FoneMonitor Reviews – Is It Great?

FoneMonitor Reviews – Smartphone addiction takes place. Even if you teach your child to use it only for productive things, various things just come out of nowhere.

Do your children lie to you often and now you have no choice but to spy on them? Do you have a child whose phone you want to monitor to make sure they are not being distracted unnecessarily?

In this review, we’re looking at a device that can help you track other smartphones remotely. We are doing a detailed FoneMonitor review to see its features to see if the deal is good enough for you.

FoneMonitor Reviews

FoneMonitor allows you to track various activities of the target smartphone without many efforts. You must install an app on the phone of the child you want to monitor. After that, verify the target phone and monitor its activities with large numbers. The device is effective for both platforms – Android and iPhone. It is also available in other major languages ​​like Spanish, French, Japanese, etc.

Setup and Installation

The setup process is quite easy. You have to sign up with your email account on the official website of FoneMonitor using the following buttons.

Visit FoneMonitor Website

After signing up, provide a description of the target device such as the name, age, and operating system of that device.

There is a very easy tutorial available on the website which can install and verify the target device. You will have to make some changes in the settings of that phone and install the PhoneMonitor app.

After installing the app in the target phone, select the Allow for all required permissions for which this app asks. For example, access to archives, notification, call history, etc. You will be able to easily complete the setup using a detailed and clear guide on your site while you are setting up your FoneMonitor account.

There is also an option to hide or place the app icon on the phone during the installation process. Uninstalling the app on the target device is like any other app. Go to ‘Settings’ in the ‘It Apps’ section and it is named System Service.

When all setup and installation is done, you can monitor the phone from your PC / Mac or phone browser. To monitor the device on your phone, simply go to their site and sign in with your registered email.

1) Dashboard

The dashboard is similar to the summary of the device you are viewing. The dashboard mentions the device’s last known location, battery level, and GPS status.

You can also see last call, last message, 5 most calling contacts, and 5 most messaging contacts. The best thing I found about the dashboard is that it shows the current state of the phone if it is being used or locked.

2) Tracks Social Networking Apps

This is one of the most important features that this tool provides. Social networking is a major distraction for children nowadays. Currently, FoneMonitor Target can spy on 13 apps on the phone – WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Skype, LINE, Instagram, Viber, Kik, Tinder, WeChat, QQ, and Hangouts.

You can only see one of the 5 above. But if you toggle from ‘Feature Status’ to ‘Off’ for any app, you can definitely use other apps as well. This tool takes a screenshot on the app you are using and you can see what your child is doing and everyone is sending him a message on different apps.

On Instagram, you will often find screenshots of the home page and Instagram direct chat history. When your child sends a message to someone or if they receive a notification, you will also get that information in the Instagram section on FoneMonitor.

Also on Facebook, FonMonitor takes screenshots of news feeds and notifications. Even if the child is not using the app and the phone receives a notification for it, you will be able to see it in text form.

The history of Messenger and WhatsApp chats and screenshots of personal chats are sent to you as the person scrolls through the app. The WhatsApp attachments received in the target phone are also visible to you.

Important: After the FoneMonitor app is installed you will need to see the data. You cannot see chat history when the application was not installed.

3) Track Calls, Contacts & Messages

FoneMonitor is very effective in tracking the date, time, duration, and call history if the call was incoming or outgoing. All contact names will appear in your FoneMonitor account along with their phone number and all messages received and sent.

4) Capture Screenshot

This is another good feature of this tool. When the target device is activated and you want to know what they are doing, just go to the captured screenshot. When you click on the ‘Take Tech Screenshot’, you will get a screenshot of the phone’s screen after a few seconds.

5) View Browser History

The Internet is the source of some good things and many bad things. It is very important to know which websites your child is using. Make sure they are surfing the internet to get the right knowledge. In the ‘Browser History’ section, you can see the URL name, time, and frequency to visit all the websites.

6) Track Photos and Videos

All photos and videos available on the target device will be visible to you over time. You can also download them on your device.

7) View location and set landscape

If the phone is on, FoneMonitor can track the end locations of the target phone. If you want your child to live in a particular area, you can set a landscape with a circle around that area. Choose to send an alert via e-mail and whenever the target phone enters or exits from that circle, you will receive a mail.

8) Keylogger

It is very important to know what your child is keen about. Keylogger in FoneMonitor allows you to track everything that was typed from the keyboard on the target phone. All typed words or sentences will be shown separately with their respective apps.

9) Set up keyword alerts

Set some keywords that you think are not good traits for a child’s brain. After enabling the alert, whenever such words are used in a message, call, browser, or another app, you will receive a mail.

10) Block apps and Track app Activity

FoneMonitor allows you to see what all apps are installed on the target phone. From the ‘Applications’ section, you can see the apps and toggle to ‘off’ to block the app on that phone. Blocking apps such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or game apps can increase your child’s productivity.

11) Schedule Restrictions

With the help of FoneMonitor, you can limit the use of the device by children. Schedule restriction allows you to set a start and end time between which all the functions in the device will be locked. When your child opens any app, (even apps like camera, phone, etc. will default) then they will not open. The timer can be set for all 7 days of the week or selected days.

Now we know about all the important features of FonMonitor and what it can do. Let’s take a look at the positive and negative aspects of this tool.


  • Unlike other devices, it is not necessary for any routing of the phone to track applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
  • For iOS users, there is no need to jailbreak the device. However, due to iOS restrictions, monitoring is limited compared to Android.
  • It has a very nice and easy interface. Once you sign in and are set-up, everything is just on the table and you should not worry about learning to use the tool.
  • You cannot take your PC everywhere, so it is great that this device can also be used on your phone’s browser. In addition, both parents can watch their children’s activity from two different devices.
  • Considering the use of the app for so long, the app does not eliminate much of the battery of the target device.
    Data sync from the target device to your account happens very quickly.


  • Some applications that kill children for too long, such as YouTube, did not appear in the ‘Applications’ section.
  • App Activity Tracker is helpful but not so accurate.

Final Words – Is this the best service?

At Jaivats, we have tested and reviewed a lot of smartphone monitoring tools, but this is the best handheld in every respect. The FoneMonitor tool has almost everything a spying parent asks. There are many advanced features on this tool such as keyword alerts, blocking apps, geofence, etc.

These features not only help in monitoring your child but also prevent them from doing unnecessary activities. Like you can set a fixed time for his study and at that time can only block all apps or enable schedule restriction.

Monitoring browser history and monitoring social networking apps has never been easier. FoneMonitor is offering a package of amazing features at a reasonable price. Basic plans start at $ 29.99 / month. Check FoneMonitor on their official site. If you like this FonMonitor review and how the tool works, you can help other parents by sharing this article.

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