7 Best Website and Apps Like Wattpad Alternatives

Website apps like Wattpad are nothing less than an online platform for readers and authors to discover new books and publish their own writing as an e-book.

It is one of the highly flexible websites that can be accessed on mobile with great ease through its app on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Being the world’s most popular eBook community, it offers its users to connect with other readers and authors and share their work with them.

It works as a creative social media website for writers that attracts millions of readers online. With Wattpad, you can search millions of e-books on every genre that are out there and add them to your reading list.

Not only that, but you can also follow your favorite authors and be notified whenever they publish something. By coming to the writing section, you can create your own book and publish it on their platform.

They also conduct online Watty Awards every year and provide exposure to aspiring writers. Keeping this in mind is a free application that provides you with free e-books and lets you publish your story to millions of readers at no cost.

I can’t think of any reason why you would need another app or site like this. But if you want to read something different and some new stories and e-books. Then we’ve got you covered with these apps and sites that are similar to website apps like Wattpad.

Website Apps Like Wattpad

1) Movellas

movellas website and apps like wattpad

It is a free ebook reading and writing platform that focuses primarily on teenagers. This website is full of stories and lines were written by young writers. You are free to read any book from this platform, but you have to log in to write something. In the People section, you can follow all trending writers on Mowellas and check out their work.

You can also join them for suggestions and share your thoughts and ideas with other authors. It is specially designed so that you can read and write on your smartphone on the go. In addition, you can download a story without worrying about your internet connection and read it offline later.

Once you publish a chapter, you can go back anytime and edit it from your phone. People who keep reading your story can post comments on any part and can chat with you very easily. If you do not mind reading, you can listen to many audio stories that this web application provides.

Visit Movellas

Visit Movellas

Visit Movellas

2) Sweek

sweek website and apps like wattpad

Sweek is the most interesting and clean user interface among all other ebook reading and writing platforms. Like other similar platforms, it allows you to write your own books, poems, and short stories. As an aspiring writer, this app helps you see among thousands of readers, create new fans, and get useful opinions from them.

Not only this, but you can also get your book published by the Sweek Publishing House. They will guide you through their manuscript and book cover design and publish it for you for free.

Your book will be sold globally as an ebook through social networks and Swack web spots. They sell your book as a paperback on some known booklets and pay you some percentage of the selling price. The offline reading and writing option is also available on the mobile application.

Visit Sweek

Visit Sweek

Visit Sweek

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3) Penana

penana website and apps like wattpad

Penana is another free e-books website that serves the same purpose as Wattpad. The two are similar to each other in terms of accessibility and diversity. You have a large number of genres and sub-genres to choose from, including poetry and screenplay.

There are three ways to write, the first one is the story mode, where you can write a chapter of a general story in any genre. Another is the contest mode where you can start a writing contest on any topic and engage other users on that forum.

Last Blog Mode is where you can write your personal blog and choose to share it with others. The great thing is that it has various editing tools that help you in writing your story.

When you select a story to read you will know that all the information will be revealed. Like the time it will take you to read it, rating, etc.

The most important thing you can do is read the intro and decide whether you want to hook or not. You can easily access the mobile website on your PC browser, and it is freely available for Android as well as iOS.

Visit Penana

Visit Penana

Visit Penana

4) Shorti

shorti website and apps like wattpad

Shorti is a purely mobile-based application that is easily available for iOS and Android. And it is the best platform for writing and sharing short stories rather than writing books. During the registration process, you can use a pen name to sign up to maintain a feeling of anonymity.

You can choose to read short stories from several categories and bookmark them for later. To start writing, you need a title name and a description of more than 200 words. After that choose a style and you are good to go.

You can also upload your own cover for the story to make the audience more engaging. It allows you to attach pictures and videos to your story and all this to your smartphone.

Visit Shorti

Visit Shorti

5) Shortly

shortly website and apps like wattpad

If you are one of those people who like to read on the go and do not have time to write anything. Then soon, a free app for both Android and iOS lets you do this. You can read a short story according to the time in your hand. There are three options for you to choose 1, 3, and 5 minutes.

Once you read the story of your desired time, you can go and read for the next story of the same length. You can change the subject of your story’s page and font while reading. The good thing is that you do not have to sign up or register yourself to read.

Visit Shortly

Visit Shortly

6) Tap by Wattpad

tap by wattpad website and apps like wattpad

The tap is one of a dedicated smartphone app developed by the Wattpad team. It is the Editors’ Choice on Google Play and has also won the award for Best of 2017. Now unlike Wattpad and similar apps, it keeps you on edge by exposing the story through front and back text messages.

This is a very unique way to read a story by simply tapping. You can find a story based on your mood and share them with your friends. The reading experience is very comfortable and makes you feel that you are part of the story.

It is also possible to create your own stories and share stories with the world by writing them as you chat. It is a free app and does not require any registration unless you want to write a story.

Visit Tap By Wattpad

Visit Tap By Wattpad

7) Mirakee

mirakee website and apps like wattpad

Miraki is a social networking app for writers to explore and share ideas through writing. This book is not for reading or writing. In fact, it lets you share ideas, short stories, poems, and quotes in the form of a post with a picture in the background.

You can also choose from a solid color background. There are many tools and fonts available to design your post. You can also use the copyright feature if you are posting original content. Like any other social media, like comment, and share with others.

You can also link your Facebook and Twitter accounts and follow your friends on Mirki and see what they are doing in the writing department. This app is for smartphone users, but you can find the website version on PC, but with limited features.

Visit Mirakee

Visit Mirakee

Visit Mirakee

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Final Word:

Here you have 7 website apps like Wattpad for all readers and writers. All the platforms we describe are free and you do not have to pay to read or write on them. But keep in mind that copyright is a major issue with things like this so don’t try to use its content elsewhere.

We’d love to get some more recommendations for Wattpad alternative services. Write to us with your queries and recommendations in the comment section below how did you like this website apps like wattpad post.

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