8 Best Emulator for PUBG Mobile for Windows PC

best emulator for pubg mobile

Nowadays, there is a craze for worldwide fighting in the gaming world, which also knows Player Now Glades Battleground as PUBG. It is a popular online multiplayer Battle Royal game played by millions of gamers every day. The game is one of the bestselling games of 2018.

Playing PUBG Mobile on mobile is definitely convenient but watching those real-time graphics on PC is terrible. You can buy the PUBG PC version, but it will be expensive and if you do not want to buy, what will be the option?

Playing PUBG Mobile on a mobile device is definitely a great experience. But to play the PC version you will have to spend several rupees. But there is nothing to fear as you can enjoy the experience of PUBG Mobile on PC as well as with the help of an emulator.

What are Emulators?

Emulators are software that allows one computer system to function like another computer system. Basically, you can use apps that are built on one OS for another.

Android emulator is an Android virtual device (AVD) that represents a specific Android device on your desktop. In simple language, it is a software that can emulate or run Android OS for users using Android OS or for games or developers.

Suppose you have a Window PC or Mac. And if you want to play PUBG mobile games on PC for free, then you have to download an emulator, it allows you to run the Android emulator and Android app on your PC.

Tencent is the official emulator for PUBG, created by gaming giant Tencent. There are many other very popular and efficient emulators available to get the best playing interface. You can use one of them according to your device specification.

Does this Affect My Computer?

No, it is like any other software running on your computer, but they can consume more RAM. We have tested all of these emulators on Windows 10 PCs, but these will work great on other Windows versions as well.

This list of BTW Best Emulators is completely ranked based on the features they offer and their performance. These emulators are also great for other games and are not only limited to PUBG.

How to play PUBG Mobile on PC?

You have an option to go to PUBG Mobile. You can run PUBG Mobile on PC using your mobile device as well as PUBG Mobile emulator and it is free.

As the technology and gaming community grow, it is possible to play a direct adaptation of any Android game on the big screen with the help of PUBG Mobile and Android Emulator.

There are many best PUBG mobile emulators for Windows PCs available in the market. You can choose any of them which is suitable for your PC. Every PUBG Mobile PC emulator has its own features and functions.

So here is the List of Best Emulator for PUBG Mobile

1. Tencent Gaming Buddy

best emulator for pubg mobile

It is the official PUBG mobile emulator developed specifically for PUBG mobile. This will help Windows users to play Android games comfortably on your PC. It is the best PUBG mobile emulator as it is developed by the developers of PUBG.

PUBG Mobile on Tencent Gaming Buddy PC enables the best mouse and keyboard controls to be easily played with fully customized controls. Depending on your PC’s hardware you can easily change keyboard and mouse settings and configurations for a stunning gaming experience.

In addition, you can choose from different layouts which are best for you. You can also play PUBG Mobile on low-end PCs using this emulator. When using an emulator on a low-end computer only you need to lower your graphics settings.

But if you have a high-end computer, then your gaming experience will be better. This emulator will definitely help you win chicken dinner but just on a big screen and without any lag.


  1. Suitable for low-end PCs
  2. Smooth feel
  3. Controller support


  1. Only PUBG and other Tencent games can run
  2. A low number of features

Features of Tencent Gaming Buddy:

  • Adjust mouse DPI
  • Keyboard mapping and mouse control
  • Take a snapshot and record the gameplay
  • You can control fully customized
  • You can also play PUBG Mobile on low-end computers

System Requirements for Tencent Gaming Buddy:

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • RAM: 3 GB or above
  • HDD: 1GB minimum
  • CPU: Dual-core at 1.8-GHz from Intel or AMD
  • Price: Free

Download Tencent Gaming Buddy

2. Bluestack

best emulator for pubg mobile

With a base of millions of users, Bluestack is one of the most popular and most mainstream of all Android emulators. There are many reasons for this, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac, also gets regular updates, is compatible with games as well as Android apps. Recent updates put Bluestacks on Android Nougat.

This emulator for PUBG comes with two versions paid and free. While the free version is free of advertisements and paid version ads.

Bluestack will run your PUBG mobile games easily and efficiently even on low-end computers. You can also play games using the gamepad. This enables the integration of various gamepad features. One of the best features is its ability to launch multiple instances so that you can play multiple games at once.

You can download many apps from the App Store or install standalone APK files. Download the latest version of Bluestack for a smooth and stunning experience, otherwise, the older versions are too few.


  1. Superb performance
  2. Can run multiple games at once
  3. Nice interface


  1. May not provide the same performance for all types of apps
  2. Frame drops repeatedly

Features of Bluestacks:

  • It is six times faster than the Samsung Galaxy and eight times faster than the predecessor.
  • You can adjust the resolution, the number of cores and RAM to keep PUBG running smoothly.
  • Support multiple accounts.
  • Low CPU and memory usage.
  • Latest android version. (Nougat-7.1.2)
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • Ability to launch multiple instances

System Requirements for Bluestacks:

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • RAM: 2 GB or above
  • HDD: 5GB
  • CPU: Intel or AMD Processor
  • Price: Free or Paid

Download Bluestack

3. Memu

best emulator for pubg mobile

Memu is the latest Android emulator that has managed to become popular. This emulator is the best for PUBG mobile with great speed and provides more features than any other Android emulator.

When you launch it, you are greeted with a 4-year-old Android version, with a menu on the right-hand bar. It comes with preloaded Google Play Store so that you can download and play any Android game and Android app. Also, you can open an APK file directly from Memu.

This emulator is loaded with detailed features that make gameplay easy on the big screen. You can also run multiple games and apps at once. Memu has great keyword mapping features where you can customize your PUBG for mobile gaming needs. In addition to this emulator supports full-screen mode, screenshot tool, operation record, auto-update PUBG which is a feature, not all emulators provide and many other features.

Memu is the best PUBG mobile emulator for gamers.

How to play PUBG on the Memu

  • Download and install the emulator from the link above which does not exceed 300 MB.
  • Open the emulator and go to play store and install PUBG from there or you can also install it via APK file (if you have it).
  • Once installed, run PUBG Mobile from the home screen.

Note: If you have problems while playing, change the graphics rendering option from DirectX to OpenGL


  1. Lightweight and memory loss
  2. Can run multiple games/apps simultaneously
  3. A large number of facilities
  4. Low compatibility issues


  1. Sometimes crashes

Features of Memu:

  • Select the resolution and RAM and CPU allocation according to your PC for the best gaming experience
  • One-click APK installation
  • Google Play Store preloaded
  • Several examples at the same time
  • Keyboard mapping
  • You can open any apk file
  • Ability to launch multiple instances
  • Screenshot tool
  • Operation record

System Requirements for Memu:

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • RAM: 3 GB or above
  • HDD: 2GB
  • CPU: Intel or AMD CPU
  • Price: Free

Download Memu

4. Nox Player

best emulator for pubg mobile

Nox Player is another Android emulator available for gamers who want to play Android games on their PCs. This enables you to load downloaded APK files outside the Play Store on your PC.

You can enjoy your gameplay using your PC gamepad or you can map keys or buttons to perform Android functions. Memu players also have some features such as screenshots and screen recording options. You can find it in the toolbar on the right side of the window. In addition, you can play more than one game or app at a time.

In the Nox Player, you can change the number of CPU cores, FPS or RAM you want to allocate which will give you smooth playing experience.


  1. Special Gaming Features
  2. Run multiple apps simultaneously


  1. Not the best performer
  2. Loses some important features
  3. I observed high ping while gaming

Features of NOX Player:

  • Virtual key
  • The root of the device.
  • Can import any APK and share file.
  • Virtualize your location.
  • Can create multi-instance
  • This enables loading of downloaded APK files outside the Play Store
  • Several examples at the same time
  • You can allocate RAM, CPU

System Requirements for NOX player:

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • RAM: 1.5 GB or above
  • GPU: OpenGL 2.1 with support
  • HDD: 1.5GB of free disk space
  • CPU: Intel or AMD Processor
  • Price: Free

Download Nox Player

5. Andy

best emulator for pubg mobile

Android mobile emulator is different from all other Android emulator, it enables you to connect your Android device and PC together in a virtual world, which is perfect for gaming. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Andy brings his favorite communication, social networking, entertainment mobile app to the desktop, you can also receive WhatsApp messages.

For PUBG mobile games it gives you a good gameplay experience, but I would suggest you to go for Tencent Gaming Buddy or Memu Android Emulator.

Features of Andy Emulator:

  • You can connect android and pc
  • Communication application on desktop
  • You can use your mobile or tablet as a remote controller to play games.
  • Manual location setting is possible.
  • You can enable or disable the microphone and speaker settings.
  • One can access the front camera and external camera from your desktop.
  • Notification and synchronization of apps with mobile are possible and are even routable.
  • Supports over 40 different languages.

System Requirements for Andy:

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 / OSX 10.8t
  • RAM: minimum 3Gb
  • HDD: At least 10 GB free disk space
  • GPU: with OpenGL 2.1 support
  • CPU: with dual-core AMD or Intel CPU virtualization support
  • Price: Free

Download Andy

6. LD Player

best emulator for pubg mobile

LD Player is one of the best PUBG mobile emulators for Windows, but not many people know about this emulator. This emulator enables you to run PUBG Mobile on your Windows and Mac with stunning graphics and great gaming experience.

You can play PUBG Mobile or many Android games with keyboard and mouse simply and easily. It enables you to play multiple games at the same time, a smooth gaming experience. You can also install the game from the Google play store.

On LD Player you play many latest and heavy Android games like Call of Duty Mobile, World of Kings, Free Fire, Clash of Clans which happen without any accident.

Features of LD players:

  • Play using keyboard and mouse
  • Several examples at a time
  • Download app from google play store
  • multitasking
  • Multi-players (resource allocation)
  • Available for Android 5.1.1 and above
  • Play without accident
  • Smooth and user-friendly experience
  • Keymapping

System Requirement for LD Player:

  • OS: WinXP SP3 / Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1 / Win10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • RAM: 2GB or above
  • Hard disk: 2GB
  • CPU: Intel or AMD CPU (x86 / x86_64 processor)
  • Price: Free

Download LD Player

7. Remix OS

best emulator for pubg mobile

The Remix OS is now officially dead but you can download it from the 3rd party website. It is a computer operating system for PCs that allows you to run Android apps on any compatible Intel-based PC.

Many PUBG mobile gamers use this OS to play PUBG MObile on their PCs with a larger screen and due to the good gaming experience, this OS is quite optimized for gaming. This enables you to control app keyboard buttons and games according to your comfort. This OS is very easy to use and has a very clean interface.

It comes with Google Play Store and its own App Store from which the app can be downloaded. This OS provides multiple instances, which means that you can play two or more games or apps at a time, such as with all shortcut keys. Remix OS is compatible with Android Marshmallow.

Note: This OS does not support AMD chipsets and requires virtualization technology-enabled on PC bios.

Features of Remix OS:

  • Keyboard mapping
  • Smooth Gaming Experience
  • Many gaming at a time
  • Support low-end pc
  • Multi-instance
  • Play heavy games with a smooth gaming experience
  • Play Store available for downloading other apps
  • Keyboard mapping
  • Supports low-end PCs

System Requirements for Remix OS:

  • OS: Win 7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • RAM: 2GB or above
  • HDD: 8 GB
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 Processor (Core i5 / i7 Recommended)
  • Price: Free

Download Remix OS Player

8. KO Player

best emulator for pubg mobile

KO Player is a best and free Android emulator that gives great advantages in stability, compatibility, and performance in running Android games and apps on Window PC.

This Android emulator is used to support multiple accounts, screen capture, video recording, keyboard, and gamepad. As a pro gamer, you know video records and screenshots are must while playing the game. Considerably internal integrated Google Play store is compatible with more than 99% apps & games.

But it really consumes RAM and power from your CPU, I think that someone with low specs of pc can run it smoothly. Although it seems to be a good emulator to use for playing PUBG game. and I recommend it to people with good pc….

Features of KO Player:

  • Drag to install.
  • Adaptive resolution.
  • Supports gamepad flawlessly.
  • Fully simulate operation with a keyboard and mouse.
  • Compatible with over 99% of games and Google Play APPs.

System Requirements of KO Player:

  • OS: Windows 7. Windows 8.1, Windows 10, OSX-10.8 +
  • CPU: Dual-core AMD or Intel CPU
  • GPU: OpenGL 2.1 with support
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM
  • HDD: 10GB free disk space
  • Resolution: At least 1024 * 768

Download KO Player

Best Emulator for PUBG Mobile: Final Words

This is for this list of the best emulators for PUBG Mobile to play on PC, we do not feel the need to pursue this list. The winner is the MMU emulator and there are reasons that make it different from others.

If you also want an emulator for productivity and can easily work on a low-end PC, then go for the Knox Player. It is great for multitasking and is very lightweight. MEmu is the best emulator to play PUBG on PC with fewer problems and a great bunch of features