Does Anyone See Your Bumble Message?

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Rejection is, for many, a very hard pill to swallow and the pill gets harder and harder to swallow each time. Rejection can be the end result of a message on Bumble.

One would think that the invention and popularity of online dating would, at least, make the pill easier to handle, but it is not. When you see that the message was sent successfully, and not a single response was given, it can make you sweat pills.

It could be worse, to be honest. Bumble can make read receipts a part of the equation and make everyone sweat doubly hard knowing that their message was sent, read and, eventually, ignored.

But on the same note, is it still possible to tell if someone read your message on Bumble? Does Bumble have a secret function that can let you know if someone has read your message? Well, yes and no, but mostly not. It sounds a bit more complicated than that so let’s break it down.

Does Anyone See Your Bumble Message?

Unfortunately, it can be impossible to tell if someone has read your message on Bumble. Bumble doesn’t provide read receipts to its users, so when you’ve sent a message to see if the other person has read it, trying to checkmark or view a viewed notification is a waste of your time. Nothing can be more.

To check if someone has read your Bumble message, you’ll need to look for clues because Bumble itself isn’t going to reveal it to you.

Pay Attention to Their Profile Page

If you take a screenshot of their profile page and then take another picture a day or two later and notice the new photos or their bio is changed, they were obviously online at some point.

It’s hard to know for sure whether they were ignoring your messages or whether they read them and chose not to respond.

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Checking Their Location

Since there is no read receipts feature to get the double checkmark to know if someone has read your message, you can use some other method to know the recipient’s location. Knowing the location of your match won’t let you know if your message was read, but it can tell you they’ve been on it recently, at least enough time to get used to it.

Let’s say you use Bumble every morning at your favorite coffee shop and that’s where you made the match, and let’s say they were at home when the match was made. When it was, the two of you were 10 miles apart.

When you next activate the Bumble app and check their profile, you can see if their location was recently updated; Bumble updates your location only when you use it, not in real time.

How does this help? Well, if you sign up at the same place one day, and they’re suddenly 20 miles or 5 miles apart, they recently used Bumble. In other words, they were online and there is a chance they ignored your message or they were too busy.

It’s too vague to know, but it’s still an indirect way to know if they were online at least at some point after your message was sent.

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What About Third-party Services?

No such service is available. There are some services that can give you their most recent active status, but something like a read receipt isn’t possible. That kind of information would involve breaching the confidentiality of one’s messages, an act that is clearly very illegal.

Now, look, if you’re going so far as to be some kind of creepy investigator, you’re probably doing it for all the wrong reasons. It’s best to just take the rejection with grace and move on to the next possible match. You won’t even know what’s happening on the other side.

They may be busy or nervous or may even be afraid to move on. Maybe they need to send GIFs to break the ice further.

But here’s something to chew on: Even though they eventually rejected you, they found something in you that matches the two of you. Someone may still have found something desirable in you that made the connection possible in the first place.

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