How To Run Multiple Accounts on Clone Android App

How To Run Multiple Accounts on Clone Android App

In such moments, you can use this trick to Clone Android App and run multiple variations of the same app on your Android mobile. It’s easy, and you need.

Let’s say you have installed an app that allows users to use it for five minutes or ten minutes. If this is a simple app, then most people can understand the workflow. However, if that app has a tonne option and you have not taken them all together, then you want to see them again before purchasing a paid version. In such moments, you can use this trick to clone and run multiple forms of the same app on your Android mobile. It’s easy, and you have to install another third-party app to complete it. However, that app is available for free.

Many times we need to get a second installation of an app. For example, you want to use two WhatsApp accounts. In addition to using two mobile phones, you can use this simple guide which will allow you to work for free. There is no need to spend money on secondary mobile. Also, suppose you have maintained two Facebook accounts to handle your personal and business accounts. In such moments, this app will be useful to you.

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How to Run Multiple Accounts of the Same Clone Android App on Android

The name of this app is Parallel Space, and you can use this app to clone and run multiple accounts of the same app on android mobile. As mentioned earlier, parallel space is available for free, and you can download it for Android 4.0.3 or later.

It does not matter whether you have Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or something else, you can definitely get a clone version of that app. In other words, the clone app will be like a new installation so that you can set that app from scratch. This will help you maintain second WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. Not just social media accounts, but you can also use this app to clone other apps such as Google Play Music, Google Photos, etc. It does not matter whether it is a system app or a third-party app; You can do the same thing with both of them.

Parallel Space’s user interface is quite good. All options are well managed, and that is why you should not get any clutter in this app. This is what helps you to understand all the features quickly.

To start with parallel space on Android mobile, follow these steps. First of all, download it on your android mobile and install the app accordingly. After opening, it will ask you to give some permission so that it can access all apps and data accordingly.

From here, you can add all the apps you want to clone. If you are not getting the desired app, just skip this part and go to the next screen. You should get an option named Add App Tap on this button and select the app.

clone android app

Tap on the app to set it up. After that, you can use it as a freshly installed app. This means that it will ask you for different permissions and all.

How to Protect password Parallel space?

Many people turn off various instant messaging apps, social media apps, and other personal apps. If you use Parallel Space, you can find a similar option. For that, open the app, tap on the three-dotted button, and select the password. After this, you can find the option to lock it down.

clone android app

If your phone supports fingerprint lock or Irish lock, you can find it in the list. Otherwise, pattern lock is easily available.

Keeping everything in mind, Parallel Space seems to be an excellent solution for people who prefer to use more than one instance of an app.

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Clone Android App: Final Words

If you want to use the trial version app more than once using parallel space, you have to clear the cache from your phone’s Settings app and set it to scratch.

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