10 Smallest Apps Available on Play Store for Android

Smallest Apps: Google Play Store has a lot of apps. If you are looking for apps that will help you save some storage, this is the perfect place.

If you’re an Android fan, keeping these apps just for fun won’t affect your storage much. There are hundreds of small apps below 1 MB.

But these low storage apps are much smaller than that and some of them are actually very useful as well. Here I am providing you with a unique list of surprisingly fewest apps on Google Play Store.

Let’s start reading.

Smallest Apps on Android

1) 4G Switch and Network Info (2.8 KB)

smallest apps

This app is just 2.8 KB APK size. This app shows all information about your SIM card and phone like IMEI number, phone number, current network, signal strength, etc. There are other categories. In ‘Battery Info’, you will learn about battery health, battery level, temperature and voltage.

It also calculates the time you last switched off your phone. Your usage statistics section is best for tracking your children’s activities. You can see how long any app was used in this month and the last time it was used.

Download 4G Switch and Network Info

2) Screen Torch (4.7 KB)

smallest apps

Torch flashlight is very bright at times as per requirement. So this is the most awesome white screen flashlight you will get for your Android phone. There is no unnecessary button. Just open the application in need and tap cross to exit. 

Download Screen Torch

3) Trapball (23 kB)

smallest apps

Trapball is the smallest sports app available on the Play Store. The objective of the game is very simple, you have to build walls to trap balls. When you cover the goal area without hitting the ball, you will reach the next level. If you like sports like Jezzball then you can definitely try this game.

Download Trapball

4) Limit Launcher (21 kB)

smallest apps

It is a launcher app that shows all your installed apps with search function on black background. This app can work if you have installed too many apps in your smartphone and you find it difficult to locate the app among others. Using this launcher, you can easily find an app and open it from the launcher itself.

Download Limit Launcher

5) Black Background (9.3 KB)

If your phone battery is running out too soon then the brightness of your home screen wallpaper may be one reason. Save battery by downloading this simple app. The app is so small that it does not even appear on the home screen. It starts working as soon as the app is downloaded.

Download Black Background

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6) Screen Filter (11 KB)

smallest apps

Sometimes we need to save our batteries badly for various reasons. Also, the lowest brightness of my phone is more than I need. It is a very good app with over 100 thousand downloads on the Play Store. Tap on the icon and it gives you the option to set brightness directly. When you want the app to stop working, tap the app again and then click ‘Clear’.

Download Screen Filter

7) Apk Manager (22 KB)

smallest apps

Apk Manager is a small app for viewing your apps, even if not installed. There are two separate sections for ‘install’ and ‘uninstall’ apps. You can view and install or uninstall apps directly from there.

Download Apk Manager

8) Gurk (91 kB)

smallest apps

Gruk is an old school with 8 bit RPG (role playing game) available for free on Play Store. The game is so old that you can also see pixels on your screen. The 3 main characters in the game are Knight, Archer and Magician.

In addition, there will be 24 dungeon levels, 23 unique monsters and some thrilling adventure. If you are up for some wildness then you can definitely try this game.

Download Gurk

9) Notification Stopwatch (66 KB)

smallest apps

It is the best app on Android for a player who frequently checks their performance. It has only 2 functions – starting / stopping the stopwatch and resetting it. Once you start a stopwatch, you can also see it in the information bar.

Download Notification Stopwatch

10) RGB Color Wallpaper (80 KB)

smallest apps

Select wallpapers of thousands of different colors with the help of this app. You can make a color by mixing different shades of red, green, and blue. I will put this app to know the names of the colors that I really liked. Examples: Alice Blue, Blue Hays, Botticelli, Celeste, French Gray, etc.

Download RGB Color Wallpaper

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Final Words

Many of you may not know that such apps exist. All these apps are smaller than 100 KB. We have also made a list of small gadgets like small laptops, small speakers etc. and we will keep making such amazing lists. Share this article with your friends and let us know if we have missed any amazing app.

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