How To Read Instagram Messages Without Being Seen

Want to read Instagram messages without being seen? Or you’ve already accidentally viewed someone’s IG message and now you want to delete or undo your viewed action?  You have to read our post till the end to know how to do this.

In this post, we are going to share with you a very simple trick that will allow you to hide the ‘Scene’ icon of an Instagram DM or prevent a read receipt from being sent to you. This method will only work with the latest version of the Instagram app.

How to know if your Instagram direct message has been read?

You can easily know whether someone has read your direct message on Instagram or not. If “Seen” appears at the bottom of a message you sent it means the recipient has read it, otherwise not.

seen appears at the bottom of a message

Also, if there is more than one user in the conversation, an eye symbol will appear next to the Instagram username who has seen your message.

instagram username who has seen your message

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Unseen Instagram Direct Message

Now, what if, as the recipient of a message, you do not want the scene to appear while you are reading the message? There is no direct setting or option to hide read receipts of Instagram messages and you need to follow the below-mentioned workaround.

Follow the steps:-

  • You will get an Instagram push notification as soon as you get the direct message. Don’t tap on it.
  • Now open the Instagram app and select the Instagram Direct icon on the top right corner.
  • The Instagram Direct conversation will load. Don’t open the conversation for which you want to hide the read receipt.
  • Turn off cellular or WiFi data (disconnect internet completely)
  • Now you will be able to select the desired conversation to read and open all messages. Additionally, you alert the sender with an unseen receipt. You will be able to view the messages.
  • Now you have to log out of your account from the Instagram app. Do not turn on the internet or Wi-Fi yet. You need to log out of your Instagram account from your Instagram app without an internet connection.
  • To log out, you’ll need to return to the News Feed (Home) screen and tap the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Under your profile, you have to tap on the cog icon in the top right corner (3 dots on Android) and select the option to log out.
  • Now, all you have to do is turn on Wi-Fi on your smartphone and log in to your account on the Instagram app.
  • Even after reading the message, the sender will not get the seen.

You can easily continue using Instagram Direct with any other user and the user won’t even notice that you’ve seen their messages. But don’t open the conversation for which you want to hide your scene action. If you do this the user who sent the message will receive a visible receipt.

If they send a lot of messages, you can follow the steps above to read their message without telling them.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

Can you unhide a message on Instagram?

You can uncheck a message on Instagram with a simple trick. In your IG app, go to Instagram Direct to load all the dialogues into memory. Turn off the Internet and read the message then mark it unread. Turn on the Internet and turn off the IG app. The message will appear as unread and unread.

Final Words:-

Now you must have come to know how to read Instagram Direct Messages without seeing or at least “unseen”. If you want to do the same with IG stories, Read our post on how to unsee an Instagram story.

If you want to spy on other Instagram data, you should use the Instagram spy app. Did you like our article? Now let us know what you think about this comment!

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