6 Amazing TubeMate Alternative Apps for Android & iOS

TubeMate Alternative Apps – We sometimes feel the need to download online videos (especially from YouTube) for offline access.

Given that major streaming sites do not provide the option of downloading, we need to rely on other third-party applications. TubeMate is one of those apps.

But if you don’t like using it for any reason, then you should look at the list of TubeMate alternative apps that I’m going to share here.

TubeMate Alternative Apps

1) VidMate

vidmate tubemate alternative app

VidMate is another app like TubeMate. VidMate is a stop-gap version of TubeMate, I should say. The main reason for the first app design is its fear of UI. On the other hand, this one has got a complete user interface.

VidMate packs a browser app, using which you can navigate to any web page very easily and also embed videos if any. If you use the YouTube application too much, you can direct VidMate to download a particular video by following Share >> VidMate.

If you search on the Play Store, you will come across some impersonation applications. For the original app, you must use the link given below.


2) Ultra Downloader Plus

ultra downloader plus tubemate alternative app

Ultra Downloader Plus is not the only video downloader for iOS. You can cast content directly to PS4, Xbox, or Smart TV with this application. Opening the app gives the impression that it is a browser.

Once you get used to it, you will understand that UDP resembles a specific browser. You can use the address bar to paste the URL of a web page with embedded video. Users can stop and resume downloading processes and this does not affect the quality at all.

Ultra Downloader Plus

3) SnapTube

snaptube tubemate alternative app

SnapTube is yet another best alternative to TubeMate, which gives you the right way to download embedded videos from any web page. If you ask me for a video downloader app with the best user interface, then my vote will only go in the ballot box of SnapTube.

They have links to popular video streaming websites on the interface in the form of tiles. You can tap on any of them, browse the video, and start downloading it. Alternatively, you can use their address bar to paste the URLs, so that you can avoid straying and save time. SnapTube is only available for Android.


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4) Video Downloader Pro

video downloader pro tubemate alternative app

The application I shared above is only available for Android. So, you can ask to use one on your iOS device. Here it comes, the best video downloader.

They follow almost the same design that you see on a mobile Safari browser. Uninterrupted browser support helps you download all videos without a stutter. It does not charge anything extra for downloading and you can also keep the processes in the background to get involved in other activities.

To get your hands on this application you will have to pay a few bucks.

Video Downloader Pro

5) KeepVid Android

keepvid android tubemate alternative app

As the name suggests, the app is developed specifically for the Android platform. You can search for videos using your inbuilt browser directly on YouTube. You can also download Facebook videos very easily using KeepVid.

As in any other application here, it provides a converter, which you can use to download the audio of the file in MP3 format. KeepVid manages batch processes well enough that the speed is split evenly between them.

You should use the link given below to download the app from the official site. They also have a QR code, which you are browsing on the computer.


6) eDL Lite

edl lite tubemate alternative app

Are you an iOS user? Then, I know that you must have felt irritated seeing so many Android apps. eDl Lite is just like an iOS app that you can download from the official store very easily.

The application comes with a fully functional browser with a file manager. You can use the browser to land on the video of your choice. File Manager also helps you skim through files. The app is available on the store for free download.

eDL Lite

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Final Words

You have got six TubeMate options; Three for iOS and three for Android. They all serve the same purpose but on different user interfaces. Of course, there may be some differences between working and supported formats as well.

Just pick an app and start using it. In any case, you do not like it, you can proceed to the next one on this list.

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