10 Best Cinemagraph Apps for Android Users

best cinemagrah apps

Best Cinemagraph Apps: In this day and age, almost everyone gets enamored with social media, especially Instagram as it is a no-nonsense app with a plethora of features. Users find new ways to show off their creativity with a full range of options like Boomerang or existing filters. Cinemagraphs have come to dominate now and … Read more

How to See Snapchat Conversation History

how to see snapchat conversation history

How to see snapchat conversation history: Looking forward to seeing Snapchat conversation history? you’re not alone. Snapchat is a highly used social media app. It allows you to do weird things in a good way. Even though tracking activities on Snapchat is quite difficult as media is removed within 24 hours, its features and filters … Read more

How to Add Background Music to WhatsApp Status

add background music to whatsapp status

Add Background Music to WhatsApp Status: The way many things have changed the way we communicate with people. WhatsApp is definitely in the top few. WhatsApp is a messaging service that is fast, free, reliable as well as convenient. And it is not wrong to say that this company owned by Facebook has definitely destroyed … Read more

How to Clear Clipboard on Android Devices

how to clear clipboard on android

Wondering how to clear clipboard on Android? Or are you now guessing what the clipboard is? Well, it is a temporary storage area where any cut or copied content from any application is protected to be pasted into another file. Copy-pasting an item for one time is fine, but if you cut or copy something … Read more

5 Best Clipboard Apps For Android Users

best clipboard apps for android

Best Clipboard Apps For Android: If you prefer to copy-paste the text, you may encounter a situation where you must have copied a piece of text and you have copied something else before you paste it elsewhere. And the result of this mistake? Loss of your previously copied text! And of course, the waste of … Read more

How to Unblock Downloads in Chrome

unblock downloads in chrome

If you are looking for a solution to unblock downloads in Chrome, then this article is going to be very helpful for you. Google Chrome was introduced on September 1, 2008. So it has been more than a decade. The browser, which started as ‘Browser Redesign’, has improved a lot over the years and has … Read more

How to Fix Corrupted SD Card on Android Without Computer

how to fix corrupted sd card on android without computer

Have you encountered any corruption on your SD card? If yes, then there is nothing to worry about as we have found a solution for you. In this article, we will list various methods that will help you to fix a corrupted SD card on Android without a computer. Before starting the process, make sure … Read more

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