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Top 5 New Features PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 After Update

Recently, Tencent Games brought 0.13.0 stable updates for PUBG Mobile, which brings many important features for the game

On June 12, Tencent Games updated their most popular game PUBG Mobile to version 0.13.0, bringing many new add-ons and improvements. Gamers had a lot of new things to watch, and some highlights included the Godzilla Event 2, the Don Mode until the Survival and much more.

features pubg mobile

As it happens with other updates, the game was closed for maintenance on June 11, and the players started receiving updates the next day. If you have not updated the game, we suggest that you do this once on the Google Play Store and use all the new add-ons you can find. While this update brings many new things, here are the top five features from the 0.13.0 version.

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Top 5 New Features PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 After Update:

1. Crew Challenge Updates

The Crew Challenge Qualifying Round on PUBG Mobile has also been given with this new update. As part of the Crew Challenge, there will now be 6 matches in a day. Each team from 5 will be able to participate in 3 matches and they will be allowed to participate in a total of 18 qualifying matches, while the first was the limit 12. Another feature for the Crew challenge is 10 minutes prior to notification that the participants will receive from now. Finally, there are new items in the Crew shop for players.

2. Team Deathmatch

This is probably the most discussed feature of the new PUBG mobile updates. This new mode finally makes its way to the game, and here, two of the four players will be able to fight each other in a small area. The main attraction of this mode will be that there will be no permanent death, and if you are killed, you will be honored immediately. The first team to win 1 point and 40 points to hit the players. On our trial, we find that the pacing of the mode is fast and there is a lot of action, but since there is not much movement, the death penalty mode may seem repetitive after a while. One major issue of disintegration is that PUBG may need o fixes in Team Deathmatch Mode.

3. Godzilla Theme

To bring this theme into the game, PUBG Mobile has partnered with Godzilla 2: As King of the Monsters and as part of this partnership, players will be able to see special clothes, skins and a game theme, which will be available from inventory. Section

In addition to the above add-ons mentioned above, there will also be some general changes in the game. For example, Vickeyi’s players will now leave footprints, marks and tire tracks on ice. Apart from this, if you are killed by friendly fire, you can decide whether the team’s player loses the qualifications or not.

4. Survive Till Dawn Changes

New update on PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 also brings changes in the survival Till don and Dark Knight mode. Talk of zombies, instead of the old zombies in the game, four new types of zombies have been taken. Liquid nitrogen grenades also leave the scars of cold smoke on the ground for more extended periods to reduce the speed of any unit in the region. There are new abilities in the zombies as Skinner can slow down the nearby players. Finally, the police station on the map has been replaced by a factory.

5. Control for FPP

New updates to PUBG Mobile have added separate settings for TPP (Third Person Perspective) and FPP (First Person Perspective). Now the players will be able to make different settings for both modes, and it will be useful for those who like to play with both of them during the gameplay.

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On June 12, Tencent Games updated their most popular game PUBG Mobile to version 0.13.0, bringing many new add-ons and improvements.

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