How to Unblock Downloads in Chrome

If you are looking for a solution to unblock downloads in Chrome, then this article is going to be very helpful for you.

Google Chrome was introduced on September 1, 2008. So it has been more than a decade. The browser, which started as ‘Browser Redesign’, has improved a lot over the years and has outpaced opponents such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. But it’s still not all sunshine and roses.

The browser still has many security concerns, which still pose a problem today. Many Chrome users have complained over time that an extension has gone bad or something. This changed slightly with the inclusion of some protective measures that scan for harmful software and isolated site processes.

It is now one of the safest browsers but one problem still remains – the messy process of downloading files. The download is a name that has become an integral part of any application. You see an image, video, or a file, you download it for later viewing.

But Google Chrome’s understanding of downloading is still unclear. It is still a child when it comes to downloading files, where it cannot really distinguish between a good file and a harmful file.

How to unblock download in chrome

What Chrome does is that it blocks unsafe files from downloading to your computer, but it also means that you won’t be able to download files from some sites that you know are trustworthy but some other opinions of Chrome are.

The second issue is to block Chrome automatic downloads that start from the same source. Even though blocking these security measures seems like a bad idea, you can see in this article how to unblock downloads in Chrome safely and with some other security options. So let’s board this ship!

Phishing is common and many people tolerate it while surfing the Internet on their browser. But there is a built-in feature inside Google Chrome known as Safe Browsing. To unblock downloads that Chrome deems to be unsafe, turn this feature off but I must say – at your own risk !!

1. Potentially Unsafe Download

  • Launch Chrome Click on the three-dot icon and open Setting.

click chrome setting

  • Look for Sync and Google services and click on them.

sync and google services

  • Below Sync and other Google services under Google services, you can see Safe Browsing just below the Show suggestions.

make earches and browsing better

2. Unblock Automatic Download

Some sites make multiple downloads at once, such as those that convert files from one format to another, you may face issues, all thanks to the underlying content restriction. But it is a measure to ban unsafe websites from automatically downloading malware along with other secure files.

You can easily remove this restriction. But to keep your data safe, Google Chrome will ask for your permission until you start downloading files unless you actively whitelist the sites.

  • Launch Chrome and go to Settings. Now go to Privacy and Security and click on Site Settings. Scroll until you see an automatic download.

click on site settings

automatic download

  • You will see a new window. Make sure that when a site tries to download files automatically after the first file is up, toggle next to Ask.

click on

  • Now that you have selected this option, Chrome should now allow websites to be downloaded automatically. But whenever a website starts downloading, Chrome will ask for your permission. If this is cumbersome for you, tap on the Add button next to the permission, and then add the URL of the site you want to whitelist. Keep in mind that you have turned off Safe Browsing, so allow only those websites you trust to download.

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3. Other Security Options

You can use security extensions if you are so inclined to lift the ban on unsafe downloads. Do not browse any random extensions that will put you at risk. I have listed below two of the most secure and most preferred anti-virus Chrome extensions for you.

i.) Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes offers a free extension and is efficient at identifying malicious code in downloaded files. To fully use this extension, simply right-click the downloaded file and select Scan with Malwarebytes. This will tell you whether the file is safe or unsafe. You can also do this on files that can be blocked, courtesy of Chrome’s Safe Browsing feature.

ii.) McAfee Secure Safe Browsing

The McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing extension will notify you if a website is secure or not. You only need to click once on the McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing icon which will provide you with many options like information and security metrics about malware, encryption, phishing intense, popularity, and more. There is also a large green banner that will indicate the website. Security.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

How do I fix blocked downloads?

To fix blocked downloads on Chrome, all you need to do is disable Safe Browsing.

How do I unblock downloads on Google Chrome?

To unblock the download on Google Chrome, go to Settings> Privacy and Security> More. Now disable safe browsing by moving the slider to the left.

Why is Google Chrome blocking my download?

Google Chrome is blocking your download because it may be malicious or contain malware or viruses.

How do I enable automatic download in Chrome?

Tap on Settings to enable automatic download in Chrome. Scroll down to Advanced Settings. Now find the download and clear your auto open options. So the next time you download a file, it will be saved in the location you choose.

How do I prevent Chrome from blocking 2021?

To prevent Chrome from being blocked, go to Chrome: // Settings or click Settings> Go to the bottom of the page and tap on Show Advanced Settings. You will find privacy and security under Advanced Settings. Watch for ‘Protect you and your device from dangerous sites and turn it off.

How do I download dangerous files to Chrome?

Don’t know why you want to do this, but click Chrome> More Downloads> Now find the file you want to download> Recover Malicious File.

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Final Words

Follow the above methods to get around the limitations of Chrome regarding automatic or unsafe downloads. But keep in mind that it will be entirely your responsibility after turning down the necessary security options.

Also, make sure that apart from Windows Defender, which does a great job in detecting complete malware, use a malware scanner or extension so that you can be at peace.

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