How to See Every Photo Someone Likes on Instagram

see every photo someone likes on instagram

How to See Every Photo Someone Likes On Instagram:- On Facebook, you can easily see your friend’s activity on your news feed. But how about Instagram? The news feed in the application does not show users or anything other than the hashtags you are following and of course advertisements. You can no longer see what … Read more

How to Change Twitch Name & Color

change twitch name color

Twitch by Amazon is the world’s leading streaming platform for gamers, and so much so that it supersedes YouTube gaming. Many players play live streams like Fortnite or Minecraft and many of their fans watch their gameplay. And live streaming is definitely one of the most engaging and popular content over the Internet. Now, on … Read more

Instagram Not Posting Photo! 9 Ways To Fix This Error

instagram not posting photo

Instagram Not Posting Photo: Are you having trouble uploading a new photo to Instagram? You open the application, click on the right button, but nothing happens. And then you will realize why you cannot post on Instagram. In this article, we will talk about this common Instagram not posting photo issue and what you can … Read more

How to Send GIF on Snapchat

how to send gif on snapchat

In the past, we have seen Instagram copying many features like Snapchat stories. This time around its Snapchat has extracted a leaf from the Instagram book. Just a month after adding GIF stickers to the stories, Snapchat added them as well. GIFs were something that had been missing for centuries in the popular app. Now … Read more

7 Best Pipe Fitter Apps for Android & iPhone

best pipe fitter apps

Best pipe fitter apps: The smartphone helps many people to do their day-to-day work without any extra effort. Take plumbing for example, where the plumber has to use a variety of measurements to fit the pipe. And it can also be very long work. But with the help of their smartphone and some best pipe … Read more

How to Hide Phone Number in Telegram App


Hide Phone Number Telegram:- Millions of people are using Telegram daily and most people are using it freely without hiding their phone number. While some people want to use it anonymously without telling anyone about their number. The reason for this is that not everyone is comfortable when their phone number pops up every time … Read more

7 Best Apps Like Letgo for Selling & Buying Products

apps like letgo

Letgo is one of the best apps for buying and selling items online for ads. As its name says, Letgo of the things that are unnecessary for you by uploading your photo and getting a buyer for it. If the Letgo app is not working for you or if it is not meeting your needs … Read more

Top 7 Alluc Alternatives | Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

alluc alternatives

Alluc Alternatives: There are some websites available that are free and provide links to download or stream your favorite movies, videos and TV shows. One of those websites was Alluc. But it took off because the developers wanted to focus more on other projects. Many of you may wonder where to go next to get … Read more

What Does the OBJ Mean on Facebook?

obj facebook

OBJ Facebook: So you posted something on Facebook, maybe something of pleasure, with a delightful little emoji to really get your point across. But as you check your new post on your phone, you realize that your beautiful emojis are nowhere to be found. You see ugly little dashed boxes with the letters ‘OBJ’ inside … Read more

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