Free UC for all PUBG Mobile Players

Did you know that the site offers free UC for all PUBG mobile players? You must read this article before going to is a specialized website that provides various cheat codes and hacks for different types of virtual games. can also be used to generate unlimited UC coins and battle points … Read more

How to change Name in PUBG Mobile?

change name in pubg mobile

We have told you here How to change Name in PUBG Mobile and How to Reset your Appearance in PUBG Mobile, as well as how to get the in-game item here, its stages have been highlighted! Curious gamers are diving into PUBG mobiles on Android because one of the most popular battles Royale-style games is … Read more

What’s in the New Game PUBG Xbox One Update?

game pubg xbox

Battlegrounds get a huge New Game PUBG Xbox One, but only after PUBG for offline server maintenance. To enter the new Xbox One patch, PUBG will be taken offline for approximately two hours for server maintenance. New Game PUBG Xbox One Update? According to the patch notes – which can be seen below – the … Read more

What is the Difference between PUBG and PUBG Lite?

pubg and pubg lite

PUBG and PUBG Lite: If you have ever played the PC version of Battlegrounds YouTube Player in many ways, then it is the same feeling you will get when playing PUBG Mobile. It is clear that while developing Android software, there were many limitations. However, PUBG promotion is still very high, it does not seem … Read more