Easy Ways to Save Audio from WhatsApp on iPhone & Android

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is regularly used to send hundreds of thousands of audio files around the world. But how do you easily save audio from WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android phone?

WhatsApp is a convenient way to send all kinds of messages, but it can sometimes be difficult to save these messages.

This is especially true when it comes to audio messages and even more so if you’re using an iPhone because you can’t access files directly on an iOS phone like you can with an Android.

Ways to Save Audio from WhatsApp on iPhone & Android

Using iPhone – Exporting from WhatsApp

As mentioned above, saving WhatsApp audio files on iPhone can be quite tricky as you cannot access the app’s storage files directly. On Android phones, you can simply open File Manager and access your files this way.

However, there are a few ways to export audio files from WhatsApp on your iPhone: using email and using the Files app.

This section will go through each method.

Using iPhone – With Export Chat

Another way to easily save your audio from WhatsApp on iPhone is to use the export chat function.

This is a great way to save audio files if you have several of them, as you will be able to save them all at once. However, you can’t use it to save just a single file, just the entire chat.

The biggest advantage of this method is that after opening it, you get access to all the files at once.

  • Click on Chats in the Settings tab.

click on chats

  • Then click on the Export Chat button.

click on the export chat button

  • You will be asked to choose which conversation you want to export. Choose one.

which conversation you want to export

  • After this, you have to choose whether you want to attach the media or not. Since we want to save the audio files, tap on Attach Media.

tap on attach media

  • Your WhatsApp will now create a .zip file. Wait for this to happen until you can choose where you want to save it. Click on Save to Files to save it to your iPhone.

click on save to files

  • For this example, I’m saving it to my iCloud Drive’s Audio folder.

audio folder

  • You have to go to your Files app and select the folder where you saved the .zip file. In this case, it’s iCloud Drive > Audio.

icloud drive audio

  • You should see the file here.

you should see the file here

  • iOS will automatically export it once you click on it.

click on it

  • You can now open the new folder and view all the contents of your exported conversations. All audio files should be included.

audio files should be included

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Using the Files App

Since you cannot access the app storage files, you will need to export WhatsApp media files first to save them in your Files app.

It works just like an Android file manager, except it’s much more limited and only contains a few files.

Do you know how Android File Manager has folders that show what’s in different apps, including their developer packages? You won’t find this with iOS files.

Follow the steps given below to save your voice messages and voice notes in this way.

  • You have to go back to step 5 of the previous method. Instead of choosing Mail, choose Save to Files.

save to files

  • You will show some available folders where you can save your audio file. In this case, we will click on Downloads.

click on downloads

  • Click Save.

click save

  • To check if you have successfully saved the recording, open the Files app.

open the files app

  • You have to click on the folder where you saved the file. In this case, it’s Download, so go ahead and click on it.

its downloads

  • If you have done it correctly you will get the media file here.

get the media file here

Using Email

You can easily save WhatsApp voice messages and other audio files via email.

However, the main disadvantage is that you can only send one audio message at a time, which can be time-consuming if you want to save more than one file.

However, if you do not mind this downside, then follow the steps below.

  • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Then you go to the chat with the audio file you want to save.

open whatsapp on your iphone

  • Tap and hold the message containing the file and wait for the options menu to pop up.

tap and hold the message containing the file

  • From the menu, tap Forward.

tap forward

  • Next, choose Share.

choose share

  • You will then have the option to choose how to share. From the menu, choose Mail.

choose mail

  • On the next window, enter the email address to which you want to send the file. If you only want to save the audio file, you can input your own email. The audio file will then be attached automatically.

input your own email

  • Tap Send.

tap send

  • Open your email and look at the message you sent yourself, and then open it.

and then open it

  • Tap the attached audio file to download. You’ll then be able to access the file anywhere, including your iPhone, as long as you have the email where it’s attached.

tap the attached audio file to download

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Using Android – Accessing Raw Files

Unlike on iPhones, you can access the app’s storage files on Android with any file manager app. This means you can copy audio files from WhatsApp’s raw files directly to your email without having to export them.

Accessing the file manager is the most efficient way to save audio from WhatsApp as you can easily use it for multiple and single files alike.

To know how to use this method you have to follow the below steps completely:-

  • Open the File Manager app on your phone.

open the file manager app

  • Then you have to navigate to the storage location of WhatsApp. As you can see in the screenshot, although there is a WhatsApp folder, it has 0 items. In most cases, the files we want are actually located either internally or in the phone storage.

storage location of whatsapp

  • You will then see a list of folders stored on your internal storage. Here, you should find WhatsApp’s storage folder by scrolling down to the bottom of the list until you see it.

whatsapp storage folder

  • From here, you will see several folders that may be named Backup, Database, and Media. Choose Media.

choose media

  • This folder contains all the media files downloaded by WhatsApp, including any audio files you have downloaded. They are usually grouped into folders, as you can see below.

grouped into folders

  • Music files will be saved in the WhatsApp Audio folder, while voice notes will be saved in the WhatsApp Voice Notes folder. For this tutorial, we will choose WhatsApp Voice Notes.

choose whatsapp voice notes

  • To find the correct file, sort them by time and date. Your most recent file will probably be located at the top.

sort them by time and date

  • Once you find your file, tap and hold until a menu appears, and then copy it.

then copy it

  • Move to a different location in your phone’s storage where you want to save your file, and then paste it there. In this case, I pasted it into the Music folder of my external storage.

paste it there

Once it’s pasted in another location, you can now do whatever you want with it, including converting WhatsApp audio to text.

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Using Android – Exporting a File to Email

As mentioned, saving WhatsApp audio files on Android is easy. If you want to save the audio file in the conversation itself, you can easily export it just to your email.

To do this, follow the steps given below.

  • Now you have to open your WhatsApp then you will be able to navigate to the conversation with the file you are trying to save.

navigate to the conversation

  • Tap and hold until the message is selected. Then an Actions menu will appear at the top of the interface.

tap and hold until the message is selected

  • From the menu, select the three interconnected dots that represent the Share icon.

three interconnected dots

  • Then you have to choose a way to share the file. For this tutorial, we’ll tap on Gmail.

tap on gmail

  • Your phone will bring you to your default email client. Input your email address. The audio file will be attached automatically.

input your email address

  • Then, click on the send button in the top right corner.

click on the send button

  • Go to your email account and open the message with the audio file attached. Tap on the file to download it.

tap on the file to download it

Now you have WhatsApp audio file saved in your Android phone.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Where are WhatsApp Voice Notes stored on iPhone?

WhatsApp voice notes stored on iPhone can be found in the audio folder as they are a type of audio file. However, you can’t watch them directly on your iPhone, so you’ll have to either email them first, save them in your Files app, or export a .zip file.

Where are WhatsApp audio files stored on Android?

WhatsApp audio files are usually stored in the internal storage of your Android phone. More specifically, you can find files by going to the main WhatsApp folder, then Media, and then the WhatsApp Audio folder. Here, you can see the list of all the audio files downloaded through WhatsApp.

Why can’t I download audio on WhatsApp?

If you can’t download audio on WhatsApp, you may be having problems with your internet connection, internal storage, or WhatsApp settings. Be sure to check all three to see which one has the problem.

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Final Words:-

Although it has its advantages and disadvantages, WhatsApp is a convenient and popular app to use in our daily life. This app can send messages and even files like photos, videos, audio, and documents for free. However, it can be difficult if you want to download these media files from WhatsApp, especially if you are using an iPhone.

This article discussed several ways to save audio files from WhatsApp to Android, iPhone, and even computer. If you follow these instructions, you’ll never experience the hassle of figuring out how to transfer files again.

Did you enjoy this article? Have you tried any of these methods? Tell us in the comments!

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