What is the Longest Snapchat Streak | Highest Snapchat Score

The length of the Longest Snapchat Streak depends on how long it was released and how long and how often it is in use. The world of technology is growing at a breakdown speed, and that’s why we are.

Different apps and software have now been developed to reduce the distance of communication. When it comes to messaging apps, Snapchat is a name that almost all of us know and admire it. We are going to discuss with you the longest snapshot streak here today.

The app is a fun way to communicate with your friends or family members using emoji, images, video, and animation. If we talk about the Snapchat streak, it has been mentioned by the original fire emoji. The best part here is that you can quickly convert stroke emoji to another.

What is the Longest Snapchat Streak in the World?

Snapchat ranges are usually organized in a competitive format. It shows how long your relationship with that person is. There will be a long strip with the person concerned, the higher the score will be. And the rigors added by you in your account will be high, your Snapchat score will increase every day. We are going to discuss with you the longest snapshot streak here.

Take a Look at Longest Snapchat Streak Ever History

longest snapchat streak

Before proceeding with the Snapchat Streak, it will be very beneficial to stand as an expert if you know its history well. Learning about the history of Snapchat Streaks is the easiest way to get expertise in it. This feature was introduced on April 6, 2015, in the app with other emoji features such as Snapchat Best Friends.

The highlight was actually recorded in the app 12 days before being declared and therefore the score is slightly ahead of the actual date. In short, we can also say that the longest streak in the history of Snapchat streak will be exactly the same period as when it was introduced.

Worlds Longest Snapchat Streak Score | Longest Snapchat Streak 2018

If you want to know about the list of the longest Snapchat streak so far, then we are making you something here. While working on that, we have cross-checked various platforms to give you accurate results. As we told you earlier, the Snapchat Streak feature was introduced in April 2015, it has so far been 1459 days. The longest ever Snapchat streak is:

  • Francesca and Rachel, 1401+ days
  • Josie & M, 1350+ days
  • Jayden and Ashley, 1344+ days
  • Mary and Elisa, 1342+ days
  • Sarah and Patrick, 1341+ days
  • Daniel and Myra, 1329+ days
  • Andrew and Amber, 1326+ days
  • Sean and Mike, 1314+ days
  • Keale and Nicole, 1312+ days
  • Haley and Eleanor, 1307+ days

Here, while adding the stripes of the longest snapshot, we have cross-checked various social media platforms to provide you with accurate information.

What are the Rewards here?

longest snapchat streak


Emojis is one of the outstanding characteristics of Snapchat, which has served as the primary reason behind its popularity. Who does not want an app that can give you messages and fun at the same time? But the situation becomes even more exciting when this fun messaging also comes with some awards.

If you have ever reached the 100-day streak, you may have noticed that you have awarded a trophy with a 100-day fire emoji. Snapchat also gives a trophy to its users for 1000 days of Fire Emoji and 1000 days of Snapchat Streak. Is it uncommon to win an award by regularly communicating with your loved one through this app?

What is Longest Snapchat Streak 2019 Limit?

Now, this is one of the most frequently asked questions among Snapchat users. There is no limit to the longevity of Snapchat streaks. This is your choice, how long you would like to use it. The only thing that creates here once is the time when it was introduced. As we have reached 1459 days of times until its release, no one can go beyond that time. It will automatically be released with everyday use.

Final Words: Average Snapchat Score

While Snapchat is one of the most amazing and fun messaging apps, its features are admirably, especially Fire Emoji. The length of the long Snapchat streak depends on how long it was released and how long and how often it is in use. Countdown to Snapchat Streets has essentially increased the bars of 1401 now.

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