Store or click on the download link below and start the action.

Main Features:

  • Audio mix
  • 4K export
  • Transitions and animated stickers
  • Video filters

Download ActionDirector Video Editor

7. Magisto

youtube video editing app

Special to Google Play Editor’s Favorites Magisto is a video editing app that you should look at The Consumer Report has been crowned as the Video Editing App 2017, this app is definitely worth it. You have full filters and effects to make your video more attractive and smart editing style, which lets you choose between slideshow, video collages, or full-blown video.

Magistro has a repository of commercially licensed songs which you can add to your background. People who are creating or training the videos should be relieved of relief because this feature is built-in. If you are working on behalf of a company or making other language videos, then you get both options – logo and caption. You can also create a video for marketing. Overall, Magisto is a streamlined app that lets you do everything. So, hit the download link and start the magic.

Main Features:

  • Advanced Editing Storyboard
  • Smart Editing Style
  • Built-in Movie Option.
  • Add the logo and caption

Download Magisto

8. Funimate

youtube video editing app

As the name suggests, there is a mixture of fun, fun and animated. You can do both – Have fun animating yourself. The app is unusual because it has a tie-up with music stalwart. So, to give it a marquee, you have many good-looking video effects, which can give other apps a run for your money. If you say, you are dissatisfied with the impact library, you can make one with your own eyes.

In addition, by adding emoji, stickers, and text to your video in just 1-click. Are your friends missing? Make a collab video with an inbuilt music video maker. If you are a joke, share the fun by creating a video loop. Like Tactics, Fantam has its own video community that shares those creative music videos. Therefore, download this app and make a little fun editing the video.

Main Features:

  • Animation
  • Tactics Tie-ups
  • Collab video.
  • Music video community

Download Funimate

9. Movie Maker for YouTube

youtube video editing app

Movie Maker is a simple but effective video editing app that lets you do a lot of things with just one tap. Exceeding the effects of your current time-bound effects. You can edit texts, you can shape them in any way that you are fit. If you are a cheat or an advanced editor, then anyone can navigate through this app without any nuisance.

In addition to shooting videos from the app, you can create and share your stories with a profile feature, which the world can see. Movie Maker Kitchen-sync app does not have everything, but it completes the work. So, download this app from the link below and share your story with the world.

Main Features:

  • 1-Tap Effect
  • Seamless UI
  • Dozens of Stickers
  • Profile Section

Download Movie Maker for YouTube

10. VideoShow Video Editor

youtube video editing app

VideoShow is a versatile video editing app that also acts as a converter. Fire that camera and record clip and later edit them originally on the video shot. If you need MP3, then change your video with just one click. You can also do general tricks here – trim, reverse, merge, convert, gifs, rotate, blur, etc.

In addition, you can theme your videos and paint them with other features such as background blur, video dubbing, professional over time. Speed ​​or slow motion, and zoom video. VideoShow also has the ability to create video doddle. If your video looks boring, then add some Fx to spice it. So, download the app and show your creativity.

Main Features:

  • 30+ Filters
  • Subtitles, the Filter Support
  • Video Converter
  • Make Background Blur and Gif

Download VideoShow Video Editor

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Final Words

This was our list of video editing apps we think you might like. Comment below to tell us about your favorite app or what you are currently using.

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YouTube is considered to be the most liked profession, a large number of hard work is done behind the scenes. Creating careers through YouTube can be easy, but many minds go through innumerable things to maintain a single channel.

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