Ceton.Live/ff/ – Free Diamonds for Garena Free Fire

Ceton.live/ff/ Generator sites are searched by Free Fire users because they can create a free-fire free diamond. Apparently, this site is still working and generating free fire free diamonds for tens of thousands.

Free fire is being used popularly, which is one of the most played games on Android and iOS devices. In 2018, the rights to this game were to be listed in the top 3 popular games.

Free Fire is being used for an increasing intent and it is considered the most used game on Android and iOS devices. This survival -the class game is interesting with its stunning graphics display, this game has been included in the top 3 popular games in 2018 as we had previously mentioned.


The Free Fire Battleground contains gadgets and weapons that can be destroyed by submerging buildings and buildings, which are dropped from the plane so that they can be able to kill the opponents while playing the game.

Apart from this, the necessary weapons and items can be purchased by using a diamond and added to your ammunition. If you are out of diamond and need it, then they can be obtained by purchasing it from real money.

It is no surprise that Free Fire Battleground players are searching for possible ways to get free diamonds through online generator sites on the Internet. A perfect example of these web pages is the Ceton Live Free Battle Live Free Fire ID.

How to use Ceton.Live/ff/ to Get Free Diamonds

Free Fire players for you who want to use a free fire site for creation, we will now guide you. But we have to let you know that the site is now considered spam by Google and we do not really know the reason.

There are assumptions that this site is considered dangerous, we recommend that you be careful, but here are the steps for people who are able to use the ceton.live/ff/ site:

  • Click here to open the Free Fire Battlegrounds Free Diamonds Generator site.
  • Ceton Free Fire Battle Live Free Fire Generator Online-1
  • After that, you click on ‘Details’ and then press the link that says ‘Go to this unsafe site’ ceton.live/ff/ to access the site.
  • Then after doing the above steps, you will use the live ff ceton site.
  • After that, you punch the user name of your free fire account.
  • Press the ‘Connect’ button and wait for the synchronous process of the live ff account until it finishes.
  • You can enter the exact amount of coins and diamonds you want.


  • Then press the ‘Generate’ button and you wait until the generating process in the cyton completes.


  • Once complete and successful, you will be allowed to get free fire coins and diamonds on the t [ceton.live/ff/ website.

Tips & Tricks: Ceton.Live/ff/

You have started playing Free Fire, have completed a couple of matches, but are you still having difficulties in some parts of the game? Do not worry – it’s completely normal. We all started with some purpose and totally thanks to being a “master” is also to apply the maximum amount as you can.

The ability to make this trip easier by following some suggestions. It is about this guide: it allows us to help you become king of the island by providing useful tips and tricks about the free sanctuary.

Do not do cosmetics but do not do the letters

The things of cosmetics such as T-shirts, pants, and hats are the same: cosmetic They do not give your character any benefit in terms of gameplay. Yes, they will cool your character, but this is not often an MMORPG and your competitors will not appreciate your organization: they are just there to kill you.

Since the cosmetic items area hoverbikes in exchange for diamonds, the in-game currency you can buy from real money, and do not provide any real benefit, make them easy with them.

On the other hand, the characters are different. They provide a benefit. There are 8 characters in the free fire and you get two letters for free, Adam and Eve are “unlocked” from the beginning. However, they do not need any “statistics” and do not give any blessing. They are free to play Hero.

Other short stories provide the following benefits:-

  • Nikita – 4% faster submachine reload
  • Misha – 2% faster-driving speed
  • Ford – four-dimensional lower injury while out of the safe area
  • Andrew – 2% less vest durability loss
  • Kelly – 1% increased sprint speed
  • Olivia – revives all the other players with +6 more HP
  • You can unlock these heroes with in-game currencies, diamonds (real money), or dollars.
  • Meesha can only be purchased from diamonds.


Note that as long as you keep your character flat, these stats keep growing. For example, the character known as Andrew starts with 2% less durability loss. It is possible to increase this value by 10% by placing your hero level up and completing in-game achievements.

In this scenario, Ford is an excellent protagonist for an advanced end-game strategy that requires clever use and knowledge of safe field boundaries. For more on this, read the Advanced Strategy Guide.

It becomes red for a reason

You should notice that your location is periodically turning red for a few seconds. Well, there is a reason for this: It means that there is an enemy in your fronts and if you pull the trigger when the lights are red, you kill it.

It applies to each objective mode (which you activate by pressing the appropriate mouse button) and the regular model. When your places start red, then drag the trigger – this is a visual clue that can kill the enemy.

It does not guarantee that you can just score, for example, a headshot, but it guarantees that you will harm your opponent. If you are having to troubleshoot your enemies, then look for this Visual clue.

Full Throttle

Whether the vehicle sector units are good for moving forward at a faster pace, you are avoiding a fire fighting or trying to succeed at the selected location, use the vehicle. However, use of vehicles should be used only during this time, because there is a dynamic vehicle that you are really putting a target point on your own vehicle and it tells everyone where you are and when you will move forward.

In asking for begging, when everyone is fighting against each other, your opponent will not inspect any rising target. However, when a few players are left, using the vehicle is a very bad idea because it will attract attention easily.

Other Tips:

  • Don still does not stand
  • Compete is not the answer to everything.

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Finally, you get free diamonds using Ceton.live/ff/

I hope you get free diamonds using this trick. Begin to buy some gun skins to upgrade yourself in the Free Fire Battleground game.

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