Top 7 Games Like Homescapes – Must Play these Games

Games Like Homescapes – Where your objective is to help Austin change and renovate his childhood home. For that, you will have to earn items and accessories by completing a series of this game.

Each game you get to play is like a match and break where you have to match 3 or more similar items to break them and also collect the given items in limited opportunities. And in addition, Homescapes can also be called a fixer-upper game.

The game has a combination of game and storyline that attracts players. Which makes it challenging because you have to fix the house to win the game and clean the levels.

But if you want to play similar games with a different storyline and other interesting characters, you can check this list, where we have mentioned some of the best games like Homescapes for Android and iPhone users.

So let’s start.

Games Like Homescapes

1) Machington Mansion

machington mansion games like homescapes

If you like playing designer games then you will like Matchington Mansion. Here you will have to play the same game with different items as all the others on this list, but it seems a little easier than the rest.

Once you complete a level you can unlock new items that can be used in the mansion. And with the coins and stars, you have earned, you can place that item in your mansion. Here you will get different types of powerups inside the game so that you can progress quickly inside this game. Once you design a room and fill its progress bar, the next room will be unlocked. Again you will have to redesign that room as before.

You can check your progress by tapping the book icon at the bottom of the screen and using the icon next to it you can change or edit the things you have installed. And if you like, you can add this game to your Facebook account to share progress with your friends just like the above game.

Download Matchington Mansion

Download Matchington Mansion

2) Manor Cafe

manor cafe games like homescapes

Games Like Homescapes, this game also has a similar theme. But instead of a house here, it is very important for you to renovate a cafe with the help of Meg, your manager of the new place. And for this, there will be games where you have to match similar items, break them while collecting the necessary items, and complete the given goals.

After completing each game you will earn coins and stars in it which you will be able to use to buy different things. As you progress through the levels, the goal and difficulty will increase. Use different combinations to earn different powerups. And you will also get boosters to clear items that are difficult to break.

The games will be played in episodes, and once the percentage of an episode is filled, you will unlock new episodes, rooms, and locations, which will have to be renewed again according to you. Try to bring back the reputation of Manor Cafe and the changes you can make can attract many customers.

Download Manor Cafe

Download Manor Cafe

3) Candy Crush Saga

candy crush saga games like homescapes

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most downloaded games on the Play Store with over 500 million users. It can also be considered as an alternative to Homescapes as it has a similar match break game. But you can call it a little easier than Homescapes because here all you have to do is to progress through the levels by cleaning candies and collecting the given items while getting points.

There is no need to upgrade, upgrade or fix anything in the process. Although it does not have that detailed story mode, you have to meet different characters. And best of all, you can play this game both online and offline.

Download Candy Crush Saga

Download Candy Crush Saga

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4) Town Story

town story games like homescapes

Town Story is a mixture of Matchington Mansion and Candy Crush. It is full of candy to play with. Here you have to help your friend Rita regain her memory by spending time in her childhood home. You have to complete various tasks like cleaning, renovation of the house, decorating the garden, reading letters, etc.

The game has a large play area, which will unlock with completing the previous game or completing all the given tasks. To complete the tasks you will need coins and stars which you will earn by completing goals in the match game.

That is to collect the given items. As you move forward Rita will also remember her life and slowly regain her memory. This game has really great animations. And what’s more, you can also add your Facebook account and play the competition with your friends online.

Download Town Story

Download Town Story

5) Match 3 Jewels

match 3 jewels games like homescapes

This match 3 Jewels is in the form of a puzzle game based on the same pattern of play as in all the games mentioned in this list. Here you have to break 3 or more identical tiles to play the match. It has two modes to play, a play where you will get different worlds and levels to play. You must earn a high score to clear the game and clear all blocks of this model.

There is another Gold Rush, in this mode, you have to match the jewels and dig in to earn gold or reach the depth to get a higher score in the given time. In each mode, you can match more than 3 gems to get power tools that will help you wipe tiles from the game to earn a more high score.

Download Match 3 Jewels

Download Match 3 Jewels

6) Family Zoo

family zoo games like homescapes

If you want something out of the ordinary, you can try renovating and managing the zoo. The city is deciding to build a supermarket here instead of the old family zoo. So your job is to restore zoos, gardens and raise animals. Improve their habitats and attract local people and tourists.

It all happened with the help of a match 3 games with fruits. You must collect the given fruits to clear the level and earn coins and tickets. These earned coins and stamps will then be used for the renovation of the zoo. There will be a variety of decorations and styles that you can choose as you wish so that the zoo looks attractive.

You’ll get to interact with animals, expand your business, and make friends with other characters in the game who can help you redesign and save the zoo. As you move forward in the story, you will find it more difficult and tasks than in previous days which will also help you earn extra rewards for the game.

Download Family Zoo

Download Family Zoo

7) Dream House Hidden Object

dream house hidden object games like homescapes

This is a game where you will have the facility to renovate the house, but without matching the game without the puzzle. Instead, here you have to search for hidden objects and other minigames given in the room to clear the levels and earn money.

You will be provided with an image and a list of things to be found in the game. The money earned will then be used to buy things and redesign the house. You can buy items in different styles and designs as per your choice of mind.

As you complete the renovation of the house, the level will continue to rise. And then you will unlock other features like shopping, other places, task list, minigames, etc. It also allows screenshots of your decor from the game to be taken and has the option of connecting to social media accounts.

Download Hidden Object

Download Hidden Object

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Final Words

So these were some of the best games which are like Homescapes which will give you different scenarios and challenges. Which one did you like the most? Or do you think any game should be on this list? Mention them in the comments below.

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