How to Download Netflix on a Mac

how to download netflix on a mac

Netflix gives you the option to download shows on their Windows app, we will tell you How to Download Netflix on a Mac.

Whenever I go on vacation, I download Netflix video on my iPhone X, but the screen is not so big. Now, Netflix gives you the option to download shows on their Windows app, but there is no such thing for Mac users.  For a long time now, I was looking for a way to download my favorite Netflix show on Mac, and there was no work solution. Till date.

Therefore, I recently found a way to download Netflix video on Mac and it works in error.  All you have to do is open the Mac, start the app, launch Netflix, and bounce your download show. And not only that, but it also works with VPN, so you can see geo-restricted shows like an office without any mess.

And if that’s not enough, it lets you see 4K content on your Mac. It sounds great, is not it? Let’s see how you go about it.

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How To Download Netflix On a Mac

Step 1: Install Parallels on a Mac

Unlike Windows, there is no official Netflix app for Mac, which means that you can not just download and download your NetFlix Show on Mac. That’s why, first of all, we will need to run Windows on your Mac.

Yes, you heard me, we need to emulate Windows on the Mac. Although it is easy, it is easy. For this, we will use Mac software, similarities, which are the best tools for the job. You can also run Windows on the Mac with boot camp, but for that, you have to turn on your Mac again every time so that you have to switch to Windows and not mention the complex setup.

On the other hand, similarities are a customized virtual machine, so it runs Windows within MacOS. Setup is simple and will take about 15 minutes to an hour depending on your internet connection.

Go to and download the Parallels desktop application for your computer. However, the cost of a single license is $ 80, and I know, there are plenty of bucks but there is a 14-day trial with full access to the software.

how to download netflix on a mac

Within the trial period, you will not be bogged with any watermarks or information about your credit card will be asked. So, it makes sense to use if you are going for a holiday where the internet can be expensive or non-existent and you want your Netflix to be filled on the beaches of Madagascar.

If you like the software then you can buy the license after running the trial.

Once you download the DGM file, install it on your Mac, as if you install any other software.

how to download netflix on a mac

My favorite thing about similarities is that the establishment is extremely simple. Just keep running the software, and after configuring Windows to configure it, everything will be taken care of. In fact, I ran the installer and went for a walk. Once I came back, Windows was ready to go. I was surprised, I did not have to click on any one button.

how to download netflix on a mac

You may get a popup that will block system extensions, which means that your macOS needs an exception in the security preference for this application. Click the button to open the settings page and grant the permissions.

how to download netflix on a mac

To give an exception, you only have to click on a button, click ‘Allow’ to begin the setup process. This will also prompt you to enter the MacOS account credential and authenticate the transaction before giving an exception.

how to download netflix on a mac

It automatically receives Windows copy from Windows Server so that you do not have to download Windows ISO. Similarities though download an evaluation copy of Windows. It will take a few minutes to install because the package is approximately 5GB.

how to download netflix on a mac

After downloading the setup files, the similarities will automatically start the installation process and you will be greeted with the installation screen. If you have never used windows, this screen means that you are already there and it will take a few more minutes to finalize the settings.

how to download netflix on a mac

After completing the installation, you will be able to use your Windows correctly. There is no need to install any driver or anything. It’s easy.

how to download netflix on a mac

After the installation ends, the similarities will ask you to create a free account. To save some time, you can log in with your Google Account and you’re going up and down.

how to download netflix on a mac

And there you go, windows on a Mac. cold. Windows desktop repeats Windows desktop’s desktop for Windows and also connects all the files on the Windows desktop which is great. I can easily access my documents without copying content from MacOS to fake windows.

how to download netflix on a mac

Step 2: Install the Netflix App

Next, we need to download the Netflix app on Windows, so, open Windows Store, search Netflix and click ‘Get’ and you go there. You can also install Netflix without having to sign into a Microsoft account. Good job Microsoft.

how to download netflix on a mac

Now, when you have the Netflix app, log into Netflix app with your credentials. When I established the Netflix account, one thing I saw is that it means that it is unrealistic. It works better than some Windows computers out there.

how to download netflix on a mac

I tested it at least on the powerful 2015, 128 GB MacBook Air. If it works on this MacBook, then it will work on most Macs.

After logging in to Netflix, let’s move forward and download something for testing whether it actually works. However, to download, available for download, go to the Available to the ‘Download’ section in the menu, everything is not available for download. If the title you want to download from Netflix is ​​not available for download, you have no choice but to capture the screen as you see it.

Once you want to download the title from the available catalog and click on the download button to start the download.

how to download netflix on a mac

Then you will see a blue progress bar at the bottom of the app. Once the download is over, it will appear in the Netflix app’s download library. You can go to the menu and tap My Download to get your downloaded shows. Just press Play and start watching your videos.

Videos are downloaded in your MacBook storage, so make sure you have enough memory.

You can also play the video on the internet. You can try this by turning off WiFi on your Mac. I saw the entire episode on the airplane mode to test the app and it worked fine.

how to download netflix on a mac

The NetFlix app retains all the features despite being simulated on the sandbox with smart downloads, which will automatically remove one episode after being viewed and downloaded after you are connected to the Internet.

To download smart downloads or videos in high video quality, go to the menu and scroll down to download. Under Download, tap Video Quality and choose the quality that works for you.

how to download netflix on a mac

It remembers how far you have seen the episode and starts again even after resuming the equality session on Mac. It is safe to say that the method at this point is very beautiful.

Download Geoblocked Content

We have a fully functional Netflix app that securely stores all downloaded files in the system. While I do not lack headings, but there are some strings that are not available in my country. You can use VPN to circumvent land-sanctions to use the material from all over the world.

Turn on your VPN which supports Netflix Unblock, (we recommend Nord VPN or Smart DNS Proxy VPN) and connect to the location where the content may not be blocked. I usually look for titles like the office because it is not available in my country. Just search for the title and show it in search results on the Netflix app.

how to download netflix on a mac

If in any way the app does not drag the headings, it may be due to the cache problem. Resuming the Netflix app within Windows will not resolve this problem, you have to close the Parallels app on your Mac and restart the sandbox.

After booting Windows, open the Netflix app again, try searching the title again and it should now pop in the results.

how to download netflix on a mac

Play Netflix in 4K on a Mac

The party is still not over, the last thing is. It can play Netflix 4K content on the Mac. So far, you could only do this on Windows. We’re still playing content on Windows, but it’s on Mac now. You’ll need a MacBook or TV that supports 4K screens. In addition, upgrade your Netflix account to a 4K playback option.

how to download netflix on a mac

I tested this on some mac around MacBook Pro and an iMac, it works on every device. You can also see 4K content on the Edge Browser, but Safari and Chrome do not play NetFlix content in just 4K.

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Final Words: How to Download Netflix on a Mac

In this way, you download Netflix on your Mac. I have been using the setup for the past three days and it works in error. There is no watermark on fake Windows and the software is not up to you to upgrade to Premium. If there is an update with this method, then I will update the results. So far, I have to pack my bags and keep them.