Free Fire 1.36.0 – Battlegrounds Download for Android

Free Fire 1.36.0 Battleground is a third-person action game which is openly inspired by PUBG. Here, you will be involved in the fight of 50 players till death on a huge island full of weapons and vehicles. Only one player will survive this island.

Control in the Free Fire 1.36.0 – Battlegrounds are simple: on the left side of the screen, you have a virtual d-pad to control your character, while on the right, there are buttons to shoot, crouch, lie down, and jump.

Free Fire 1.36.0 – Battlegrounds

When you find a weapon, crate, vehicle, or a door, you can talk to it by tapping on the button that shows the onscreen. In the upper right corner, you will also get your inventory where you can select the weapon you want to use.

free fire 1.36.0

The way the game develops into Free Fire 1.36.0 – the battleground is similar to the aforementioned player Utd’s Battleground or any other Royal-type game. The game starts with all the players landing on the island through the parachute.

As soon as they descend, they have to run to find weapons and avoid the attacks of other players. Apart from this, you will have to look out for the force field, which will gradually stop on you as the game progresses.

If it reaches you, then you are dead. Fortunately, you can use the vehicles if you get stuck behind a lot. Free Fire 1.36.0 – The biggest difference between the battleground and similar games is that instead of hosting 100 players, there are only 50 players.

And the period is adjusted accordingly. Instead of playing for 30 minutes, most of the rounds lasted only 15 minutes. Basically, this is a faster and busier PUBG.

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Main Features: Free Fire 1.36.0

Therefore, you might think that the features of this desktop version are similar to the Android version, which are capable of using all similar hacks and deceptions:

free fire 1.36.0

  • Get off on an island and face another 49 players.
  • To locate the map, collect weapons, resources and use vehicles.
  • Always keep inside the safe area which will gradually shrink.
  • Plan for the best strategy: hide in trenches or attack in open ground.
  • Try to become the ultimate player to reach victory.
  • A 10-minute match that gives great dynamic mobility to the game.
  • Team up with other 4 players to play collaborators.

Free Fire – Battlegrounds

Mod Features:

  • Auto target (the repeated sight of the enemy)
  • Aimbot (storm)
  • Increase damage
  • Less recoil
  • Pink House (Deleted)
  • Card Crashes (Fixed)
  • Antiban

What’s New:

  • New character – Raphael
  • New rank tier – Grandmaster
  • RP calculation optimization.
  • M79 is now just an airdrop.
  • Toxic area (Bermuda only – accidental) added
  • It will get a new summer-themed spawn island.
  • New Gatling Gun and Repair Kit will be found.
  • Added hot zone in Purgatory.
  • New settings are available for custom rooms.
  • Weapon Statistics Adjustment.
  • New difficulty and owners were added to the Death Uprising.
  • Auto pickup optimization.
  • CG-15 was accidentally removed from the place.

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Final Words: Free Fire 1.36.0

Free Fire 1.36.0 – Battleground is a battle royal game that provides incredibly fun and sports experiences. The game takes less space than other similar games and its demand is very low on your Android, so practically anybody can enjoy playing it.

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