7 Best Apps Like WhatsApp for Android Users

app like whatsapp

You are in the right place to find out. So let’s take a look at some of the Best alternative App Like WhatsApp for Android devices.

With over a billion downloads from Google Play Store, WhatsAppSpace is definitely at the top of the hill, which stands around compared to any other instant messaging site. This app is popular among almost all smartphone users, especially as a result of its simple design and reliability.

However, for a long time, you should be bored at least once by using just one app for all your instant messages. Every one of us will definitely like to see more such useful applications with different new features.

By the way, Whatsapp is not the only instant messaging app in the field. Although Whatsapp continues to offer new features at every turn, there are many other messenger apps available with many other features.

So are you someone who just likes to check some instant messaging apps like Whatsapp? Then you are in the right place to find out. So let’s take a look at some of the best alternate apps for Android devices like WhatsApp.

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7 Best App Like WhatsApp for Android: 

  • Viber Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Hike Messenger
  • Skype
  • WeChat
  • Kik
  • LINE

1. Viber Messenger

app like whatsapp

Viber is an excellent instant messaging app for free messages and calls with a total of 800 million users worldwide.

Viber chats are just like the end of encrypted WhatsApp, so you no longer need to worry about privacy. This allows you to host chat groups with a maximum limit of 250 members. You can also enjoy free voice and video calls with your loved ones.

Viber is a perfect app for all those who love stickers. The app also has a secret chat without revealing your identity and it automatically removes your messages after a limited time.

Main Features:

  • Free call
  • Group chat
  • Stickers and Gifs
  • Dark mode

Download Viber Messenger

2. Telegram

app like whatsapp

Telegram is the best alternative app with WhitSpeed ​​for a total of 200 million active users worldwide. The app itself is a simple instant messaging app, as well as a large cloud network where you can share the media file without any limitation about its file type or size.

One of the most advanced features of the telegram is that one can host chat groups, which can house up to 200K members! And all messages sent and received through Telegram are stored in Telegram Cloud, unless you have saved the file on your device, the app does not consume much of your device’s storage space.

In terms of speed and safety, the app is no exception. It works basically in all of your synced devices. All telegram chats are encrypted and even you can secretly chat without identifying yourself. The app offers a huge range of stickers and gif collections ready to create an engaging chat session.

Using a telegram can only begin signing in using its mobile number. The app is free to use and is advertising-free.

Main Features:

  • Speed ​​and security
  • No file size limit
  • Groups chat with 200k members
  • Stickers, Gifs, bots and more

Download Telegram

3. Hike Messenger

app like whatsapp

Hike Messenger is an India based instant messaging app that focuses primarily on users who prefer to play with impressive stickers. The app has a huge collection of free and paid stickers.

Hike supports approximately 40+ languages ​​which makes it more regional than all other apps. As a result, there are more than 100 million active users in the hike.

There is an added hidden mode that helps keep your chats safe by using passwords when needed. You can create chat groups, in which a total of 1,000 members can keep. The app allows you to create a variety of themes along with random selection and games.

Main Features:

  • Chat using stickers
  • 40+ languages
  • Hidden Mode
  • Various topics

Download Hike Messenger

4. Skype

app like whatsapp

You can already be familiar with Skype as a famous app for video calling. For your information, Skype is not only a video calling app, but an app that offers instant messaging, voice calls and even SMS services.

There are a total of 10 million + downloads through the Google Play Store app. Skype is ready to create an environment for users to connect with all their friends and families.

Users can also create chat groups to connect with people of similar interest under a single roof. The app also allows enjoying video calls with 1 to 24 Skype users.

Main Features:

  • Quality Video Call
  • Free SMS Reply
  • Quick Chat
  • Voice Call

Download Skype

5. WeChat

app like whatsapp

WeChat is not just an instant messaging app, it’s like a social network, which includes a variety of features. The app has a total of 1 billion active users worldwide.

Anyone can post photos and videos, play games, read the news, and even use this single app to pay money using VChat Pay. The app also provides information about mini-programs going around the user and there is also some fair number of third-party services.

Users can create chat groups with up to 500 members to share messages and files with each other. The extra feature of the sticker helps users fill the chat with some fun.

Main Features:

  • Free voice and video calls
  • Post photos and videos
  • WeChat Salary
  • Stickers, games and more

Download WeChat

6. Kik

app like whatsapp

Kick is an instant messaging app that lets you meet new random people from around the world. Unlike all other applications, your phone number is not required to successfully log in to the kick. Users will be given a specific kick username which remains in the form of identity.

It allows its users to find new friends and find and chat with the group. Users can find a new world of people with similar interests and kick lets you connect with each other very easily.

Users can share media files, games, gifs and even more on kick-messenger.

Main Features:

  • No Phone Number Required
  • Instant Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Search People

Download Kik


app like whatsapp

The line is a popular instant messenger which is widely used in 52 different countries. The line keeps its users engaged with all members or friends of their family.

The app supports free voice and video calls. Users can create chat groups with up to 200 members. The line also has some social networking features that allow users to post and share updates on their friends’ time.

Can synchronize between all your devices with a single line account, which allows the user to access the account effectively from any device.

Main Features:

  • Free voice and video calls
  • Share post on timeline
  • Auto-sync with all devices
  • Official account

Download LINE

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Final Words

So these were ours for Best Instant Messaging Apps, similar to Whatsapp. As you’ve seen, each of these apps has some unique features. Be sure to check them all. Hope you liked this content, comment down your favorite IM app below and make sure to share it with your friends too.