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SpyMyFone Review – There are times where you want to keep an eye on your children and all their activities to ensure that they are safe.

There are various software and applications that will let you track their location and other smartphone activities. One of them is SpyMyphone. It is not a normal location tracking app, with it you can see all the activities that your children do on their smartphone. Whether it is Android or iOS, it can be used to monitor any of them.

You can see who they call, text, what they share with friends, and even keep an eye on various social media accounts. These are just some of the features that SpyMyFone offers, here we are going to review this service or app and show you in detail what it has to offer.

So, let’s look at the review and see if it is worth using it.

SpyMyFone Review

Key Features

As we have already discussed what SpyMyFone is, let’s talk about the features it provides. Here you can see and spy on the items given on your child or any other target smartphone:

  • Call logs and contacts: You can monitor all call details with contact name, time and date, and even contact list of the target devices.
  • Messages: This will let you see all the messages that the target device receives and sends. You can also see conversations for social media and messaging apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.
  • Browser History and Calendar: See what they are looking for and browse the Internet more often. Also, see calendar details that are marked.
  • Applications: You can monitor the usage of apps and their activities and also block some if necessary.
  • Multimedia: SpyMyFone will show you all the photos, videos, and audio or voice files on the device and the people you get from other apps.
  • Wi-Fi Description: Here you can also see the details of the Wi-Fi network that the target device is connected to, the duration, and its history.
  • Location and geo-fencing: You can have real-time location information and even geocaching. Whenever the target device enters or leaves that location, you will be notified by setting geofences for a particular location.
  • Extras: Apart from all the above options, there are some more that are available for the Android platform right now. Such as keylogger, keyword alerts, smart capture (more on these later), SIM card change detection, and more.


You can spy on an Android device or any iOS device whether it is an iPhone or iPad. For Android, you have to install the app for iOS users, just provide you the iCloud login details. Two-step authentication must be enabled on iOS devices to access the iCloud account.

How to set up SpyMyFone?

SpyMyFone is very easy to use. Using the button below, visit their web browser on their website and sign up to create a new account with them.

After you create an account and log in with the same, it will show you all the necessary steps that will be required to connect a target device for monitoring.

In case the target device is Android, install the application on the target device (you will find the download link in your account). After that, log into the SpyMyFone account created above. To fully track the target device you will need to follow some steps on the target phone and disable some security options.

You must also choose whether to place the app icon or hide it.

While there is no need to install the app on the target device for iOS. You need to add the iCloud credentials of the account that the target iPhone is using to your SpyMyFone account (dashboard).

Next, go to the Setup Wizard on the browser tap on Done. It will then show that the setup is complete and you can start monitoring the device. This will open the dashboard where you can browse through all the details of the above-mentioned target device.

Where to Spy

You can spy on any Web browser from a PC / Mac or any smartphone browser by simply logging into the SpyMyFone site using your SpyMyFone account credentials.

User Interface

Once you open the website on your browser and log into SpyMyFone to view or track the added target phone, you will be able to view the main dashboard as shown in the image. It will show the details of the device, battery percentage, WiFi connection, and last known location. If you scroll down you will be able to say the last 5 contacts and messages along with the phone activity.

In the left-hand panel, you will be able to see all the various titles and options such as calls, contacts, messages, photos, and so on. Just click on the desired option for which you want to see the details and it will show the information that is on the device. It is very simple and easy to navigate through the menu.

Our Experience

As soon as I set up and logged into my SpyMyFone account, it took a little time to synchronize the data from the target device. But as soon as it was synchronized, I was able to see all the data of the smartphone I had registered without issue. Even it shows all the messages, data of Facebook and other social media apps and even the history of the browser. Like almost everything that is mentioned in the feature and the introduction of the website is actually.

It also allows taking screenshots and accessing it directly from the browser. What I liked here is Smart Capture, Keylogger, and Keyword Alert.

In Smart Capture, you can enable any application given in the list, and it will record the screen as soon as the person opens the marked application on the target device.

You can then watch the video of what it was used for.

The keylogger will show whatever is being typed on the target device and will be categorized under app name, browser, etc.

Keyword Alert lets you set some words and words that you do not want children to use on the target device. As soon as they try to use that keyword, whether message, browser or any other installed apps will be notified about it via email. It is not good enough?

Delete and Uninstall

It is also easy to remove any added device from your account, just go to your account settings and unbind the device.

It is possible to uninstall the app on the target device by navigating to the following location.

Go back to Settings> Security> Device Administrator> System Update Service> Deactivate> Settings> Applications> System Update Service> Uninstall.


There are separate packages for both Android and iOS devices.

The final version with all features starts at $ 39.99 / month and the premium version starts at $ 29.99 / month with limited features.

Visit SpyMyFone Website

Whereas for iOS they have only one plan with all the features unlocked at $ 39.99 / month.

Final Words

By the way, if you are someone who wants to keep a check for the well being of their children, SpyMyFone is a great option. The best thing is that you can spy on both Android and iOS devices using any browser on PC / Mac or smartphone. This app will show you every activity and things that the person you are spying on does on their smartphone.

If you want to monitor the smartphone activity of your children or any other family member then I would definitely recommend this tool. It can take time to synchronize your data, so give it a little time first. If you are looking for a free solution, then you should check out our list of free parents.

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