How to Recover Kik Messages on Android

Recover Kik Messages on Android:- If you are thinking of recovering your deleted Kik messages on Android then this article is for you.

One conversation involves asking the other person to forward messages back to you, and the other is to restore a backup that contains the messages you want to recover.

Are you familiar with the messaging app Kik? Maybe you use it to keep in touch with your co-workers or keep up with your family. Maybe you use it to fool your internet friends.

Regardless of why and how you use it, your messages on Kik are probably important in more ways than one. And accidentally losing your data isn’t always fun. In this article, I will show you two ways to recover Kik messages on Android.

Two Ways to Recover Kik Messages on Android

Like WhatsApp, another messaging service, Kik does not store old messages on its servers. Instead, all chat conversations are directly saved on your device whether it is phone or PC. While this greatly enhances privacy and security, the lack of backup options only makes the app much less convenient to use.

Furthermore, Kik can only store the last 600 messages on your Android device for a maximum of two days. The app automatically deletes the oldest 400 messages after 48 hours, keeping only the last 200 messages. Again, this is meant to increase privacy, but it greatly reduces convenience.

However, I will discuss two methods that you can use to recover Kik messages.

Recover from History

Deleting a message from your device does not remove it from the other person’s device. This means that if the deletion happened within the last 48 hours, you will have to ask the other party to retrieve deleted Kik messages.

As long as the message you want to recover is still within the 600-message limit and the 48-hour time limit imposed by Kik, the other party can scroll through their chat history, finding that particular message. Can find, and resend your messages. They can even take screenshots of the conversation and send you the image.

But while it is the easiest and most reliable method, it is neither ideal nor always accessible. After all, you’ll only have to ask the other person to use the message, which can be unpleasant or even embarrassing for many.

You are also limited on the number of chats you can recover, and you are on some time limit before the chats can be deleted. Furthermore, if the other person has already deleted the message, the message is basically lost forever.

Recover from Backup

As mentioned above, there is no way to back up your data within the Kik app itself. However, if you back up your phone normally, you will still be able to recover your Kik chats from the backup. Most Android phones have backup features, and this usually includes app information, such as your Kik chat history.

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Backing Up Your Kik Chat History

Before you can recover Kik messages through your backup, you will need to make sure that you have a backup that you can access in the first place. The following procedure is an easy way to back up your Kik data.

  • Go to your phone’s settings.

go to your phones settings

  • The specific location of this setting can vary by phone brand and model, so to make things easier all you have to do is type backup and restore in the search bar and click the correct result.

backup and restore

  • Under Local, you will see two options. Click on Mobile device.

click on mobile device

  • Your phone will then let you choose what type of data you want to back up. Everything will be checked by default, so if you only want to back up Kik, you’ll need to uncheck everything and go to Apps & System Data.

third party apps and app data

  • Scroll down to find Kik.

find kik

  • Click Back up to start the backup process.

click back up

  • When it is done, tap on Finish. You will then have a fresh backup containing all the information about the apps installed on your phone. It will be saved in your phone’s internal storage.

tap on finish

Recovering Kik Messages via Android Backup

You’ll have data available from the Kik app to load your latest Android backup, which means you can potentially restore lost Kik messages very easily by restoring your previous Android backup. To restore Android backup, follow the steps below.

  • First, go to the Restore tab from the Backup & Restore screen.

go to the restore tab

  • You will then be presented with the backup available on your phone. Choose Latest which includes apps and system data.

apps and system data

  • Tap Restore. This will restore your Kik app the way a backup was made, so you can recover messages.

tap restore

Note, however, that this method is still subject to the app’s “600 words for 48 hours” rule. This means that you can only recover messages that are not more than 600 messages and are not older than two days.

Lastly, keep in mind that you can only use Android Data Recovery if you already have a backup of app data.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

Are Kik messages deleted forever?

Since Kik does not store messages on its servers, Kik messages that exceed the 600-message limit and 48-hour time limit are deleted forever. While there are ways to try and recover deleted Kik messages, there is no way to get back messages older than this as of this writing.

Successfully Recover Kik Messages on Android

Of course, losing your Kik chat can be very frustrating. Due to the enhanced privacy and security features of Kik, it is very difficult to recover deleted messages on the app as compared to other similar messaging apps. Did you like this article? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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