Pubg 4all Cool Hack & Generator – Earn Free UC Coins

Looking for Pubg 4all cool hack? Then you’re at the right we’ve written down the whole process of using Pubg 4all Cool Generator. Let’s start:

How well do you know the Battle Royal Games? I can bet that maybe you have never heard about the player’s familiar battleground before. Also called PUBG, this is a multiplayer battle Royal game created by a South Korean company.

The first of its kind, which was immediately followed by a mobile version, which was developed by Tencent Games. This game uses virtual transactions, just like most of its kind play. Unknown cash, or in short, UC, virtual money is PUBG Mobile, which is used by gamers to purchase the game’s cosmetics, bonus items, and upgrade passes such as Royal Pass and Elite Royal Pass.

So UC is all-important about this game, if you want to know how to get UC in the pub for free, keep reading this article as you all need to know how to get free UC There are some tips and tricks too.

Pubg 4all Cool Hack – Earn Free Coins

As I said earlier in this article, you can use these UCs to buy in-game items. However, if you are a regular PUBG player, then on PC or mobile, there are two things that you definitely want to do in large amounts: UC money, especially the load of free UC and war points, or BP in short form.


If you want to know how UC can be earned or purchased in PUBG Mobile, it is definitely not different from the desktop version or you can purchase virtual currency using real currency or using code Can get it. Do not get me wrong, UC codes are also sold for real money, but you can find them as a gift from your friend!

However, battle points cannot be purchased because they are earned only by playing games, or friend gifts. This is a major question, how do I earn or give UC for free on PUBG Mobile?

There is a couple of sites on the Internet that suggest users go to sites like “”, which is a strange website that has no relation to the official PUBG mobile site, but they can convince users that they can give free UC and BP for their users saying that it can generate them on Android, iOS, and emulator for PUBG Mobile.

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Pubg 4all Cool UC Hack Generator 

The interesting thing about the Battle Royal game mode is that not only everyone is against everyone, but we are all going, to begin with, neutral words: to get weapons, safety, and vehicles through the terrains Must cross. The map is compressed in an unexpected way, which is causing inevitable conflicts between the players.

pubg mobile

‘PUBG Mobile’ players spend their time with “unknown cache” and a way to get free UC. There are an estimated 10 million active players per day for mobile games. Although it’s free, Elite Royale unlocks other possibilities nearby. There are usually around $ 10 in this pass, it includes daily and weekly missions that allow users to get more items for Battle Royale.

According to the sensor tower, three weeks before the launch, more than a million dollars was generated, then, with Alit Royale Pass already, it has increased by more than 6 million. Currently, ‘PUBG Mobile’ earns around $ 700,000 a day! And the game has also raised $ 16 million at present.

Just how could it be? PUBG Mobile UC / BP generator sites are common to attract UI and easy-to-use interface, but this attraction will be less because you notice the truth in less time. Before trying to “send” the UC or BP, the UC Generator usually requests you to fill in your username and your smartphone’s device platform.

Inserting your username and selecting the device platform will add another step. The generator will ask you how much you want to load “UC or BP” in your account. Then there’s the catch: As the last step for sending free UC or BP to your Pub mobile account, it will ask you to verify whether you are using a survey.

How to generate UC coins by using PUBG 4all cool webpage

  • Open the webpage by clicking the Access Online Hack button

pubg 4all cool

  • Enter your username or PUBG mobile ID and device that you play
  • Select the proxy server you want
  • Enter the number of resources you want (MAX: 999, 999)
  • Wait for one second, the server will process your request
  • If the generator is working well, it will display your captcha
  • And if the generator is not showing human verification, then reload the current page and start again from the first step
  • Immediately after this process is complete, go back to the generator page and you will see a status
  • Let’s open the game on your devices and see, your resources are there and ready to use

Access Online Generator

Getting the Free UC in PUBG Mobile 2019

  • Meet the Daily Mission and the Royale Pass Challenge Mission. Elite missions will be allowed to elite pass holders and the rank will also grow rapidly.
  • Complete weekly challenges and participate in events to receive the Royal Point Card which provides RP points.
  • Once in a row, opening a chest will give the royale pass marks also. Attend game events to get more free royale pass marks.

Now, without UC verification, UC’s only and quick method on PUBG can buy you using real cash. Now, this is because you are paying real money, so they do not want to waste time or want to play games with your money.

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Final Words: PUBG 4all Cool Free UC Coins 

Using UC Coins, you can upgrade to Elite Pass for free and you can buy new skins and many more items. If you prefer this PUBG 4all Cool Tutorial Share it with your friends Stay tuned for the next article.

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