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Top 10 Third-Party Android App Store

APK more offers a great experience when it comes to hosting an APK Party Android App. Aptoide has an amazing user-interface that imitates the Google Play Store.

Android users are accustomed to the Google Play Store, where apps, games, books or even audiobooks can be found. It basically caters to the user’s needs. You have a huge collection of millions of apps that you can think of is right for you but what if you do not want to find the app you are looking for?

The reasons can be many – the version of the app’s play store does not support your device, or the app is simply not available in your area. Well, Play Store is not the only one that offers you oodles. There are many third-party app stores that store a large collection of apps, which offer free paid apps too. These websites store APK files or Android application packages on their website that can be installed directly after downloading.

Before you log in to websites quickly, find Settings> Security> Unknown sources and turn on the switch. This lets you install applications from unverified sources. So, let’s jump right in.

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Top 10 Third-Party Android App Store:

  • APKMirror
  • Aptoide
  • Apkpure
  • GetJar
  • F-Droid
  • SlideMe
  • Bemobi Mobile Store
  • XDA Developers
  • Galaxy Store
  • Amazon Appstore for Android

1. APKMirror

party android app

APKMirror provides a great experience when it comes to APK hosting. It has more than 3 million apps that you can download at any time. While AppCamir has no app store, its website is the only one you need. UI pleases the eye, while navigation does not require much effort. If you want to download an older version of a particular app, then it is available here. You can submit an APK by uploading it to the site, which everyone can access.

Main Features:

  • Colorful UI
  • Easy to navigate.
  • More than 3 million apps
  • Older App versions are available.

Download APKMirror

2. Aptoide 

party android app

Aptoide has an amazing user-interface that imitates the Google Play Store so you will feel right at home. This is an open source Android app with over 700,000 apps. Aptoide is available for smartphones, tablets as well as TV, VR, and Kids. This is a safe and secure play store option. Apps can be downloaded from the website or Android app.

Main Features:

  • Seamless UI
  • Supported many languages.
  • Aptoid VR, Kids TV.
  • More than 700,000 apps

Download Aptoide

3. ApkPure

party android app

As the name suggests, this app store is a pure choice of Google Play Store. The user interface is clean and vibrant. There are 7 tabs to explore, which is where the magic happens. There is a game tab where you can find different games, an App tab where you get the latest applications, a Topics tab in which you can find hot topics like Discover, Editor’s Choice, Game On Sale, etc.

There are products in the second tab. Bit technical, which includes options such as APK install, verification, iPhone app, etc. You can also use the search bar to find the app. There is no app for Apkpure but you can feel free to reach the website.

Main Features:

  • Great collection of apps.
  • ‘Game on Sale’ tab for discounted apps.
  • Simple delivery
  • Fast download

Download ApkPure

4. GetJar

party android app

GetJar has an open jar of unlimited apps that are available for free. Jump through three categories to find the app you are looking for. A home provides the latest apps you have uploaded to the website/app, there is a division of the app to effectively search in categories, and the app is an open area where you can scroll to the perfect app for the infinity. GetJar also has hacks for your daily apps and games. Download the Android app or surf the website.

Main Features:

  • More than 800,000 apps
  • Hosts the app for BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Android

Download GetJar

5. F-Droid

party android app

F-Droid has free and open source software (FOSS) applications for Android. This app can be easily downloaded from the website for a hassle-free experience. F-Droid is a simple client that lets you find the app that you are looking for without wasting any time.

However keep in mind, this is not a common app store. There are free-liberal software applications that also provide the source code of the application. It allows anyone to tweak the app. We advise you to exercise caution while using these features.

Main Features:

  • open source software.
  • A site for a developer.

Download F-Droid

6. SlideMe

party android app

SlideMe offers a repository of Android applications that are free to download. The SLA (SlideME Market) app is available in 31 languages. If you do not like the app, you can also browse SlideMe’s website. Be sure to create an account for easy download.

The website has three main tabs – Home, Applications, Community. The homepage gives you a look at the content of the website. The Apps tab gives you a solid list of apps that are downloadable. There is a community tab in which there are interactive threads, so enthusiasts can exchange questions and suggestions.

Main Features:

  • Provides free and premium apps
  • Is safe to use
  • Easy install
  • 31 languages ​​supported

Download SlideMe

7. Bemobi Mobile Store

party android app

Bemobi Mobile Store is an app store by Opera, people who give us an Opera browser. It is an only alternative app store that provides apps for Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian and Windows operating systems. Bamboo does not have many apps, but you can also find some retro apps. If you want to submit an app, you can do this easily. You can either download Bemobi APK or surf it on its website.

Main Features:

  • Many software supported.
  • Easy to use and safe.
  • Simple UI

Download Bemobi Mobile Store

8. XDA Developers

party android app

XDA developers are ubiquitous. This is a forum website that resolves your questions and provides solutions for all mobile related issues. They offer apps for Rooted and Unrooted devices as well as giving MODs for various apps. Want to make your pixels like Samsung (or Vise Versa), will not look forward.

You can turn the phone from any manufacturer, Moto, Samsung, OnePlus, Google or LG. The people of XDA also flash the ROM, which you can download for your phone’s specific OS. Be warned though! If something happens to your phone by trying these experimental features, the developers will not be responsible.

Main Features:

  • Plenty of hacks
  • Root and Non-root apps
  • The biggest thread is available.

Download XDA Developers

9. Galaxy Store

party android app

The Galaxy Store is a proprietary Samsung Store which is accessible only by Samsung users. The app is almost every app that is in the Play Store but with the collection of its own app, which enhances the Samsung phone.

There are a total of five tabs, which can be searched independently. The Home tab gives you a glimpse into the app, the Explore tab lets you see the week’s hot apps while in the Game tab you can see the game available. There is a separate section for the watch so you can download the theme and see the faces.

Main Features:

  • Bundle with Samsung phone
  • Huge list
  • Secure apps

Download Galaxy Store

10. Amazon AppStore for Android

party android app

Amazon’s app store is like all its apps. This will make you feel right at home. This app store lets you search the apps, their individual tabs, games and trending Top Charts tab, which tells you the hottest app of the day. On some days, apps are on sale so you can download them for half the cost, while sometimes they are completely free. You do not need an Amazon device to use your app store.

Main Features:

  • Collection of music, books, and movies
  • More than 334,000 apps
  • “Free App of the Day” feature

Download Amazon AppStore for Android

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Third-Party Android App: Final Words

This was a list of our app stores where you can find all kinds of apps for APK. Which app did you like most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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