7 Best Wordle Alternatives For Working Online

Wordle Alternatives – Wordle is one of the best tools for creating a word cloud. Now some of you may think, what is the word cloud? It is what it is called, a cloud of words and phrases forming different patterns or designs.

Depending on their frequency inside the content, you will see words in the cloud in different sizes. Wordle is a tool that helps to do this without knowledge of art or graphics designing, but is it the only one?

Wordle was previously available for online use through a web browser but required JavaScript. Now they have also launched a desktop application for the same to make it easier to use.

Although Wordle is used by students, teachers, and many others to create a word cloud because its web version has stopped working properly, people are looking for wordle alternatives tools.

You can also go for options to try out new patterns, font styles, and customizing options. Not only this, but you can also use the word cloud with great ease to check the frequency of words in your content.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best word cloud generators, apps, and sites that are similar to Wordle Alternatives. They are all online apps, so you can access them on a browser using any of your devices such as Windows PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. So let’s get started.

Wordle Alternatives – Best Word Cloud Generator

1) TagCrowd

tagcrowd wordle alternatives

TagCrowd gives you the opportunity to create a very simple word cloud that can also be helpful for you to determine the most frequently used words in written content. You can either paste it or even write it, provide the URL, or even upload the file as input.

TagCrowd will then create a cloud for you, showing the words that are most frequently used. Words that are overused will be larger in size, and words that are less will appear smaller in size than most devices.

In addition, you can select a different language for texts, set the maximum number of words to be shown, select the frequency range of words, see the actual frequency of words, group similar words, change the letters to uppercase and Even consider adding words in a neglected form.

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2) ABCYA Word Cloud

abcya wordle alternatives

Abcya is a word cloud generator for children and works entirely online. It has some great animations and cartoons that will definitely attract them. All you have to do is paste the content or text inside the blank and then hit it to create a word cloud.

It will then show you the generated design, which you can further customize. You can also change the word limit, size, color, and text font in the cloud. You can also edit the content inside it, you can also add or remove text and phrases.

From this, you can also easily choose random sizes for all new clouds you create and apply word filters for children. And finally, you can save Word Cloud created for your PC as an image or print directly from their webpage.

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3) WordArt

wordart wordle alternatives

WordArt is yet another generator that puts phrases and words together to create a pattern or design. Once you are inside the WordArt website, all you need to do is start building your Word Cloud. You will see two sections on the create page, adding text to the left where you can decide their individual sizes, colors, angles, and fonts.

There will be an option to select its size, fonts, layout, and style on the same panel. On the right-hand side, you will see the cloud created using the customization options as soon as you click on the visualization. Here you can also add animation to texts and give them a different look.

In addition, you can print it, save it on a WordArt account that you created it or download it to your PC in various formats and quality. Although downloading is free, for high-quality downloads, you may need to purchase their premium plans.

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4) TagExdo

tagexdo wordle alternatives

TagXado is a little different than all the other devices on this list. Here you can not only create a word cloud by pasting text, but it also allows them to create blogs, articles, tweets, news, or even tags. All that is required is the URL of the specific blogs you want to convert to the cloud. You can select the size, style, font theme, and orientation you want to see in the result and submit them.

Apart from URLs, you can create them with text just like the rest of the tools. But it may not work with all browsers because it requires a Microsoft Silverlight Internet application or you will not be able to use the feature to create Word Cloud.

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5) WordItOut

worditout wordle alternatives

WordItOut is one of the best Wordle Alternatives because it allows you to create a Word cloud with three different modes. Normal text, in this mode you have to paste any text or document and then this tool will automatically detect the most commonly used words and select them for creation. No filter will make it with the exact text or phrases you pasted.

And the last table is where you can paste any spreadsheet or create a table and then use it to create a cloud. In addition, each mode has the same editing options, where you can customize the text size, fonts, colors, and layout.

You can also view the word list where it will show information about phrases or words that the tool is using in the word cloud from your provided content. The final image can then be saved or sent to your email ID without any login or signup.

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6) Tricklar

tricklar wordle alternatives

Trickler is not just any common tool, but it is for those who want to create a word cloud about news and do not have the right content for it. This can be beneficial for teachers and students. Here all you have to do is select the date for which you want to receive news, then the place which is the United States, Australia, and the world. The news will be selected accordingly.

After that, you can enter a particular keyword related to which the news will be collected. Or select from the given category of news and once done, click on the generated cloud. Then it will show you the clouds created, and here you can change the color of fonts, texts, and backgrounds. It also has various shapes like a country map, word sheet, etc. which you can choose.

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7) WordClouds

wordclouds wordle alternatives

This tool is very advanced compared to others. Here you can add content through various types of inputs such as paste, type, text file, URL, MS Office, and even PDF documents. Not only this, but you can also choose the size of the output image or set a custom resolution for them. You can set a different size, or reverse the word cloud entirely. It will have the shape blank and use words outside the selected shape.

After coming to the best features of this tool, you can select tons of shapes from letters, letters, numbers, and colors of the given category. This will not only let you select but also add your own custom shapes. It can only use GIF and PNG image formats for uploading. In this way, you can make it with your shape or any other wish.

And finally, you can save all created clouds in word cloud file format or PNG, JPG or PDF and even share them online on various social media platforms.

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Final Words

These were some of the best Wordle Alternatives that you might like to use. Although Wordle is a good option, the website will not let you create a word cloud until you have JavaScript, and you will have to download the application instead.

So you can use online tools to make them with more options. From the list, I would recommend WordsCloud because it has so many options for creating and editing shapes. Which one are you using?

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