How to See Snapchat Conversation History

How to see snapchat conversation history: Looking forward to seeing Snapchat conversation history? you’re not alone. Snapchat is a highly used social media app. It allows you to do weird things in a good way.

Even though tracking activities on Snapchat is quite difficult as media is removed within 24 hours, its features and filters keep Snapchat connected to it. One of the reasons why parents or siblings want to know what their children are doing is to tell you the way they look at Snapchat conversation history.

How to See Snapchat Conversion History

You can see the history of Snapchat’s conversations in the following ways. While the first is a solution directly from Snapchat, the second method is a third-party source.

Method 1. View Snapchat History Using Spyic

view snapchat history using spyic

Spyic is very well known as the best Snapchat monitoring app. You get full access to your Snapchat history. The app is safe and secure. Spyic works in stealth mode. By clicking on this link, you create an account with Spyic.

You must complete the setup for the target device. Select Snapchat and log in with your credentials. Now you can view Snapchat conversation history along with other useful information.

Method 2. Download data from Snapchat

With Snapchat, you can get all your data very easily. To see Snapchat conversion history, go to the Download My Data section. You can access your account information and login history, snap history, chat history, purchase history, friends, account history, etc. very easily.

To get all your information, log on to, and tap on ‘My Data’. Click on ‘Submit Request’ at the bottom. If you have verified your email address, Snapchat will send a link after your data is ready to download. Click on that link and download your data.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

Does Snapchat expire if you don’t open them?

Snaps remain on the server until users open them. If a user does not open their snaps for a week, they will remain on Snapchat’s server for the same week. But if you haven’t opened the snap within 30 days, it will expire and be deleted.

Can you see Snapchat history?

To view your Snapchat history, click on your profile icon> tap on Settings> go to the website of the account and follow the steps to see information such as which account was created or which devices logged in from your account is.

Final Words

These were some of the ways to view the history of Snapchat conversations. How often do you keep an eye on Snapchat activities? Is it important? Let us know in the comments below.

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