10 Best Live TV Apps for Android

live tv apps android

Are you getting bored sitting in front of your TV for hours and hours? It can not affect you because you do not want to miss your favorite show or, perhaps, you have no other option, right?

You are currently aware, we are living in the world of development, where change is necessary? You used to sit on your TV a day ago, do not you tired of doing so for a long time? (Actually, I’m good at reading)

Okay, I tell you the outstanding balance of TV, which you used to do every month, is no longer necessary for watching your favorite shows, movies, English series and anything else. There are now several ways to watch TV on your Android mobile device (looks interesting).

In this article here, we were going to reveal 10 best apps to watch live TVs on Android. With the advent of high-speed data services, the need for streaming of live TV channels has increased. The best part about these apps is that they spent half of what they had paid for your TV subscription first. We’ve also added some free live streaming apps to your convenience in the following list.

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10 Best Live TV Apps for Android:

  • Hotstar
  • Mobdro
  • eDocter IPTV App
  • Jio TV
  • Hulu
  • UK TV Now
  • YouTube TV
  • SonyLiv
  • Sling TV
  • Play Live TV

1. Hotstar

live tv apps android

Hotstar is a freemium live streaming app for Android devices. Watching your favorite TV shows, movies, games, and music videos, etc has become more comfortable due to the development of Hotstar. The best thing about this app is that they provide their services without charging a single penny.

Now you do not need to renew your TV subscription, Hotstart is something that will fulfill all your requests as a hardcore live TV streamer. This probably includes the best on-demand video streaming app with many other features. Hotstar is one of the favorites and demanding apps available in the market. Here, you can watch your favorite videos in 8 different languages.

For better user convenience, Hotstar has a search bar on your app, you can search for any TV series, movies or video. This allows you to choose your best video quality for your watch list.

Price: Free

Download Hotstar

2. Mobdro

live tv apps android

Let me present you the most popular live TV streaming app for Android devices. Mobdro is free for all Android devices; You do not have to pay a penny to watch your favorite shows. This allows you to stream unlimited online videos for free.

For the convenience of users, Mobdro has classified its channel movies, entertainment, sports, music, tech, animals, gaming, anime and spiritual. It’s a free live TV streaming app that allows you to watch all your favorite TV shows and programs on your Android device. The best thing about this app is that it also lets you download popular TV shows for free.

Mobdro offers live TVs in more than 1o different languages ​​and 30 different countries. The user-interface of this application is quite effective, and it is easy to use, even if you are using Mobdro for the first time, you do not have to mess with your brain. In addition, Mobdro has another user-friendly feature that allows you to stream live TV without any login account. This app is not available on the Google play store, but you can download the APK file of Mobdro.

Price: Free

Download Mobdro

3. eDocter IPTV App

live tv apps android


eDocter is another amazing app in the list of best apps for viewing live TVs on IPTV Android. This is a freemium app that allows you to watch 1000+ TV channels and even listen to the radio. This app has hundreds of working channels from the USA, UK, Greece, and Asian countries, etc.

eDocter has thousands of channels to choose from, and it provides high definition quality which will boost performance. Whenever you operated this app, there you will find two options to select a channel by selecting a category or country. eDocter IPTV is a great app for those who prefer to stream live TVs on their smartphones. You can also enjoy channels from different countries.

Now let’s talk about the user interface of the app, because with the reviews so far, we can conclude that the UI of this live TV app is not so good, but yes it works very well.

Price: Free

Download eDocter IPTV

4. Jio TV

live tv apps android

While this app is not available in all countries, many of us are already familiar with this app, many of us may not be familiar with this app. Perhaps, this is the youngest entry in this list of the best live streaming app for Android. However, Jio Tv is an Indian live TV app in which over 300 channels of Indian TV channels are streaming.

Possibly, this is the most popular freemium app available in India for live streaming. Jio TV not only provides you free live streaming of channels but also includes an unlimited catch of different channels. The best part about this app is that it also provides a catch for local language channels. Here’s one thing to remember that Jio TV does not offer recorded caches for sports and movie channels.

The user interface of this application is very simple to use virtually.

Price: Free

Download Jio TV

5. Hulu

live tv apps android

Here’s another great TV app, which has recently started streaming live. Hulu contains everything that you want as a TV watching; It has a collection of old TV shows, chronic series, movies and more. This is one of the popular live streaming apps available in the market.

Hulu is not a freemium app, unlike other live streaming apps. The primary service charge for Hulu is $ 7.99 per month or $ 11.99 per month. There are limited advertising and no advertising between the two services, the first has limited ads and the other has no ads, it is hassle-free. You will spend $ 40 per month for 50 channels in the Hulu Live TV package.

The point to note here is that spending the amount described as your TV service fee is not a big deal, it is not so much that it can burn holes in your pocket. Hulu is a place for live streaming, which also offers you to buy an addon for showtimes.

Price: Free trial / $7.99 – $40 per month

Download Hulu

6. UK TV Now

live tv apps android

If you are a hardcore online streamer, then UK TV Now is going to be your best friend. This is another favorite app that allows you to watch live TV, shows, and movies on your Android smartphone. It provides you with a final video that provides quality that makes this app different from other streaming apps.

UK TV permits you to stream videos from 10 different countries. The best thing that I liked about this app is that it also allows you to filter shows by Genre, Type, Year and Rating. It included nine different channel categories such as Entertainment, Movies, Sports, News, Kids, Spiritual, Music, Food and Documentary. This app is your one-stop destination for live streaming curiosity. You can add channels to your favorite lists so that you can enjoy later.

UK TV Now is not available on Google Play Store; You can download the APK file of this app from an official site.

Price: Free

Download UK TV Now

7. YouTube TV

live tv apps android

YouTube TV gives you a lot in a small package, and it’s going to be a great deal someday. It comes with 40 channels, and this package costs $ 35 per month. YouTube TVs include popular TV channels, which include regional special channels and more. It provides access to some high channels such as AMC, The CW, and even ESPN.

Unfortunately, Youtube TV is only available in a few cities. This is a top-rated app that makes the list of “the best app for watching live TV on Android” even more amazing.

If you are a loyal dreamer, then YouTube TV lets you get Showtime and Fox Sports Football as an additional add-on. All you need to do is spend on bugs and get your desirable features. There are many extra features on YouTube TV, which does not allow you to get bored even an inch.

Price: $35 per month

Download YouTube TV

8. SonyLiv

live tv apps android

There is a video on SonyLiv Demand Services which is owned by Sony Entertainment Television Ltd. It is usually focused on providing live streaming for Sony channels and services. SonyLiv used to stream most of Sony’s TV channels, but the channels you saw live on SonyLiv for free were very limited.

If you want to watch more channels such as Animax, Sony BBC Earth, etc., you have to purchase a paid subscription to activate all those premium channels. This gives you all recorded catch-ups for hosted shows and events.

Price: Free

Download SonyLiv

9. Sling TV

live tv apps android

Sling TV available in the market is one of the more favorite apps. This is probably the best of the live TV app, which is the most adaptable of all the above apps. Sling TV comes with two basic packages, it includes $ 20 or $ 25 per month. As I told you earlier that this app is the most adaptable, here you can add more packages depending on your needs and needs.

Sling TV has many categories to choose from because it includes entertainment channels, sports, kids and even HBO. The best part about this app is that it also supports Chromecast.

Price: Free Trial / $20-$25 per month 

Download Sling TV

10. Play Live TV

live tv apps android

Play Live TV is a free Android app with over 2000 global TV channels. It brings world televisions into your pocket. Watch your favorite TV channels, popular TV series, movies, sports, news and more. Play Live TV includes many amazing features that you will know after using it.

The user interface of this application is very good, which will not bother you. You can use the channels and watch live TV for free from any country in the world. Play Live TV is another great app in short.

Price: Free

Download Play Live TV

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Final Words

These are all people, so this is the 10 best apps to watch live TV on Android. I hope this article will give you a bright idea to choose from top recommendations.