How to Hide Phone Number in Telegram App

Hide Phone Number Telegram:- Millions of people are using Telegram daily and most people are using it freely without hiding their phone number. While some people want to use it anonymously without telling anyone about their number.

The reason for this is that not everyone is comfortable when their phone number pops up every time they reach someone’s profile. Thanks to Telegram for adding a feature that made it so easy to hide phone numbers. In addition, Telegram also made it possible to add exceptions, making this feature even more useful. So let’s start without wasting any more time.

Note: A small change in the interface can be made with great ease, otherwise the steps for Telegram Mobile App (Android and iOS) and Telephone Desktop App are the same. In this article, we are using an Android device.

Hide Phone Number in Telegram

1. Selected Nobody

By default, Telegram settings can be set so that only people in your contacts see your phone number and no one else. But there can be many personal reasons for hiding phone numbers from people in the contact list as well. Keeping this in mind, here are the steps to do this.

1. Launch the Telegram app on your device and tap on the hamburger icon at the top left of the screen.


2. Now tap on the Settings option just below the Invite Friends option. (In the case of the iPhone, the Settings option is available in the bottom right corner.)

Settings option

3. Under the Settings heading, the privacy and security options you have to choose.

privacy and security

4. Next, tap on the available phone number option under Privacy.

phone number option

5. Now, who can see my phone number? Select Nobody and tap on the tick icon.

Nobody option

2. Adding Exceptions

There may be some people with whom you have no problem sharing phone numbers. For near and dear ones, you use the exception feature.

1. Tap the Always Allow option under the Add Exceptions heading.

always allow option

2. Select as many users as you want from the contact list and tap on the tick icon.

tick icon

With these steps, it is also possible to add some people to the exception or delete some of them.

1. Tap Always Allow again, tap on the three dots adjacent to the added contact, and select Delete to remove the contact.

three dots

2. To add more people to the exception, simply tap Add User or Group and repeat the second step above.

3. Selecting Everybody

This option is for those who have no problem sharing their phone number with anyone. Not only the people saved in your contact list, but all the random people accessing your Telegram profile can easily see your phone number.

Just choose the Everybody option and tap on the tick icon to make it work.

everybody option

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4. Adding Exceptions

The exceptions we have added under everyone are slightly different from the ones we have added. The exceptions added here are those who will not see your phone number.

1. Tap on the Never Allow option.

tap never allow option

2. Select users to add to the list and tap on the tick icon.

tap on the tick icon

To add or remove more people to the list, tap Never allow again. Next, tap on the three dots in front of the username and choose Delete. To add more people to the list, tap Add User or Group.

three dots option

5. Select My Contacts

When using Telegram, this option is selected by default and your number will only be visible to those whose contact number you have saved in your contact list. But not everyone in contacts is so well known that you can share your number with them in return.

6. Adding Exceptions

When we choose the My Contact option, two different exceptions are available, Always Allow and Never Allow. Added users will always be able to see your phone number to allow. When selecting Never Allow, users added to it will not see the number. The steps to add or delete users are the same as before.

always allow and never allow

7. Deleting Synced Contacts

When your number is to be shown only to your contacts, then obviously people in your contact list will be able to see it. But after the test, it was observed that even if you remove a particular contact from your phone book, that person will still be able to see your phone number in the telegram when they open your profile. This is probably because that contact is still saved in the Telegram server. We do not know how long it will take to remove the telegram or it may never be removed.

So we should do this manually, rather than waiting for the telegram to do so.

1. You have to tap on the hamburger icon in the top-left.

hamburger icon

2. Now select the Settings option.

setting option

3. Under Settings, select Privacy and Security.

privacy and security option

4. Next, scroll down a little and under Delete, tap Delete Sync Contacts.

delete sync contacts

5. Finally, tap on Delete.

tap on delete

Now any contact you have deleted will be able to see your Telegram name instead of just your number.

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Final Words:-

Hiding your phone number on a Telegram account makes it even more secure and safe. It is best for those who like to use social media platforms, without any notice. There can be many other reasons to hide phone number in Telegram, but whatever, these steps are definitely going to work for you.

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