What are the Pros and Cons of WhatsApp?

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp: WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app and has been for some time now. However, this does not mean that WhatsApp is correct and there are no flaws.

Even though WhatsApp is full of amazing features, there are some cool features. There are other messaging apps that are missing on WhatsApp. If you are looking for a new chat app, then mentioning the pros and cons of WhatsApp here can also help you decide if you need to install it.

If you are already an existing WhatsApp user then you can also know very easily about the damage of Behemoth’s message. Apart from this, it will also help you to find out if it is time to uninstall WhatsApp and go for the WhatsApp option or stay with it.

So, let’s roll the ball.

List of Pros and Cons of WhatsApp

Good things first. Let’s start with the advantages of WhatsApp.

Pros of WhatsApp

1) Share Live Location

Using WhatsApp, you can easily share your location with the desired contact. Not only your current position but also you can share your live location with your contacts if you are in transit for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.

2) User friendly

You do not need a geek to understand the working of WhatsApp. People of all ages can use it easily without any external help, it is easy to use.

3) Listen to the audio message judiciously

In public areas, you can just bring your phone close to your ear to listen to an audio message even without your earphone, while the audio message will play it will reduce the audio volume and you can hear it well as You talk on the call.

4) Email Chat

You can also email your WhatsApp conversations for printing or backup purposes very easily.

5) Audio and Video Calling

This popular chat app is not limited to just text messages at all. You can also make audio and video calls on WhatsApp with great ease.

6) The contact imports automatically

You do not need to manually add contacts to WhatsApp. This will automatically fetch the numbers that a WhatsApp account has and automatically add them to your WhatsApp contacts.

7) Reducing data usage for calls

If you are running on a tight budget for internet data then WhatsApp allows you to reduce data usage for calls. Don’t bother about call quality because it is still good.

8) End-to-End Encryption

All kinds of conversations you have in WhatsApp can be encrypted end-to-end. This means that your messages are secure and no one can read or access it except you or the person communicating with you. Even Whatsapp cannot see your chat.

9) Advertisement Free

There is no WhatsApp advertisement in the app. This makes the messaging experience enjoyable.

10) Availability

Whatsapp app is also available for Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. In addition, there is a web version of WhatsApp and Windows and Mac software. You will have no problem using WhatsApp natively across multiple devices.

11) Free of cost

You can use WhatsApp without spending anything.

12) Starred Message

The important thing is to never lose important messages in a plethora of insignificant messages by enacting people of importance. You can find them under a separate section so that they can be easily searched whenever you want.

13) Good Performance

The app feels light, stable, and fast.

14) Stories

Like Snapchat or Instagram, WhatsApp also supports stories. So, you can share with your contacts on WhatsApp in the last 24 hours.

15) GIF Support

In addition to photos and videos, WhatsApp also supports GIFs.

16) Support for Siri

If you are an iOS user, you can use WhatsApp hands-free with the help of Siri. Siri can read recent WhatsApp messages, send messages and make calls.

17) Delivery Status

The delivery status feature is the biggest benefit for any messaging app. With delivery status, people can ensure that their message is sent to the recipient and confirm whether they have read it or not.

18) Group

It has the ability to create groups and make group chats, videos, and voice calls.

19) Broadcast Message

With WhatsApp, it is possible to send messages to multiple contacts using the broadcast list. You will benefit in saving time while sending bulk invitations or greetings.

20) Delete Sent Messages

If you have mistakenly sent a message to the wrong contact, you can unsend it.

This list is expected to increase over time. All these awesome features have contributed to the success of WhatsApp. But nothing is right. And the same is true for WhatsApp. Let us now know about the loss of WhatsApp.

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Cons of WhatsApp

1) Any Virtual Assistant

WhatsApp does not have an inbuilt personal assistant like Hike which makes things much easier.

2) Self-Destructive Message

There is no official WhatsApp feature that allows you to send self-destructive messages. However, there are ways to get around this.

3) Missing Face Filter

WhatsApp launched the Stories feature but you did not find entertaining face filters available on Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook.

4) WhatsApp Calling Limitation

WhatsApp’s calling feature is not present in all countries. So if you are looking for calling functionality in a messaging app then it can be a big shock.

5) Any Animated Stickers

WhatsApp has stickers but they are not animated stickers like Facebook Messenger. You have to be satisfied with them or Emojis.

6) Contact Number Required

Unlike Snapchat or Facebook, if you do not keep your cell phone number, you cannot contact a person on WhatsApp.

7) File Size Limit

You can send large video files no more than 16 MB and documents larger than 100 MB with WhatsApp.

8) No sign-out option

Unlike other messaging apps like Telegram, where you get the option to log out to sign out of your account. In WhatsApp, there is no such option and it is not good for your privacy (we talk more about WhatsApp privacy here.)

9) Internet Connection Required

Although WhatsApp is free to use, you still need an active Internet connection to send messages. For example, during an emergency, if you want to send an essential message to your contacts, you cannot do so unless you are connected to the Internet.

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WhatsApp – Good or Bad?

Looking at the list of pros and cons of WhatsApp, one can tell that WhatsApp has more advantages than disadvantages.

But, this does not mean that you should uninstall another messaging app and start using WhatsApp from today.

If you are using other applications for chatting then continue with them if you prefer to use them. However, if you ever feel like switching to another messaging app, you can definitely consider others on WhatsApp.

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