What is the Difference between PUBG and PUBG Lite?

PUBG and PUBG Lite: If you have ever played the PC version of Battlegrounds YouTube Player in many ways, then it is the same feeling you will get when playing PUBG Mobile.

It is clear that while developing Android software, there were many limitations. However, PUBG promotion is still very high, it does not seem that it will soon change at any time.

What is the difference between PUBG and PUBG Lite?

This is due to Tencent Games that more and more players are being released to their new PUBG mobile lite very well for low-end and entry-level smartphone owners. It is going to give all types of Android smartphone users a sensational battle to experience Royale.

In this article, I am going to discuss the differences between PUBG & PUBG Lite to understand why two versions are needed. Before digging deeper between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite, take a look at some features of PUBG Mobile which are not available on the PC version.

PUBG Mobile Features

pubg and pubg lite

PUBG Mobile can be downloaded at no charge. It includes amazing experiences, free bonuses, daily rewards, free boxes, other exciting levels of gifts.

  • It has both TPP and FPP versions. However, there are many different game modes to try.
  • There are Range Indicators in the minimap on the game screen.
  • Compared to the PC version of PUBG, this mobile version is different from the HUD and the redesigned control again.
  • The game’s interior has been redesigned to facilitate the glass-free windows between the other surprises that give a wonderful experience to the interior.
  • Directions on mini-map and HUD are also added.

They are just some exciting features being offered by PUBG Mobile. Now turn to the new mobile version- PUBG Mobile Lite.


PUBG Mobile Lite

Unfortunately, so far, PUBG Mobile Lite is only available in the Philippines. But, it will soon be available worldwide. Without too much bustle, join some of the features offered by PUBG Mobile, the light version of PUBG Mobile Lite, and whether it brings the same excitement brought by the official mobile version.

PUBG Mobile Lite Features

pubg and pubg lite

The first time you run PUBG Mobile Lite, you will realize that game visuals are similar to PUBG Mobile. It can also be seen on the splash and login screen because they are exactly the same. This is also the case for the matchmaking screen.

Android users who have ever played the PUBG mobile version released before version 0.7.0, are more likely to be familiar with the game environment. Now, here are some features brought by PUBG Mobile Lite and how different the official mobile version is from PUBG Mobile;

Follow the steps given below carefully:-

  • Some players: It is one of the most appealing appeals, which is looking at two mobile apps. Unlike the original number of people who were competing for 100 to get the chance to get chicken dinner by getting top prizes, players, or competitors in the light version, have been reduced to 40.
  • Game Modes: In a general comparison level, it is safe to say that compared to the original PUBG mobile lite, this version has given very few game modes. The proposed original mode includes TQP, Squad, Duo, and Solo matches. It’s not really bad for a start but hopefully, Tencent will add more features.
  • App size: Now, this is the biggest difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. PUBG Mobile Lite has a storage size of 388MB, while its superior variants have a 1.8GB size! Big difference! It is super helpful for users to have limited amounts of storage because they can easily install and run the app.
  • Graphics are Quite Low: Although almost everything is familiar to both the games, it is not an expert to note the graphics differences between the two versions.
  • The Map is too SmallUnlike PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite has a very small map that resembles an extract from Erangel.
  • Gameplay: Generally, the gameplay is by far the same. The places where you looted, destroy the enemies, and even jump from the airplane in the desire to look like a winner.


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Final Words:-

The only significant difference is that the light version of the game is significantly lower on features. However, this is not equally important, because the gameplay is more or less the same. The game is quite decent. Apart from the different frame lags which are rarely seen, the game runs smoothly.

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