How to Find Archived Photos on Instagram?

find archived photos on instagram

How to find archived photos on Instagram, Instagram is an exceptional social media platform that lets you upload a number of photos. A lot of people actually like it, say, Facebook or Snapchat because it is quite easy.

There are a lot of people on Instagram and this is a fun way to connect with close friends and loved ones. Some have now introduced themselves for this while some have been on this for a long time. So it is clear that those people who have been using Instagram for a long time may have uploaded some pictures with curiosity.

Well, we are all curious and have not liked our deleted Facebook post. So it has been given that people have uploaded some of their photos which may now look embarrassing. right?

Instagram gives you the option of delete with some things called ‘archive’. On Whatsapp, archiving a chat means that you do not talk much to that person. Even on Instagram, you store a picture which you do not want to see people due to obvious reasons.

What if you want to access those stored photos? With so many updates and enhancements, is it still possible to bring those embarrassing memories out? correct! It is possible. And this tutorial will show you how to unplug the Instagram posts so that it will be visible to your followers again.

How to Find Archived Photos on Instagram

  • Unlock your device and launch the Instagram application.
  • Visit your profile by tapping on your profile picture.

find archived photos on instagram

  • Tap the hamburger icon for more options. Click Archive.

find archived photos on instagram

  • You must select the postal archives or stories collection. There are posts in the post archives that have been archived and Story archives are stories that have been archived.

find archived photos on instagram

  • You can select any stored post.
  • Tap on the desired post and select vertical dots.
  • Select the first option on the profile.

You can now see your archived post in your profile.

How can I get the Tik Tok Followers Free?

tik tok followers free

How does the TikTok Followers Free generator work? How to get Tik Tok Followers Free and fans without a download app or survey? How to add 100,000 Ticket followers, fans and likes immediately? If you want to know, read this post till the last one.

What is TikTok?

Are you fond of music Do you want to be a famous artist? Do you love sharing your music and videos with your friends and a wide range of users around the world? If you answered “yes” to one or all of these questions, then TikTok is the right app for you. It’s nothing other than an app that you can download on your smartphone, laptop or any other device.

You can then start sharing your music and videos (maximum one minute time) online for all users of the app. When a lot of people follow the music or video you’ve created, the number of your fans and followers increases, and it makes you quite famous.

You should be famous for using our Ticket followers free and fan tools …

Due to the popularity you get on this app, you can get a holiday to perform live on a single stage in front of thousands of people. This is the power of the TikTok music app. One of the best aspects of this app is that it is purely dedicated to music and video.

This is the perfect answer for amateurs of music, who want to gain popularity quickly and become the most liked Tuckock Rock Star in the world. Within a few minutes, you can share your stamp content with hundreds of followers around the world; Currently, the app is compatible with Android and iOS systems.

How can I get Tik Tok Followers Free?

What do you do when you usually share the music or video you’ve created? You will not share it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. How often do you think the number of viewers on these channels is not up to the required level?

How many times have you felt frustrated with the number of Followers, Fans, Likes, and Comments on your music songs? Quite often, is not it? We are here to overcome your concern. With us, you can use the TikTok tool for free (yes, you read it right!) And you can get thousands of TikTok followers within minutes.

There will be an absolute and unprecedented difference between the number of other social media sites and the number of followers for the same video with us. Why? We have a site that is completely dedicated to music lovers like you; Therefore, we help you connect with followers around the world.

Now, you can create a video while performing your singing, dancing, lip-syncing or any other skill, mix it with the video of your choice, edit the sounds in a suitable way and within seconds it Can share on your TikTok app. When you share the video, you will be surprised to see 100,000 followers of TikTok immediately.

You do not have to pay anything or download any software to get thousands of followers. All you have to do is go to our site, set a login ID and password for yourself, click on the number of followers you target and click on “Receive Followers”. Following is a simple 1-minute verification step after which you can share the video and enjoy as many followers as you want.

Does this tool really work?

Yes, we have a real working tool, with the help of which helps its users get many Ticket Followers according to their liking. We do not manipulate numbers and all our users are authorized. You can be assured that you will not get any spammers or illegal accounts in the form of your followers.

Yes, our tool works because we keep updating our tool on a weekly basis so that you get the maximum number of followers according to your goal. Our background work is always in progress and we work hard to ensure that you get thousands of real Tactoko followers for free.

tik tok followers free

The algorithms we use are the best in the classroom and are designed in Unicode and PHP in this way so that a large number of followers can be generated for our users in the fastest possible way. While there are some similar tools in the market, we can confidently say that according to our own convenience, our best, safest and legal site is to use the ticket tool.

We know that this is an era of cyber fraud. Therefore, we take great care in protecting the details of our users. All transactions are done with the use of a proxy server on a web-based private platform. These proxy servers are all 100% secure; Therefore, you can be sure that your details will be kept confidential in our database.

Since it is very easy and user-friendly to use our tool, you will find that sharing videos/music and getting free Tic Token followers (thousands of them within seconds!) Is actually a breeze.

No Software or App Downloads

One of the best things about our TikTok app is that you do not have to download any software application or any other app to use it. Most of the other social media tools have their app on different operating systems. While downloading them, you are at risk of virus attacks or malicious software that can cause widespread damage to your device.

There is no such risk involved with this TikTok tool. You can easily access the tool on our site without having to pay a single penny or make a payment. This way, you can save a lot of time because you can start using the tools directly from our site, without waiting for it to be downloaded to your device.

Here are some notable features of our Tik Tok Device:

  • No software download
  • Absolutely free
  • Thanks for 100% secure, private proxy server
  • Real followers; No spammers or illegal users permit
  • It is very easy and user-friendly; All services are done quickly on web-based platforms.
  • High-performance algorithms are used to give maximum results
  • Weekly updates are made on the site to deliver a better user experience
  • The very simple 1-minute verification process
  • Thousands of real free TikTok followers within seconds (this can also get 100,000 followers in a day)
  • Compatible with many types of video modes and editing
  • The number of Followers and Fans increases compared to other social media sharing sites.
  • 100% focused on providing user satisfaction
  • The immediate popularity of music enthusiasts

Why are people using our tool only?

We have a real tool that aims to get you as many free TikTok followers as you would like within a very quick time. With us, you can rest assured that your data is taken care of because our work is done on the back-end of the proxy server. Your account is personal and all users of our account are genuine.

tik tok followers free

We do not only create spammers or illegal accounts to show numbers. We believe in quality more than quantity. Our first choice should be to use the TikTok tool for the following reasons:

  • User-friendly and easy-to-use tools
  • Fast and updated algorithms to get as many real followers as you like within seconds
  • Compatibility with a wide range of video, music, and editing
  • No malicious downloads and no charge
  • Guarantee of data security
  • Only genuine humans are allowed as users, thanks to a hardworking verification process #
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android systems

Follow these steps to get Tik Tok Followers Free

Yes, our site is designed in such a way that you are able to use the tool in a quick and efficient manner. However, to complete this process and to get the desired number of TikTok followers, you should follow the steps given here:

  • Select your TikTok username, which you will use for future reference in our tool
  • Choose the number of people you want (10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 50,000, 100,000 etc.)
  • You can select “Get Followers and Fans” to proceed with the next step.
  • A lot of background processing goes to our tool, so we would like to verify that you are a real human and do not leave our robot a tool. This is called the human verification step and you have to click the “Verify now” button to get the process done.
  • After the simple human verification process is complete, you will see that your Ticket Account is up-to-date with many followers and fans as you wanted and increased your popularity within seconds.

So, go ahead and enjoy your 100,000 Tik Tok Followers Free .. !!

In essence, it can be summarized that our site is the best place for you to travel when it comes to using the free Tic torque tool and receives thousands of followers within seconds. We do not charge anything from you, and we do not ask you to download any application to use this tool.

Our details are kept very confidential with us because our operations are done on the proxy server. We have a dedicated team to work on the performance of algorithms and make a weekly update for our system, so that you can get as many free TCToQ followers as you like, registering your username with us and completing our verification process. Within a few seconds.

Tik Tok Followers Free: Final Words

At the time of verification, we check whether all our users are genuine humans; Therefore, you can be assured about the authenticity of your fans and followers. We do not encourage spamming and offensive content on our site. Therefore, all our users are very professional.

We are now friendly to use on iOS and Android devices. Our site is very user-friendly and easy to understand. We work with the sole purpose of providing 100% satisfaction for our users. Therefore, we have a name that you can talk about using the free Ticket Tool Generator.

Update – This is the end of the road for musically. This video/music app that developed for more than 150 million active users since its launch on July 24, 2014. According to Thursday (August 2, 2018), the app is no longer available.

All the musically users will be migrated to TikTok, which is a similar short-form video-sharing app from Chinese Internet giant Byaidans. Do you know that TikTok has 500+ million active monthly users worldwide? You will gain more popularity with our free tools.

How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp: Android & iOS Devices

dark mode on whatsapp

Dark mode on Whatsapp is expected to improve users’ experience and reduce the consumption of phone batteries, especially the ambient AMOLED display, Dark Mode on WhatsApp ​​is a feature that has been in discussion for nearly a year.

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How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Android & iOS

There are some unofficial UI leaks in the new Dark ‘Battery Saving’ mode, but the official launch of one of the most sought after features has not yet been revealed. Nearly every major application such as Gmail, Google Chrome, and even Facebook’s Messenger now has a dark mode, and we can not wait to convert WhatsApp from default green to a dark color.

dark mode on whatsapp

However, if you are in a hurry and can not wait for the official roll-out of Dark Mode, then there is a workaround that will allow you to easily switch the Messenger app’s color. If you are an Android user, then you need to run Android Q beta on your device. On the other hand, iOS users should be on iOS 11

Dark Mode on WhatsApp for Android

Android users need to run the latest beta version of Android Q or Android 10. Android Q comes with a native dark mode. Go to Settings-Display and enable dark theme on Android Q and then tap on a theme and select “Dark”.

Now, to apply the “dark” theme to all apps, you have to enable ‘developer options’. In Settings, go to the “About Phone” tab and then tap “Build number” seven times. You have to go back to the main settings page and choose “Developer Options”. Once in the developer options, switch to “Override Force-Dark” to apply a dark theme to all apps. In the What’s up, the dark mode will now apply to the whole UI except the Chat page. You can easily darken the chat area by setting-chat-wallpaper. Now choose a solid dark color from the list.

However, the Android Q is currently in beta and is not available for everyone. If your phone supports Android 10 beta, then you have to opt-in for updates.

Dark Mode on WhatsApp for iOS

iOS users have two ways to implement the dark mode, although one method requires you to jailbreak the device so we will cover the simplest method. iOS 11 introduced a “Smart Invert” feature that reverses the colors of the iPhone’s display. Like Android, the chat page does not change and therefore here you will also need to apply a dark image as wallpaper.

Libra Facebook Coin: All of you Should be Explained

libra facebook coin

By allowing Facebook to collide with its own coin, Libra, it will turn into history’s biggest anti-anti-trust case. This 20th-century early Morgans or Rockefellers would seem to be absolutely competitive.

Even before disclosing its vision for a global cryptocurrency this month, Facebook was already a monopoly in the social media and was part of monopoly in its main markets. Together with Google, it controls 82% of the digital advertising market.

In the past, Facebook has bought any company that threatened it, e.g. Instagram and Whatsapp And, when it smashes a company that does not sell itself or is difficult to buy, it uses the “hug, increase and extinguish” technique.

Facebook saw Snap Ink (the creator of Snapchat) a small part of his franchise, so it adopted the snap’s best features and integrated them into your app. Now, Facebook is hoping to quench the snap as a contestant. Compare the stock performance of Snap and Facebook, and you will probably bet on Facebook.

But this is not just Facebook’s business practices which are a matter of concern.

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Libra Facebook Coin

Neither Facebook nor Google charges a fee for its consumer products, keeping in mind the fact that consumer tracking is included in all, their actual product. In many cases, their data could be better than KGB or CIA 20 years ago. And their data is definitely very cheap because it has been provided voluntarily and easily accessible.

libra facebook coin

We would not want our government agencies to get such power, nor do we want it to be in the hands of corporations.

Facebook and Google have already shown their political muscles. With their monopoly on digital marketing advertising, these companies have changed the nature of the news. Only some news sites, such as the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, can oppose their gravitational pull and can still attract customers with direct advertisers.

Most other publications should use Google ads, which provide less revenue to the outlets, slice and dice their readers, and compel newspapers to write clickbait. Advertisers of advertisements are well placed because of the mountain of information that they can be invested in their algorithms. The same is true for news content seen on Facebook.

Now, with the Libra project, Facebook wants to accelerate its monopoly power by reaching unique information about our consumer purchase habits. If you are allowed to move forward with Libra, then a company that knows every mood and virtually controls the news you see, the deepest insights will be reached in your spending patterns.

Privacy Threat

Of course, Facebook will talk about privacy controls and its concern for the consumer seriously, yet it will find out for a way to sell the data or the other the data it will buy.

In addition, Facebook constantly fuels the richness of social media data, even anonymous data can be reconfigured to distribute specific personal-related information and preferences. Facebook, along with its other monopolist-seekers, such as eBay, Uber, and MasterCard, all say that they do not do this.

libra facebook coin

Obviously, there are zero reasons to believe in such promises. Their culture is strictly based on brand concerns and access to personal data. In addition, the hacks of social media have become so common that we are influenced by them.

Consumers can benefit from the digital payment system without the permission of Facebook to gain more power. In the financial services sector, my institute, Signature Bank, was the first to start 24/7 block-enabled payment system. As one would expect, others like JP Morgan, are trying to follow the suit and there will be no doubt at some point.

Banks and financial institutions are limited to their reach, and information, and the transmission of good reason. If Facebook establishes Libra on the other hand, then no other competitor will have equal access to its data, and therefore, a chance in the consumer payment market.

This way, Libra is with Facebook’s monopolist business style.

Apart from this, the monopoly of information will be with Facebook, which the Chinese government has, but it requires a Great Firewall to execute it. The monopolist forces will produce the same results through different means.

Call to Action

Action is needed not only for the welfare of consumers but for the betterment of the country, to prevent Libra and break Big Tech.

The first step is to force Facebook to split Instagrams, whitespace, Instagram, and chain space and block it, blockchain startup rented it earlier this year.

libra facebook coin

Facebook should not be compulsory to offer a parallel, ad-free, “any collection of information” site supported by a fee-based subscription. Over time, it will provide some transparency, as is currently the value of consumer information being given to Facebook.

Google should be forced to split or spin YouTube, double click and other advertising institutions, cloud services and Android. Amazon also needs a radical breakup because it creates systemic risks for the transparent market. (Alexa is a prime example of personal data gathering on the lifestyle and personal habits of Amazon users.)

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Libra Facebook Coin: Final Words

After the 2020 elections, these behemoths cannot wait for breaks. Such action should be done on a bipartisan basis as soon as possible.

Even after being snatched, due to privacy concerns, Facebook should remain separate from commerce. The Congress, which has heard the Libra for the next month, is right to intervene.

How To Download Video & Gif from Twitter

Why should I try, I need it; I want a video from Twitter which I like, how can I get it? Twitter is one of the best social media out there to track the latest tweets of various publications and now you have got a video in which you are interested and it seems that you like it and now you can call it your phone Want to be inside, from the beat We show you the best way to download Twitter videos directly on your smartphone.

They are a different way in which you can download a video in any way, just like you can use the online twitter downloader or twitter video and GIF downloader Android app.

But know that we will put you here how you can download any Twitter video. You can save videos to Twitter from your PC or smartphone.

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5 Best Methods Download Video & Gif from Twitter:

  • TWdown
  • TWSaver
  • TwitterVideoDownloader
  • Twdownload
  • VideoDuke Downloader for Mac

This online Twitter video downloader for desktop and mobile offers Ultra-High Definition (UHD), High Definition (HD), Low Quality (SD) (MP4). Some of which support GIF downloads directly on a smartphone or computer.

To be able to download any Twitter video from the URL or to download videos from Twitter, a link to special tweets is required. As we have written, how do you download any Facebook video and “How do you download YouTube videos in simple steps?

How can I save Videos from Twitter without the program?

Here you have to find out how to download videos directly to your smartphone or personal computer from Twitter.

1. How to Download Twitter Video with TWDown

gif from twitter

  • Go to the video on Open Twitter that you want to download
  • Copy the link to your Twitter video, click on [three dots (…), and click on “copy of tweet”. ]
  • If you are using a web browser, click on the tweet, and copy the URL from the address bar of the browser.
  • Visit website
  • Paste the Twitter video link into the input box, then click Download.
  • Select your favorite video quality from the list and click on download (or right-click as save …).

2. How to Download Twitter Video with TWSaver

gif from twitter

  • First, go to your Twitter
  • Then, go to that specific page on Twitter that contains the video you want.
  • Right-click on the video and copy video link, click on [three dots (…), and click “Copy Link to Tweet”.
  • If you are using a web browser, click on the tweet, and copy the URL from the address bar of the browser.
  • Visit and paste the link in the form and press the download button, the site will automatically create 3 buttons with all the available video quality (UHD-HD-SD).
  • Choose the quality of your favorite video and download it.

3. How to Download Twitter Video with Twitter Video Downloader

gif from twitter

  • Open Twitter, go to the tweet that contains the twitter video.
  • Copy the URL of the tweet in which you want to download the video, click on [three points (…), and click on “Copy Tweet”. ]
  • If you are using a web browser, click on the tweet, and copy the URL from the address bar of the browser.
  • Visit
  • Paste the link in the input URL box above, and click the “Download” button.

4. How to Download Twitter Video with Twdownload

gif from twitter

  • Go to the video on Open Twitter that you want to lower
  • Copy the link to your Twitter video, click on [three dots (…), and click on “copy of tweet”. ]
  • If you are using a web browser, click on the tweet, and copy the URL from the address bar of the browser.
  • Visit the website
  • Paste the Twitter video link into the input box, then click Download.
  • Choose your favorite video quality from the list and click on download.

You can also download GIF and Twitter videos by downloading the Video and GIF Downloader for Twitter from the Google Play Store. All steps are in the same format, copy the link and click on the download.

5. How to Download Video with VideoDuke Downloader

gif from twitter

The video is a new app for downloading video with the URL Duke by Elitima software, Mac at hand only.

It can download video files from various websites from YouTube to user’s hard drive, from YouTube to Vimeo and Dailymotion, and even from social networks like twitter and facebook. The app also offers downloading streaming video that is embedded via HTML5 and is streamed on RMMP.

VideoDuke requires MacOS 10.10 or higher. The demo version is available for download.

  • Download VideoDuke for Mac
  • Copy or search any video you download (the app has an embedded browser)
  • Select video quality
  • And click on download to save your video.

And now you can save Twitter videos and GIF directly into your personal computer or mobile phone because you will not get any of them and any Twitter video will never have a download button.

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Video & Gif from Twitter: Final Words

The way we share your tips with you, we are grateful to you that you are reading our article. If you like this article, do not share it with your friends, we would be most grateful.

And do not forget to subscribe to get our latest updates. Follow us on Twitter @ jaivats31 to catch our latest tweet.

How to Find out Who Viewed Facebook Profile

who viewed facebook profile

Who Viewed Facebook Profile: Perhaps you thought who saw my Facebook profile? I know that you have given it a lot of time Unfortunately, you will not find any traditional methods to get one-page guests’ data on Facebook.

But do not be afraid! I found many informal ways to determine who saw your Facebook profile. You do not mind your doing this. I am going to introduce you to the whole process of understanding your profile guests on Facebook. Who recently saw my Facebook profile, find out how.

Ever wondered who sees my Facebook profile? If you have the same question in your heart, then you will give your answer here. Facebook is one of the hottest and popular social networking sites on the site, which most people in the US know. Even though we now have countless fake Facebook profiles, you should take care of your Facebook account.

who viewed facebook profile

Most people are curious to know who tested for Android, who saw my Facebook profile app, it’s natural. But we have seen many Facebook users cheating with third-party programs and sites. Such sites claim to show you a list of people who visited your Facebook page, but they grabbed your personal information instead.

You can check out who did not see my Facebook profile or friends. You can verify the source code of someone’s Facebook timeline and you can find some 2 to 0 priority number of 15 digits. The 15-digit number represents the page IDs of those who saw your account the most.

How to Find out Who Viewed Facebook Profile:

Because they can get very personal information, along with those applications, including Facebook login credentials. So far, Facebook limits its coverage so that no such information can be shared to anyone on Facebook originally.

There are high requirements about the search problem, how to view my Facebook profile on various search engines like Google, Facebook, and Bing. Therefore, various spammers and malicious application development firms use this technique to target customers to get their personal data.

As I’ve already noted, these third-party apps do not provide exact effects, and these programs usually post junk on the user’s Facebook wall. You can quickly stop these annoying application requirements.

Can you see your Facebook page?

Yes, you can! Although there is no established strategy, you are able to use it ‘Viewing Facebook Profile Chrome Extensions’. And, within my study, I learned a really simple way for him, in which there are no app downloads. I am unsure about its legitimacy, however. Are you challenging open to my Facebook profile? Then, you will tempt me with the solution within the next section.

Who is watching my Facebook page? How to eliminate the world’s hunger, opposed it? This is essentially the most frequently asked question of the last decade. After all, you go through the trouble of determining that whatever you feel is the biggest depiction of yourself, why would you not want to recognize it? Google has any kind of question given above, and you will get a lot of benefits. Many guides, several programs, and a bucketful of claims. In case you feel them? To understand who saw your Facebook account?

Method # 1 Using Google Chrome Extension

Using the Google Chrome extension is the easiest way to view my Facebook profile. To get started with this, follow the steps below.

  • First, visit the Social Profile Extensions page.

who viewed facebook profile

  • Click Add to Chrome to add this extension to your browser.
  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • Just click Add Extension.
  • Now go to and log in with the account to find out who did not see my Facebook profile.
  • Once you are on Facebook, just watch the timeline bar.
  • You will see that there is another option named “Visitor”.

Method # 2 Many times when you can see your Facebook profile

  • First, go to your Facebook profile timeline page –
  • Wait for the page to fully load
  • Right-click anywhere on the page and select “View the source of the page” and select it.
  • A new tab will open automatically with some source code
  • It will contain information about your profile. Hold CTRL + F to open the search box, and then copy it (without quotes) – “InitialChatFriendsList”.

who viewed facebook profile

  • You will be able to see the profile IDs of the people who viewed your Facebook profile.
  • These profile IDs belong to the person.
  • Just go to and paste the ID number from that page with a “\”. For example, if an ID is 8534, then you have to keep it as
  • The first ID shows what goes on the profile more often.

Method # 3 Social Fans IOS APP is Detected to Use My Face Profile

If you are an iOS user and looking for people who are looking for Facebook profiles, then this is the best app for iOS users. An app called Social Fan is available on the iTunes Store. This app will also tell you who recently saw your profile on Facebook.

You will find other social support systems that enable you to see who has seen your profile, usually LinkedIn and its “Who’s Scene Your Account” feature. Standard customers can go to a current list of those who are spying on you, with a few simple analyzes, while people paid can easily see people of approximately ninety days, as well as do more descriptive analysis. Are.

This is ideal for possible career awareness and company prospects. Many rumors on the web declare that Facebook privately exposes your recent guests within the initial source of the site’s source code, which is called PrintChurchFreedList. Although this variable does not actually support the ID of people who stop your report, it will give us an attractive look at how Facebook calculates your relationships with your friends.

Who Viewed Facebook Profile: Final Words

There are certainly lots of applications on the net that your stalker and profile visitors use. But when they say, the truth is bad and at present, your question is not the easiest answer, it’s just fiction.

Online applications only show you a random name that may enrich your chat list. And allowing random programs to use their interactions cannot be a good idea. Many Facebook applications are easily available in the market, which promises that their user can check who sees their Facebook profile.

However, most of them are fake and the use of these apps can be a threat to your Facebook profile. If you ever use an app that prompts your app to be employed, you can see who sees your Facebook profile, do not believe seriously.

5 Best Google Plus Alternative options to using Instead

google plus alternative

Google+ is no longer there. After several years of underdevelopment, the consumer version of Google+ is going down on April 2, 2019.

It leaves a loyal fan in search of a new home. Google+ may never be able to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but there were some great features that are not easily duplicated elsewhere.

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5 Best Google Plus Alternative options to using Instead:

1. MeWe

Is a Google+ community, which is called the Google+ Mass Migration. It has approximately 5,000 members, many of whom are leaders of the current big Google+ communities looking for a new home.

The most common suggestion is MeWe. This is a privacy-focused network. There are no ads, no user tracking, and no data mining.

google plus alternative

There are three types of groups: Private (invite required), Selective (necessary approval to join), and Open. Each group has a chat (which is often unmodded) that supports video and voice calls. MeWe also has Google+ features of its main edition such as Circle and Collection. It also allows you to follow the hashtag.

Specifically, we come closer to imitate Google’s integration with Google Drive and Google Photos in this list. All users get 8GB free cloud space; You can upgrade this up to 50GB for $ 4.99 / month.

MeWe’s MeWePRO service can tempt businesses that want to get away from Google+. It costs $ 75 per employee per year, although it is free for educational and non-profit organizations.

2. Diaspora

Like Mastodon, Diaspora is a decentralized network. It shares some similar features with outgoing Google+

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect is the tool. This is a new version of Google+ Circles that allows you to organize people into categories that they are. When you create content, you can choose to share with only one (or many) of your aspects.

google plus alternative

Also, like Google+, the network does not have a real name policy (Facebook, on the other hand, does). Both reshares and @reports are supported.

There is a lack of big negative side groups. You can use hashtags to view related content, but this is not a suitable replacement for those large Google+ communities who are looking for a new home.

In fact, many Google+ users have already made their decisions and have gone to the diaspora Indians. At the very least, it is worth checking whether your friends have jumped or not.

Diaspora has 650,000 users compared to 1.5 million on Mastodon.

3. Mastodon

Many Google+ users are eager to avoid the same fate that is seeing them a second time. Because even the most prominent social networks do not immune from extinction. For this evidence, you will not see anything other than the rise and fall of MySpace.

google plus alternative

A popular potential replacement for Google+, hence Mastodon. Unlike regular social networks, the mastodon is decentralized. Anyone can host their own server nodes in the network.

The decentralized format of the app also means that there is very little regulation. The servers can set their own moderation policies and terms of service. For Google+ users who want to be free from their corporate master, this is an attractive offer.

From one perspective, Mastodon is similar to Twitter. Actually, the network’s main interface looks suspiciously like TweetDeck. The microblogging approach is ideal for Google+ communities, who have been chatting for a lot of time rather than posting links or other content.

4. BuddyPress

BuddyPress is not like a traditional social network; You can not just sign up and cracking.

Instead, it is a WordPress plugin that provides groups and communities a way to create their own social networks. It is ideal for gamers, sports teams, colleagues or those who share the same hobbies to discuss and develop their hobbies.

google plus alternative

If you are the owner of a Google+ Community that is enabled with WordPress, then you will struggle to find a better home for your group.

Some of the best features of BuddyPress include customization profile fields, different content privacy settings and the ability to create a small micro group under single BuddyPress install.

BuddyPress also includes an endless endless list of third-party plugins for a private messaging feature and additional features.

5. Mind

The mind is probably the network that is most visually similar to Google+ in this list. If you want a replacement, where you feel comfortable immediately, it is checkable.

google plus alternative

Posts are shown in three columns with the content of those people and groups that you display in chronological order. The site also shares certain attributes of Reddit; There is an upvote and downvote button.

However, under-hood, minds and Google+ may not be different. The brain uses a blockchain, and users are paid in the mind token to create popular content. A token is Ethereum-based. You can trade it for rewards, buy advertising space or use it for P2P content subscription.

Remember, even though the mind is block-based, it is still a private company. It does not make any promises about your data and privacy, and it will immediately close some users.

What about Facebook?

Perhaps it should not be surprising to know that many Google+ users are in opposition to using Facebook as a Google+ option.

On its face, Facebook is a suitable replacement; It has groups, there are pages in it, and it has a unique size of userbase.

But still, this Facebook, and many Google+ users specifically chose outgoing network because it was not the universal social network of Mark Zuckerberg. Apart from this, most of the company’s decision was taken before the recent privacy practices of the company came into light. Many communities do not expect to come back to the clutches of Facebook.

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Google Plus Alternative: Final Words

The tragic truth for Google+ aficionados is that there is no ideal replacement. The five networks we have seen provide similar features, but they are not exactly the same.

Users are those who lead and define the environment of social networks. For any network to succeed as a replacement for Google+, it will need to attract the majority of the old user. It is very difficult – if not impossible – to get it. If you want to learn about more potential Google+ options, then you should see the best Facebook option and best Twitter options.

7 Best Apps Like WhatsApp for Android Users

app like whatsapp

You are in the right place to find out. So let’s take a look at some of the Best alternative App Like WhatsApp for Android devices.

With over a billion downloads from Google Play Store, WhatsAppSpace is definitely at the top of the hill, which stands around compared to any other instant messaging site. This app is popular among almost all smartphone users, especially as a result of its simple design and reliability.

However, for a long time, you should be bored at least once by using just one app for all your instant messages. Every one of us will definitely like to see more such useful applications with different new features.

By the way, Whatsapp is not the only instant messaging app in the field. Although Whatsapp continues to offer new features at every turn, there are many other messenger apps available with many other features.

So are you someone who just likes to check some instant messaging apps like Whatsapp? Then you are in the right place to find out. So let’s take a look at some of the best alternate apps for Android devices like WhatsApp.

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7 Best App Like WhatsApp for Android: 

  • Viber Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Hike Messenger
  • Skype
  • WeChat
  • Kik
  • LINE

1. Viber Messenger

app like whatsapp

Viber is an excellent instant messaging app for free messages and calls with a total of 800 million users worldwide.

Viber chats are just like the end of encrypted WhatsApp, so you no longer need to worry about privacy. This allows you to host chat groups with a maximum limit of 250 members. You can also enjoy free voice and video calls with your loved ones.

Viber is a perfect app for all those who love stickers. The app also has a secret chat without revealing your identity and it automatically removes your messages after a limited time.

Main Features:

  • Free call
  • Group chat
  • Stickers and Gifs
  • Dark mode

Download Viber Messenger

2. Telegram

app like whatsapp

Telegram is the best alternative app with WhitSpeed ​​for a total of 200 million active users worldwide. The app itself is a simple instant messaging app, as well as a large cloud network where you can share the media file without any limitation about its file type or size.

One of the most advanced features of the telegram is that one can host chat groups, which can house up to 200K members! And all messages sent and received through Telegram are stored in Telegram Cloud, unless you have saved the file on your device, the app does not consume much of your device’s storage space.

In terms of speed and safety, the app is no exception. It works basically in all of your synced devices. All telegram chats are encrypted and even you can secretly chat without identifying yourself. The app offers a huge range of stickers and gif collections ready to create an engaging chat session.

Using a telegram can only begin signing in using its mobile number. The app is free to use and is advertising-free.

Main Features:

  • Speed ​​and security
  • No file size limit
  • Groups chat with 200k members
  • Stickers, Gifs, bots and more

Download Telegram

3. Hike Messenger

app like whatsapp

Hike Messenger is an India based instant messaging app that focuses primarily on users who prefer to play with impressive stickers. The app has a huge collection of free and paid stickers.

Hike supports approximately 40+ languages ​​which makes it more regional than all other apps. As a result, there are more than 100 million active users in the hike.

There is an added hidden mode that helps keep your chats safe by using passwords when needed. You can create chat groups, in which a total of 1,000 members can keep. The app allows you to create a variety of themes along with random selection and games.

Main Features:

  • Chat using stickers
  • 40+ languages
  • Hidden Mode
  • Various topics

Download Hike Messenger

4. Skype

app like whatsapp

You can already be familiar with Skype as a famous app for video calling. For your information, Skype is not only a video calling app, but an app that offers instant messaging, voice calls and even SMS services.

There are a total of 10 million + downloads through the Google Play Store app. Skype is ready to create an environment for users to connect with all their friends and families.

Users can also create chat groups to connect with people of similar interest under a single roof. The app also allows enjoying video calls with 1 to 24 Skype users.

Main Features:

  • Quality Video Call
  • Free SMS Reply
  • Quick Chat
  • Voice Call

Download Skype

5. WeChat

app like whatsapp

WeChat is not just an instant messaging app, it’s like a social network, which includes a variety of features. The app has a total of 1 billion active users worldwide.

Anyone can post photos and videos, play games, read the news, and even use this single app to pay money using VChat Pay. The app also provides information about mini-programs going around the user and there is also some fair number of third-party services.

Users can create chat groups with up to 500 members to share messages and files with each other. The extra feature of the sticker helps users fill the chat with some fun.

Main Features:

  • Free voice and video calls
  • Post photos and videos
  • WeChat Salary
  • Stickers, games and more

Download WeChat

6. Kik

app like whatsapp

Kick is an instant messaging app that lets you meet new random people from around the world. Unlike all other applications, your phone number is not required to successfully log in to the kick. Users will be given a specific kick username which remains in the form of identity.

It allows its users to find new friends and find and chat with the group. Users can find a new world of people with similar interests and kick lets you connect with each other very easily.

Users can share media files, games, gifs and even more on kick-messenger.

Main Features:

  • No Phone Number Required
  • Instant Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Search People

Download Kik


app like whatsapp

The line is a popular instant messenger which is widely used in 52 different countries. The line keeps its users engaged with all members or friends of their family.

The app supports free voice and video calls. Users can create chat groups with up to 200 members. The line also has some social networking features that allow users to post and share updates on their friends’ time.

Can synchronize between all your devices with a single line account, which allows the user to access the account effectively from any device.

Main Features:

  • Free voice and video calls
  • Share post on timeline
  • Auto-sync with all devices
  • Official account

Download LINE

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Final Words

So these were ours for Best Instant Messaging Apps, similar to Whatsapp. As you’ve seen, each of these apps has some unique features. Be sure to check them all. Hope you liked this content, comment down your favorite IM app below and make sure to share it with your friends too.