20 Best Telegram Bots, You’ll Want to Chat?

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

Are you looking for Telegram bot list? Yes, this post is dedicated to you. This post is about to Join the 20 Best Telegram Bots, You’ll Want to Chat? Join bot list from the link.

Telegram is the best and fastest growing messaging app. With every update, this app becomes even more perfect. It is incredible, intuitive and customizable. No communication app has the same number of features built as telegrams and they all function basically.

Amazing features were added to Telegram, that is, Telegram bots which other messaging apps never got. Therefore, we have suggested you telegram which is much better than other social media apps. Friends, today I have been introduced the Telegram bot list which is essentially necessary for the Telegram user.

On the other hand, it tops texting and video chat; This allows you to search for gifs and videos within the application. You can also make your own stickers, or download a huge selection of stickers. It is user-friendly and replaces any moment adding new features. Do you want to see this feature? Just check below

In June 2015, Telegram launched a new platform called Bots. It is a telegram account operated by a program. It can reply to all messages according to your message, for example when I join an image search, but then need to type the name of the image and it says the result. There are a lot of inline bots out there, but in this post, we only write the top 20 Telegram bot lists, which can be used from any chat screen.

Use Telegram Bots Example Cases

Telegram increases the reliability of conversations. These bots complete the given tasks, you can call while interacting with the bots. Undoubtedly, Telegram bots can perform any task. Here is the list of bot performance activities …

  • It detects relevant content according to user interest
  • It fulfills your common work equipment
  • Bots accept payment from Telegram users
  • A bot acts as a smartphone because it receives customized notifications and news
  • Integration with various services
  • Provide a media-rich experience pulled from YouTube and Spotify

How do Telegram Bots Work

Originally, telegram bots are special accounts that do not require a traditional phone number to be set up. This makes everything very simple to set up and allows a bot builder to create various chatbots for the platform. Users interact via chat with chatbots in Telegram. There are two major ways by which users can interact with the bot.

  • You can send messages and commands to bots by opening conversations with them or adding them to groups. It is actually very useful for chatbots, news bots, etc.
  • You can send a request from the input field by texting the username or query of the bot. Now, it allows users to send the content directly from the inline bot to any chat, group or channel.

Currently, Telegram has 100 million monthly users and is getting higher over time. Most users enjoy the services provided by Telegram such as being multi-platform and secure. In particular, Telegram is the best example of the best feature in Telegram as it helps you to complete any task. However, Telegram has many great features that make it different from others.

Today Telegram has various bot services, it can be difficult for you to identify the best one. So we have created an easy list of Telegram bots.

What makes Telegram Bot Commands Unique

Telegram bots can do almost everything and it is certain that Telegram bots do not offer chatbots on other platforms. The major difference in Telegram bots is how users interact with them. For example, this Telegram bot allows developers to create unique keyboards as an alternative to messaging. However, this is similar to the button response to other platforms.

Telegram bot commands are capable of creating inline queries. This special feature allows users to interact with your bot through inline queries. Once, you enable inline queries, you can call your bot in any chat by writing a query to the user input and text input fields. In addition, inline bots support all types of content in Telegram. Inline bots can send stickers, videos, music, locations, documents, files, etc.

Chatbots in Telegram allows users to make simple payments. For example, Facebook Messenger pays through PayPal but it comes in Telegram which gives you some relief. The Telegram bot creates sophisticated invoices in development negotiations that include a product picture, a product description, and an offer to pay. Now users can input shipping information to end their purchase. It allows credit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

20 Best Telegram Bots, You’ll Want to Chat

1) Store Bots

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

Storebots is the first best Telegram bot list because it provides a list of the best bots by category, fresh, exciting. It is informal, but you can select your favorite bots using this bots search bar. After joining this bot, just type @storebot and get the result a list of lots of bots.

2) Bot Father

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

The bot father is one of the top Telegram bots to rule them all. It helps to create a new bot and manage bots. Test a small guide to create new bots. First, join the bot and type the new bot. After that choose a username, but it should end like a “bot”. While completing the process, it says that other steps for congratulations are required @ paqubot.io.

3) Game Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

To join the bots for the first time, it asks to demo the bots for the Telegram gaming platform. You can play some fun games. You can play through this bot. Just type @ sports bot and select the game from the list. For example Math Battle, Corsairs, and Lumberjack, etc. are some other game bots available on the market, such as @gamee. And @gamee bot.also check-best telegram game bots

4) Weatherman Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

The Weatherman Bot is also a bot. Whether or not this bot will tell about the city. If you join the Waterman Bot, the will is asked to select that it will tell you the weather in your city. It supports multi-languages, gives weather for today, tomorrow and five days. In addition, you can also set weather notifications.

5) Translator Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

This bot is the 5th position of the best bots list. It helps to translate your messages and words into any language you choose and to bring them into multi-language groups. So, this bot is useful for people all over the world!.

6) Bing Image Search Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

This Bing image search bot works automatically in all your chats and groups, no need to add it anywhere. Type @ in any chat, then type your query (without “send”). This image will open a panel with search suggestions. Send it to an item for immediate sending to your chat partner.

7) Giphy GIF Search Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

This Gif search bot works automatically in all your chats and groups, there is no need to add it anywhere. Primarily this bot helps on chat in which you express your feelings by GIF. You can just type @gif in any chat and then type your issue (without “send”). This will open a new panel with Gif suggestions. Tap GIF to instantly send it to your chat partner.

8) YouTube Search Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

This bot is primarily designed for analyzing the type of YouTube video. If you like a YouTube video, you want to share them with your friends. At this time the YouTube search bot should help, just type @vid on the chat and choose the right video, share the video link directly.

9) Sticker Bots

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

This bot will help you to create a Telegram sticker pack from photos. It may also give some usage statistics for your stickers. I write some demo sticker shortcut keys.

  • / newpack-new Create Sticker Pack
  • / addsticker – Add stickers to an existing pack.
  • / delsticker – Remove stickers from an existing pack.
  • / Reorder order-stickers in a packet
  • Get stats for / stats-stickers.
  • / Top-Gate Top Sticker.
  • / packstats – Get statistics for sticker packs.
  • / packtop-get pack top.
  • / Cancel current operation.

10) Wikipedia Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

Wikipedia is the best information website on any subject, so you also know the demand of this site. If you need to share some information with friends, then use this bot for Wikipedia websites just for you. Just after your search term

11) Save Video Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

Downloading videos was never easy now! Download your favorite videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, 9gag, Soundcloud, Daily motion, Zippcast and tens of other video sharing websites. Now you can share every video you like with your friends on Telegram!

12) Open Street Map Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

With this bot, you search in the OpenStreetMap database, and the bot can link you to OSM Maps and send maps and locations to the whole world. The bot can now speak more than 20 languages. You can change the language with the / setting command, and help you use other commands. Bots also work in inline mode.

13) Pronunciation Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

This is an impressive Telegram bot list for the English beginner user. This bot allows you to convert text to speech. It supports multiple languages ​​and uses this bot in groups, only opens the profile of this bot and press “add to group”. Use/language to change the language of the bot, use / pronounce to use your message and use / IPA to get. A phonetic nation of your message in IPA.

14) Many Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

If you are a blogger or website publisher, this bot helps you a lot. Many bots allow you to create your own bots. Features send messages to your customers, creating custom commands. Create custom menus and submenus, an auto-post from RSS, Twitter, VK and YouTube and a customs form for orders and feedback. It is now very popular because it should be used by people.

15) Movies Tracker Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

The bot will provide you information about the movies directly from IMDB, and it gives you instant information to provide complete information about any movie.

  • Type / search translation lost in translation
  • ‘Type’ lost in translation. ‘

16) Playing Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

It launched on 19 August 2015 but had around 78,000 registered accounts and 18,000 monthly active users. Bots available in 14 languages ​​and more than 500 new users are signing up daily. The top three languages ​​in MypokerBot are Russian, English and Italian. This bot lets you play Texas Holden with Telegram users. Simply invite your friends to play at the same table together and get more chips through your personal invitation link. This bot is not gambling. You cannot play in bots on real money. However, in beta, report any problems to @pokerBotSupport

17) Markdown Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

Markdown bot is also bots. When chatting, sometimes with our friends we want to change our writing style, this time blood bots help you. You can only create amazing letter styles without @bold coding, and the message format is a different style. Some examples are you can change the letter, bold, italics, underlined, etc.

18) Image Upload Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

This bot is useful for bloggers and designers of websites. This bot helps to promote social media. ImageUploadbot is the 19th position bots list. You can create the URL of the image and send strings. Just type @imageUploadbot, just upload your photo, and you will get the URL as a text message.

19) Text to Speech Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

This slow typing chat helps with friends. @Texttsbot helps your friends this time is very slow to get your friends in typing position. Because, voice recognizes speech from any voice message, audio file and video message, which matches private and group chat. It can use wit.ai, or Google speech — you can select it in / engine. Don’t forget the set/language Finally, this bot converts any voice message, audio file and a video message to text.

20) Trending Bot

best telegram bot,best telegram bots

If you were looking for trending topics around the world, then the bot should be useful for you. You can write to chat @NowTrendingBot. It tells about Google trends and search, Twitter trends, YouTube trends, and Vimeo trending videos from 45 countries in one place. The trending bot is the best telegram bot for the online advertiser and publisher.

Final Words: Share your Best Telegram Bot

So guys, all of the above are clearly the Best Telegram Bots. We are trying to post want the best bot list useful. Although there are many bots available in the market, the above 20 bots are user-friendly and helpful. If you know another telegram bots that are important to us, write on the comment box.