How to Play PSP Games on Android

how play psp games android

Today we will tell you How to Play PSP Games on Android. PSP is a portable gaming device that lets users play games like a regular PlayStation.

And there are so many games that are really amazing and thrilling to play on PSP. But have you ever thought that there is a method to play those PSP games on Android devices? If so, the answer is yes.

Many of you may already know about this, but for those who are unaware, this article is for you. Here we are going to tell you how you can play those high-end graphics PSP games on your Android device using only one app. Watch without further ado.

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How to Play PSP Games on Android

1. To play any PSP game on Android, you just have to download a PSP emulator, PPSSPP which is available for free on the Play play psp games android

Download PPSSPP – PSP emulator

2. You will need the ISO, CSO files of PSP games that you want to play. Here we have an ISO file for Assassins Creed: Bloodthirsty which we are going to use. You can use any ISO file that can be on your system or any PSP card.

If not, you can download it online, there are various websites that will allow you to download PSP ISO files. Once you receive the ISO file, copy it to your Android device if not. And remember that if this is a compressed zip file, then open it.

how play psp games android

3. After you have copied the file to a known folder or place, open the PPSSPP application and tap on games. This will open the file manager on this app. Now navigate to the folder that you have saved in the ISO file.

how play psp games android

4. Select the ISO file you copied and remember that it should be unzipped. This will show an icon for the game if the file is properly unzipped, as shown in the screenshot below.

how play psp games android

5. After selecting it you will start the game and you can play using the onscreen buttons if you wish.

how play psp games android

how play psp games android

Once you play a game, it will start showing in the recent tab so that it is easy for you to access it and you do not have to browse through folders every time.

how play psp games android

The game and its speed will depend on your device’s storage and hardware. Improves better device specifications, better gameplay.

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How to Play PSP Games on Android: Final Words

As you can see in the screenshots given above, the game is working and the emulator works great too. Now, enjoy playing PSP games for free with only one app and ISO file on your Android device.

You can also change the settings of PPSSPP emulator to adjust the graphics and some other settings can be used to play games without any interval. PPSSPP emulator is also available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and some other platforms. Is not it amazing?

10 Best Android Games Like Clash of Clans

best android games like clash of clans

In this post, we have prepared a list of 10 Best Android Games Like Clash of Clans for you. These games contain elements like Coc.

Clash of Clans is a kind of video game that has a freemium mobile strategy. This game was developed by the Finnish game developer Supercell.

The game was released in 2012. The game is set in a fantasy-themed persistent world where the player is the head of the village. COC works to build its city by using resources received from attacking other players through game fighting facilities.

Clash of Clans was released for positive reviews to get high ratings from many critics. The game got very popularity and gradually everyone was playing it.

Its gameplay is super fun and inspires you for it. It still remains one of the most popular games. It is simple enough to understand the basis, create a state and defend against other opponents and attack others for looting.

But the annoying thing about the Clash of Clans is that sometimes you have to wait to get things to do. Or maybe you’re bored of it and still want to play a state builder game with a PvP element. Then you just need a replacement. And that’s why we have prepared the right list for you. These games are easy to play and fun and are free to download.

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10 Best Android Games like Clash of Clans:

  • Clash Royale
  • Boom beach
  • Sky Clash: Lord’s Clans 3D
  • Vikings: Clans of War
  • Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game
  • Clash of Lords: Guild Castle
  • Royale clans: Clash of Wars
  • Total Conquest
  • Clash of King: Wonder Falls
  • Lord’s Mobile: Battle of the Empire

1. Clash Royale

Clash Royale itself is a game of the creators of the Clash of Clans, which means that you will have the same experience to ensure! This is a real-time multiplayer game with royals, your favorite clash character and more. Collect dozens of cards and upgrade. As a clan to share cards and build your very own war community.

The gameplay is clever and simple to learn and play. In real-time, with duel players from around the world play and take their trophies! Even you can learn various war strategies by watching the best couple on TV Royale. This is the best replacement game for the COC, and of course, you will never let it back.

best android games like clash of clans

Main Features:

  • Learn different war tactics.
  • Progress through multiple arenas
  • The form of a clan
  • Build and upgrade your card collection
  • Duel players around the world.

Download Clash Royale

2. Boom Beach

This game is another of COC’s parent company by supercell. The surface of the game Boom Beach is basically similar to clash of clans, but with a tropical island theme rather than the Norse Kingdom. The gameplay of Boom Beach is deeper and more satisfying than the Clash of Clans.

Combating the game gives you more control and better strategic ability, so you feel that you have actually earned your victory. Fight with the evil Blackguard and fight with the brain in this epic combat strategy game. Attack the enemy’s bases to attack enemy targets and open the secrets of this tropical paradise. Scout, plan before the boom.

best android games like clash of clans

Main Features:

  • Play with millions of other players.
  • Battle of Control
  • Join other players.
  • Face Fear Blackgold Boss
  • Explore and discover new levels.

Download Boom Beach

3. Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D

Build your empire now in the clouds! Sky Conflict is an epic massive multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) with stunning 3D scenes. Build your empire on Floating Island and protect the sky towers in an online PvP strategy game.

Fight your enemies online in this free multiplayer online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) game online. Or you can team up with your colleagues to fire other defenders and see their castle burning. Use different strategies and strategies to survive in this epic game. This is a unique PvP and PvE War game and you are sure that it will be great to play.

best android games like clash of clans

Main Features:

  • Enjoy superb 3D high-quality graphics.
  • War Against Syndicate Return
  • Create an alliance.
  • Lead your army.
  • Set your base.

Download Sky Clash

4. Vikings: Clans of War

Ever dreamed of becoming a Viking? Here’s your chance to be one here now! Welcome to the world of Vikings, where freedom, power, fear, and violence are the highest! Become a leader of a large army, take your army towards victory and prove that you are the most powerful winner in one million players.

Play the role of a wise and courageous jar, respect and fear towards everyone. Build magnificent buildings, take part in campaigns and train your warriors. Fantastic graphics, compelling story and ruthless battles, from the moment you start playing this game, you will be shocked.

best android games like clash of clans

Main Features:

  • Stunning graphics
  • Many detachment classes
  • Multiple Language Options
  • Weapons and Gear Crafting
  • Become a leader.

Download Vikings

5. Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game

The zombies have attacked your empire, what will you do to save it? The struggle of the zombies is a popular strategy online war game, there are thousands of mutant zombies that will destroy your defense and the crowd of enemies that will attack your castle in every way.

There is only one empire left in the world, which is considered as the only hope of mankind. It’s your time to join the war, create a team of superheroes to save the empire and the whole world. Now before the war begins, the corpse has become much stronger and dazzling than before! Build your empire and become the king of the last day today!

best android games like clash of clans

Main Features:

  • Constant battle and challenge
  • Complex search and map system.
  • Real-time control
  • Become an ethnic partner.
  • Recruit hero heroes.

Download Clash of Zombies

6. Clash of Lords: Guilds Castle

Are you ready to step in the pit and fight someone? So here is your chance to enter the world of war and fight against the fearsome powers. Control the action and become the largest chieftain in all lands. To survive in this game you will need willpower, intelligence and a lot of strength.

This style is a strategy game with fun and innovative twists. You can recruit more than 50 Heroes and their belongings, build and defend a base and fight with your friends on PvE and PvP mode. Get ready for the clash now!

best android games like clash of clans

Main Features:

  • You control the action!
  • Pair heroes and soldiers.
  • 10 PvE and PvP mode.
  • Fight with your friends.
  • free to play!

Download Clash of Lords

7. Royal Clans: Clash of wars

If you are a fan of strategy games then you are in luck. It’s time for epic battles and desperate couples. Discover and craft many cards behind each, which are the creatures of the Royale Kalles-Clash of War World. Go around your soldiers and defeat your enemy in the duel and destroy the defensive towers.

As a token for your victory, you will get a king’s crown and also win in the arena. It has a dynamic real-time PvP counter like CoC. You can also challenge hundreds of players who are always ready to fight for the glory of Taj. The game’s exciting gameplay and original graphics take you to the atmospheric spectacular battles.

best android games like clash of clans

Main Features:

  • Cool online fight.
  • A lot of strategic options and collectibles!
  • Exciting gameplay and original graphics.
  • Create an invincible army.
  • Survive in different arenas and reach the top.

Download Royal Clans

8. Total Conquest

Listen to the call for the fight and join the online giants of the fight to control the Roman Empire. Total victory is an exciting strategic game where you will play the role of the Roman governor who develops your city-state and army.

You will need to join a powerful army to defeat your enemies and protect your kingdom. If you are a freelance strategy social game lovers or anyone who enjoys online battles, then there is a chance to enter the battle and get ready for the war!

best android games like clash of clans

Main Features:

  • 10 different unit types.
  • Take on a challenging solo campaign.
  • Fighters from around the world.
  • Build and manage your own unique city-state.
  • Protect your city.

Download Total Conquest

9. Clash of Kings: Wonder Falls

Download King’s struggle to experience the fantasy world of Coke Medieval War action in this epic war game. Build a castle to win an empire with states of war, wage war, fighting the armies and with a real-time strategy in this multiplayer online RPG.

Fight against other Lords and Wage wars, make a battle for control of the kingdom and shield your stronghold against any attack, with the up-gradation of your fortress, castle, dragon, and army barracks. This game will give you the thrill of a powerful strategy game and will ensure that you are never bored again.

best android games like clash of clans

Main Features:

  • fight fight.
  • Fight against a rival castle, castle or kingdom.
  • Play strategic MMO real-time battle strategy.
  • Fight and triumph over kingdoms.

Download Clash of Kings

10. Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empire

The world has changed after the death of the emperor first. The land is divided into confrontational states, many declare themselves the true successor of the throne. Explore the lavish magical land of Lords Mobile, which is thrown into wars and chaos scared of monsters, powerful warlords and cunning enemies.

By ever making the biggest castle empire, by getting your chance to restore the balance of power in this RPG victory game! Beat your enemies and expand your territory. Fight your way through epic battles and become the ultimate war. Your empire is waiting!

best android games like clash of clans

Main Features:

  • Join millions of players in an open world.
  • Unite your colleagues in your state.
  • Claim on Throne.
  • Master Your Strategy
  • Establish your empire on the new land.

Download Lords Mobile

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Final Words

These were our top pick for Clash of Clans like Best Android Games for you. These games repeat the elements of CoC very well and give you unlimited hours of hours and hours. Download them from the Play Store for free! Once you do this, you will completely forget about the Clash of Clans.

These games are amazing and give Clash of Clans a run for its money. Choose one that suits your taste thoroughly and starts playing for maximum fun and enjoyment.

10 Best Survival Games for Android Users

best survival games for android

Today we have brought you 10 Best Survival Games for Android that will make you live like James Bond or Kill Bill. When it comes to daily existence, it is 50-50 in the real world.

We can not always start, which keeps us looking forward to the next day. Games have to go to daily distractions to remove our attention. Be angry birds to get out of anger or asphalt 9 for the super-fast ride, there are games in Android which fulfill all our needs.

One such style is a survival game, which has recently been popular, thanks to PUBG. If you can not kill your boss, then you have the option to kill 99 people in the game and wreak havoc with calling one day or with a unique collection of weapons. Therefore, switch to the living mode and portray the ruthless killer while playing these games.

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10 Best Survival Games for Android Users:

  • PUBG Mobile
  • Last Day on Earth
  • Hopless land
  • Last Shelter
  • ARK
  • Survival Island
  • Day R Survival
  • Stormfall

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile does not require any introduction. It is also known as PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS, it is the most popular survival game, which plays three million people daily. After dismissing the PC, Tencent launched PUBG for mobile in 2018, which currently has more than 200 million downloads.

Often as the Royal Royal, this game actually looks royal as a great gamut of great graphics, maps, and versatility. Other features include voice chat, anti-cheat mechanisms for a fair game, and the ability to team up with their friends and incorporate their rivals. To speed up the game and defeat your enemies, you can command various vehicles like truck, bike, and car.

Maps are constantly added and updated for an adventurous experience. If your device does not support the need for graphics PUBG, Tencent Games roll out PUBG Lite which supports all phones. Keep in mind, to run PUBG uninterruptedly, you should be connected to a stable Internet connection. So, hit the download link below and get ready to jump from that plane.

best survival games for android

Main Features:

  • Commendable graphics
  • Lite version.
  • Realistic Environment and Weapons.
  • Team Play

Download PUBG Mobile

2. Last Day on Earth

The title suggests too much a line story: your last day on earth! You are expected to behave like a person who is going to avoid this horrible single day. Only, you are not alone. The game has been set in the omnipotent world after 2027, where humankind was removed by an unknown outbreak.

Those living soon became zombies and began eating non-affected humans. Unlike other zombie games, where you just point and shoot, this game lets you create visual, weapons or even commander animals. You have separate maps to choose for immersive gameplay. So, tap on the download link and win your last day.

best survival games for android

Main Features:

  • Seasonal location
  • Smooth game controls.
  • Creating Weapons and Vehicles
  • Build to survive

Download Last Day on Earth


NetEase Games gives you the same experience as PUBG. The rules of survival include immersive gaming experience with a broad gamut of maps, firearms, and accessories. As the name suggests, you have to follow some strict rules to get the crown of survival among 230 million players.

Another feature similar to PUBG is the ability to choose between single or team mode. Both modes have great gameplay, but we recommend that you go to the battleground with a team so that your chances of survival will increase. So, go to the Play Store or hit the download link below to avoid the war.

best survival games for android

Main Features:

  • Choose solo or team missions.
  • A wide variety of weapons and vehicles.
  • HD Maps
  • Flexible building mode.


4. Hopeless Land

Hero game comes with unique gameplay. Properly nominated, Hopeless Land dives into such a land, where all hope is lost, but should not be won. With the ability to play with more than 120 people, the game gives you unique weaponry and charismatic backgrounds, including various special Asian architecture.

The missions are quite simple, in which you can control a number of vehicles like helicopter or jeep to move one step forward from your enemy. This is a more strategic gameplay game. The battlefield is specifically designed to combat the enemies and ride the brand new car.

Another feature that enhances the quality of this game is that an invoice communicator, called PUBG, for better team control. The movements are designed with motion capture, which gives it a smoother feel of butter. Controls are easy, which can be done by a cheater in no time. Therefore, do not feel hopeless and tap on the link below.

best survival games for android

Main Features:

  • Voice communication in the game
  • Simple Control
  • Asian Battlefield
  • No specific configuration is required.

Download Hopeless Land


Probably the best zombie shooter game has come across us, the Dead Trigger 2, the sequel to the adorable Dead Trigger, engages in the fun gameplay. Its purpose is simple – shoot point and zombies. This is the first person shooter to use different difficulty levels for you. Dead Trigger 2 has console-quality graphics, which gives other survival apps a run for their money.

To pursue smooth things, players can choose between a touch control target shooter system, an enhanced virtual joystick or console gaming. With over 50 guns and Arenas of 33 different battles, you can choose one according to your style and kill those dead bodies. The game lets you choose between a wide 600 gameplay and starts shooting those corpses.

best survival games for android

Main Features:

  • The best zombie shooter.
  • 50+ guns
  • Different gaming controls
  • Actual award for FPS Zombie War Tournament


6. Last Shelter

The Last Shelter is a Multi-player game based on the zombie theme. Players get to create their own empire and defend against zombies, which were created by an outbreak. You lead the world to get the battle zombies and other people fighting for your survival.

With strategic gameplay, you fight with R & D, warrior and survivor training and powerful hero recruitment with your alliance. Graphics are like life, which gives the gameplay a realistic look. So, jump to the right shelter by tapping the download link below.

best survival games for android

Main Features:

  • Build cities
  • Map around the world.
  • Strategic gameplay.
  • Different levels to choose from

Download Last Shelter

7. ARK

Dinosaurs extend our interests, whether it is Jurassic world flicks or TV shows or sporadic fossils found worldwide. Well, get your hands on the most living game, which is the characteristic of dinosaurs as the main human race vs. mankind.

More than 80 dinosaurs are waiting to be caught and the days are ready to survive. You begin unarmed, with progress, you can build your fort and against that it can mean against humans and powerful predators. Another notable feature of the ARK is the scenario, it imitates an experience that we humans never had on our eyes. So, hope for this ark by tapping the download link below.

best survival games for android

Main Features:

  • Dino-Adventure
  • 80+ dinosaurs
  • Breathing ancient landscapes
  • Construction and rescue.

Download ARK

8. Survival Island

The Island of Survival by PRIDEGAMESSTUDIO will have to be downloaded for gamers who prefer to vacate the island. In addition to the stunning adventures of teeth, you meet the enemies to fight those who are powerful.

Even if you have to start with the basics – find food and shelter, once you are warm, you fight with the enemies while searching for the forests. There is also an island survival sandbox simulator, which gives you an island realistic experience. So, download this game and walk into oblivion.

best survival games for android

Main Features:

  • Island Simulator.
  • Primitive aura
  • Stop wild animals.

Download Survival Island

9. Day R Survival

The tLt game offers us another survival game, but this feature features role-playing as immersive gameplay. This game is not easy on you, so take pandemic radiation, challenge to keep the zombie alive between other unforeseen situations. Along with the choice of about 2,700 different places, you also get to explore the jungle with deadly animals.

Apart from the amazing features, you get an opportunity to avoid a nuclear war and meet other people, listen to their stories, while fighting with those fatal zombies on the way. With the coveted weapon, you easily get to kill the undead. So, download the link below and make it your day of survival.

best survival games for android

Main Features:

  • Strong plot
  • Innumerable ways
  • Shelter Simulator.
  • Seamless maps

Download Day R Survival

10. Stormfall

Stormfall is a widely multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that allows you to do fencing and sorcery. The conspiracy follows a master who has been betrayed and should begin. To return to the top, you must craft and constructing, learning the mystery of magic and bundling wild animals.

Beat the dark spirits which will not stop you from destroying once again. Players need to fight with hunger, fight against corrupt pirates and fellow exiles and find the secrets of ancient ruins and wildlife, which they supply throughout the country. Click on the download link below and dedicate yourself to the forest.

best survival games for android

Main Features:

  • Variety of wild animals.
  • Construction, Survival, and Rescue
  • Different maps
  • Under the ground mode.

Download Stormfall

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Best Survival Games for Android: Final Words

Here are our top choices for the best Survival Games for Android. While we think PUBG and Dead Trigger 2 have lifted the bar altogether, the other games on our list are also booming. So, which game you choose or are already playing? Let us know in the comments section.

7 Best Free Android App to Extract Audio from Video

android app to extract audio from video

The Best Free Android App to Extract Audio from Video, there are apps for virtually every view. At today’s age and age, mobile applications have been able to overcome computer software in some areas, whether it is photo editing or video editing.

There are virtually no apps available for every scene. Today we have brought you a list of Android apps that can separate or remove audio from the video. Why would you want to do that?

To make a mem with funny sounds or to add a piece of background music from any other video in your composition or maybe you liked a little for the music. These apps are able to edit frames by frame audio which gives it a professional experience. Scroll down and remove your favorite tunes.

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7 Best free Android App to Extract Audio from Video:

  • Video to MP3 Converter
  • Timbre
  • Video Converter by InShot to MP3 Converter
  • Easy video cutter
  • Mp3 video converter
  • Audio Video Mixer Video Cutter Video to MP3 App
  • Video to Audio Converter Media Converter Ringtone

1. Video to MP3 Converter

Video to MP3 Converter is the most versatile and appropriate app for the user for beginners and developed users. As a completely free app, you get more than you ask about it. The UI is simple to navigate through innumerable simple features including original audio conversion, fast video conversion, video cutter, and MP3 cutter, making ringtones and so on.

This app supports bitrate for up to 320kbps, so the audio file should not worry about audio performance. Various formats are supported for video conversion. The video uses libmp3lame and FFmpeg to MP3 converter and as a library. So, download the link below and start converting your video into audio.

android app to extract audio from video

Main Features:

  • Simple and advanced mode.
  • Fast motion to cut video
  • Supported up to 320kbps bitrate.
  • 1-Tap Music Play

Download Video to MP3 Converter

2. Timbre

Timbre is a comprehensive audio-video editor, which is your one-stop app to get things done. Although originally for audio editing purposes, you can also edit the video in this app. You get to do a video to speed up the e-book with Audio Conversion, Audio Splitting, Omitting, changing the bitrate of audio, and other things.

Coming to the video department, you get the speed of the video and the video converted to a GIF converter, as well as split and default features. Exported media files are easily compressed which do not sacrifice on a quality basis. So, go to the Play Store and download this amazing converter.

android app to extract audio from video

Main Features:

  • Audio + video merged
  • Change audio and video.
  • Convert video to GIF.
  • A / V split and defaults

Download Timbre

3. Video to MP3 converter by InShot

InShot has scored a goal for the MP3 converter with the video, which gives us an original app that can give other apps a run for their money. It has the features of mapping and trimming video, making ringtone, merging audio, etc., in general with the addition of features.

This app is the only converter that converts up to 15 videos at a time, which includes sound boost and support up to 320kbps bitrate. The app is a bit confusing to navigate, but this is just because it has many features. So, click the link below and give this app a shot.

android app to extract audio from video

Main Features:

  • Batch video conversion up to 15 videos.
  • Original audio effects.
  • Supports background conversion.
  • All in one media converter

Download Video to MP3 Converter by InShot

4. Easy Video Cutter

Naing Group brings Easy Video Cutter, the only app that you will need to edit audio and video. The audio extraction process as UI is quite simple. This app is so versatile that with editing the audio, you get the features that are able to edit the video.

Cut videos, merge them, mute a part of the video, apply slow speed or time-lapse, compress video size among others. You can also create a GIF and convert your favorite video to GIF. So, to save extra storage and be creative, download an app in all of this.

android app to extract audio from video

Main Features:

  • Remove the audio.
  • Merge video.
  • Video filters and effects.
  • Create GIF

Download Easy Video Cutter

5. MP3 Video Converter

The MP3 video converter is a very simple example of being an all-rounder through the Pix Team. The app UI feels smooth; Basically, the content of any app displayed on this list is best designed. This app is an excellent example of beauty with the mind, and unless you can not see how well it feels, you will be overwhelmed with so many features.

MP3 Video Converter supports fast conversion which is very important if you are in a hurry for that final DJ dance. You also get various kinds of audio and video formats to convert. Bitrate is limited to 256kbps, but I’m sure Audio files have not done any fuss. Another useful feature is a tap play for recently converted music. So, download this app by clicking on the download link below.

android app to extract audio from video

Main Features:

  • Attractive content design
  • Faster conversion
  • 256kbps bitrate support from 48kbps.
  • Supported various audio and video formats.

Download MP3 Video Converter

6. Audio Video Mixer Video Cutter Video for MP3 App

Another free app in this list, another video mixer meets all your needs for extracting audio with some extra features, including audio-video mixer, audio, and video cutter, converting video to MP3, adding audio to video Adding audio and video, and prompt.

The UI for navigation and daily usage is simple. Apart from all of these above features, you can also cut songs to create ringtones. So, download this app for your music needs.

android app to extract audio from video

Main Features:

  • Mute audio in video
  • Ringtone Cutter
  • Add different audio files to a video.
  • Video Trimmer.

Download Audio Video Mixer Video Cutter Video to MP3 App

7. Video to Audio Converter Media Converter Ringtone

Asquare Mobile Apps gives you a no-nonsense app that simplifies removing audio from your favorite videos. This app supports various formats such as MP3, Wave, AAC, etc., which is easy to share on various social media.

In addition to converting the audio, Media Converter also lets you edit the video. The app is completely free. So, grab this app and remove the audios.

android app to extract audio from video

Main Features:

  • Remove audio files from video.
  • Split audio files.
  • Different bitrate.

Download Video to Audio Converter Media Converter Ringtone

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Android App to Extract Audio from Video: Final Words

We shortlisted 7 Best Free Android App to Extract Audio from Video keeping in mind versatility and user-friendly-ness. Which app did you find useful for your needs? Let us know in the comments section below.

10 Best Writing Apps for Android Users

best writing apps for android

So without wasting any time, let us take a look at some of the 10 Best Writing Apps for Android 2019. When it comes to writing, then every one of us writes to a great extent every day.

In detail, people like me used to write web content, some others write stories, script, poems, etc. Meanwhile, students write a lot of notes each day. Although most people still prefer notebooks and pens, there are some writing apps to solve this problem.

Since smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives, we can easily use these useful apps that we want. By the way, if you are puzzled to choose a suitable writing app for your intentions, then we are here to help you. So let’s take a look at some of the best creative writing apps for Android 2019 while ruining any other time.

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10 Best Writing Apps for Android Users:

  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Word
  • JotterPad
  • Evernote
  • Writer Plus
  • Mirakee
  • Writer
  • MonoSpace
  • ColorNote Notepad Notes
  • Notebook

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is definitely one of the best online office suite available in the Google Play Store. It ensures to serve almost all the spots and equipment required for a complete writing session. In particular, receiving an app linked to your Gmail account allows you to work at any time without any difficulty.

In addition, it keeps updating your documents in Google Drive after every edit. So you are not losing a word from your document. Finally, in case of storage, users can take advantage of the 15 GB cloud storage space provided by Google Drive to save your documents.

best writing apps for android

Main Features:

  • Create and edit documents
  • AutoSave to Cloud
  • Easily share files
  • Work from anywhere

Download Google Docs

2. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the lowest office suite for developers of similar Microsoft Office for your Android device. The app creates many essential tools that allow you to type in, edit, and share your documents in error.

For example, you can make attractive blogs, resumes, notes, letters, and more by using this single application. In addition, you can easily share your documents and collaborate with anyone around you. Finally, all your documents can either be saved in your device storage or in your Microsoft One Drive cloud.

best writing apps for android

Main Features:

  • Read, write and edit files
  • Create a document with the appropriate template
  • Collaborate with someone
  • AutoSave to Cloud

Download Microsoft Word

3. JotterPad

JotterPad is a straightforward writing application that is centralized primarily on novel and screenplay writing. This app itself is a simple and clean text editor with a minimal consumer interface. For this reason, the authors can spend a long time on documenting their content without any distraction.

In addition, the app hosts some of your favorite options like Dark Mode, Word Count, Snapshot, Extended Keyboard, and many more. Finally, this app allows you to sync your documents with all your favorite cloud services.

best writing apps for android

Main Features:

  • Plain Text Editor
  • Many features
  • Write and edit from anywhere
  • Save the cloud

Download JotterPad

4. Evernote

Evernote is an all-in-one note maker as well as an ideal writing app of Evernote Corporation. If you are a former Lenovo smartphone user, you can already see this app in your device. Straight forward, there is the facility of making notebooks in the app, noting, PDF making, documenting and even image and video clipping.

Actually, this is a unique feature that allows you to scan your handwritten notes! Finally, keep your documents in sync so that they can be accessed from any of your devices.

best writing apps for android

Main Features:

  • Create documents with clippings
  • Scan documents using the camera
  • Sync on all devices
  • Widgets for Home Screen

Download Evernote

5. Writer Plus

Author Plus is another user-friendly writing app for creative authors. The app has a simple and basic user interface that helps you focus on your content without any distraction. While reviewing the features, Writer Plus starts writing from some primary to the main hallmark, which is to write and edit documents and keyboard shortcuts, night mode, word and character counts, etc.

In addition, it supports many languages ​​and is free to use. as well. However, your documents do not yet have the option to sync with cloud storage. In other words, all your files will be saved on your phone storage or external SD card.

best writing apps for android

Main Features:

  • Quickly edit and save text
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts
  • Night format
  • Free to use

Download Writer Plus

6. Mirakee

Mirakee is not only an ideal writing app, but it is also a global community that is composed of diverse writers, readers, and poets. For example, users can write and show any type of work, it can be – stories, poems, writing-ups, quotes, and blogs, etc.

Apart from this, the authors can obtain a copyright for their content as well as make their writing discoverable. Google has once completed 20 posts on Mirakee. Finally, the app hosts many types of tools to customize and design your post, so that it can become oozy and it also supports many languages.

best writing apps for android

Main Features:

  • Creative writing community
  • Write and receive a copyright
  • Post-designing equipment
  • Rear and write in any language

Download Mirakee

7. Writer

The author is a simple and light writing and note maker app that assures you to change your thoughts into wonderful texts. Although the app has a slightly older writing space, it still comes with some essential settings and tools for editing and improving.

In addition to writing and editing, users can also view their writing statistics. However, documents are stored in a default location, that is, you will not be able to manually change the storage path.

best writing apps for android

Main Features:

  • Simple and minimal design
  • Markdown support
  • See writing statistics
  • Save in device storage

Download Writer

8. Monospace

Monospace app is present in the Google Play Store, one of the basic note-making and writing applications. The app does not offer many types of features, but still offers all the primary and essential features needed for a perfect writing session.

Compared to other writing apps, Monospace uses the #hashtag utility to sort and store your documents instead of keeping them in traditional folders. In addition, there is also a paid premium version of the app, which benefits you to sync your documents in any favorite cloud storage.

best writing apps for android

Main Features:

  • Basic Writing App
  • #Hashtag feature for organizing files
  • Text formatting tool
  • Sync with the cloud (Pro version only)

Download Monospace

9. ColorNote Notepad Notes

As the name suggests, ColorNote is a simple and colorful notepad application that has more than 2 million total downloads from Google Play. The app is designed with a vivid user interface on top, in the meantime, it also ensures to give you the best notepad editing experience.

ColorNote simply manages writing notes, memos, shopping lists, to-do lists, without any hassle. In addition, users can save their files to sync with external storage or cloud storage as they want. Finally, you can organize your files according to their color and can protect your documents with a password.

best writing apps for android

Main Features:

  • Quick Notepad App
  • Colorful interface
  • Keep password protected by a password
  • Task Reminder

Download ColorNote

10. Notebook

Rated as one of the best applications of 2017, the notebook is an instant note-maker application available in the Google Play Store. The app provides the right platform for writing notes and seizing your thoughts. One of the best parts of the app is that you can also create record documents to create audio notes and write record voices.

Apart from this, it also makes the best choices for searching for notebook files, securing your documents using passwords, grouping notes together and so on. Finally, users can also sync their documents in cloud storage.

best writing apps for android

Main Features:

  • Create notes with clipping
  • Audio notes
  • Supports checklist function
  • Password protected with a password

Download Notebook

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Best Writing Apps for Android: Final Words

So these were our top pixels for some great writing applications for your Android device this year. If you liked the stuff and found it useful, then be sure to share it with your friends as well.

Top 10 Free Antivirus for Android Smartphones Users

antivirus for android smartphones

Instead of downloading some funny apps to protect your smartphone, we have brought for you the Top 10 Free Antivirus for Android Smartphones Users.

Phone prices are skyrocketing day by day, where some of the prices are around Rs 1,37,000 (I’m looking at you in the Galaxy Fold!) This clearly makes the smartphone a costly investment. Apart from ensuring your phone, there is nothing else that you can do for your phone.

But, you can literally find the app for everything, and antivirus is a style that has a lot of debate. Some people say that installing antivirus is not necessary, while some use them with a pinch of salt, there is no doubt that some bad apps that can cripple your phone and antivirus applications,

Therefore, instead of downloading some funny apps to protect your smartphone, which did not happen, we have brought 10 antivirus applications that will talk to you.

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Top 10 Free Antivirus for Android Smartphones Users:

  • Clean Master – Antivirus, Applock & Cleaner
  • Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
  • Avg Antivirus
  • 360 Security – Free Antivirus, Booster, Cleaner
  • Norton Security and Antivirus
  • Safety master
  • Virus Cleaner 2019
  • Bitdefender antivirus free
  • Lookout Security and antivirus
  • Antivirus free 2019

1. Clean Master – Antivirus, Applock & Cleaner

Clean Master is an app that we all use at some point. Whether it’s already installed with your shiny new phone or you just used it as a tray out. However, the clean master has been favorite when coming in antivirus. You get the best phone optimization tool for your phone, which includes space cleaners, antivirus, and management gameplay.

If you download a lot of applications, then delete them later and download it again, a set of residual files are created which hog your base memory. But do not worry, Clean Master will free your storage by removing unwanted junk, residual and cache files.

This oh-in addition to so many amazing features, you also get a free antivirus, which scans your malware whether there is any malware or not. This prevents viruses and trojans from attacking your phone. WiFi is also protected by detecting fake and unauthorized connections. So, by installing this app, keep your phone safe and clean those unwanted files.

antivirus for android smartphones

Main Features:

  • Free Antivirus
  • Junk Memory Cleaning
  • RAM boost
  • battery saver.
  • game Master.

Download Clean Master – Antivirus, Applock & Cleaner

2. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

The second-largest name in the world of mobile security, Kaspersky is the jack of all trades, which has lots of features in this mobile BMW app. Antivirus is the main feature because it gracefully helps. Antivirus section acts as a virus cleaner that also blocks harmful malware.

You can request a background check to take out viruses, spyware, trojans, etc. As already mentioned, nowadays a phone is not less than a piece of jewelry, so we need to treat it. Anti-theft is an option that wipes all your personal information with thieves.

And if you think that your relatives snatch your phone to dig dirt on you, then use App Lock, which locks your app with those people who should not see what you are doing. With all these features, you get Internet security in the form of a web-filter that prevents dangerous links and sites while browsing. Protect your phone and download this jack of all trades via the link below.

antivirus for android smartphones

Main Features:

  • Antivirus Security
  • app lock.
  • find my phone.
  • Internet Security.

Download Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

3. AVG Antivirus

AVG antivirus is another well-known name for gadget protection. You get several types of AVG antivirus apps, which are not only online but also external. Its antivirus game is strong, which scans all your games and applications with double engine antivirus to remove harmful content.

In addition, it scans your surf sites for serious threats. Under Antivirus Protection, you can use VPN connections for safe browsing as well as scanning for WiFi for any threats. The Performance tab includes a battery life extension system, task killer, upload and download speed. You also get an anti-theft option that detects your phone through Google Maps, locks your phone and sirens sound.

There is a nifty feature called Theft, which emails you the photo of someone who is trying to unlock your phone. Other function apps are insights that monitor your app and a privacy tab that has the ability to create a secret vault to hide your media. AVG also helps block spam by blocking calls. So, protect your phone from emerging threats and download AVG from the link below.

antivirus for android smartphones

Main Features:

  • Antivirus solution
  • Theftie
  • Web scanning
  • Walt.

Download AVG AntiVirus

4. 360 Security – Free Antivirus, Booster, Cleaner

360 Security is an app that provides you everything. It has an effective speed booster that stops your RAM while cleaning the app in a cache. 360 Security also provides a Smart Battery Saver for identifying and controlling your battery life. Do not worry about viruses or phishing!

Antivirus solution by this app is full proof that frees your device from malware and adware. Suppose you are unhappy with your existing lock screen, you get a multi-function lock screen, which has a quick turn off-shortcut for wifi and choice. Manage notifications and conduct torchlight from this lock screen.

To increase security, you get a call and SMS filter to block unwanted guests. The unsecured difference for safe connection through the app’s WiFi security section. An er is an ‘intruder selfie’ mode that identifies the breakdown of anyone in your phone which is more than a gimmick if needed.

In addition, you can access this app from your fingerprint scanner so there is no problem with the pattern or the pin. Download this app Protect your smartphone from 360 degrees.

antivirus for android smartphones

Main Features:

  • Strong antivirus
  • Call and SMS filters.
  • Multi-Functional Lock Screen.
  • app Manager.

Download 360 Security – Free Antivirus, Booster, Cleaner

5. Norton Security and Antivirus

Norton Security by NortonMobile is another best app to protect your phone from viruses. Honored with ‘Best Android Security 2018’, ‘Norton affects its unique approach to security. Premium Edition has features that are free in other apps, but it gives a compelling reason for buying those people.

Free features include a free antivirus scanning system that removes spyware, malware, and viruses that slow down your device; Blocking those annoying salesman calls to block calls; Find out the type of device my device looks like for WiFi scanning for safe connection detection and to track your device in case your device is stolen.

Premium Edition includes general real-time call updates, Internet security, and app consultants. Before paying blindly, you get a 30-day window to try the pro version. So, go to the Play Store and download Norton Security and Antivirus to get your phone free from viruses.

antivirus for android smartphones

Main Features:

  • Antivirus Security
  • Incoming Call Alert
  • Ransomware security
  • Protection from theft
  • Premium Norton Mobile Security Subscription
  • Download Norton Security and Antivirus

Download Norton Security and Antivirus

6. Security Master

The security master, as the name suggests, is a master in keeping your phone safe. Originally the name of CM Security, Security Master’s aim is to improve the status of your phone by providing you with so many facilities.

The best feature is its Intelligent Diagnosis, in which Antivirus, Junk Cleaner, Phone Booster, Battery Saver, CPU Coolers are used to achieve a comfortable phone. You receive what is known as SafeConnect VPN, which bypasses the firewall and does not do the stuff available in your country. It basically hides your IP address to protect your online activity.

Other features include anti-theft alarms that triggered an alarm if someone extends your phone, a new safety section that hides your messages to protect your privacy and has an AppLock functionality that is capable of   Supports locking connections like WiFi pins or biometrics. Try this app and download it from the link below.

antivirus for android smartphones

Main Features:

  • Diagnosis for antivirus
  • app lock.
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • SafeConnect VPN

Download Security Master

7. Virus Cleaner 2019

A self-explanatory name, a virus cleaner, is an antivirus app that provides a lot of heavy virus counting tools that should keep your phone safe. Beginning with its twin-engine antivirus, it cleanses the virus by scanning and categorizing it into malware, adware, trojans, and ransomware.

A super clean option that cleans your app’s cache, residual files, ad junk with just one tap. It frees up your phone space and it works, in return, easily.  You also get a phone booster that basically removes unnecessary apps from memory and increases your phone’s RAM.

It also comes with a one-tap boost which is super easy. App Lock is a function that is given. It also exists here that protects your sensitive app. The virus cleaner tells about the CPU cooler, WiFi speed test and security, real-time online security and a scheduled virus scan. Download this app via the link below and keep your phone butter-smoothed.

antivirus for android smartphones

Main Features:

  • Twin Engine Antivirus
  • secure browsing.
  • app lock.
  • CPU cooler and phone booster.

Download Virus Cleaner 2019

8. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender Antivirus is a free virus scanning app that protects your phone in many ways. This app uses an in-the-cloud scanning technology that warms your Android device with virus detection. Is an ‘auto-pilot’ mode that 24/7 scans your device for new downloads or existing applications that captures 99% of the virus.

After the app is installed and given the necessary permission, it is ready to deploy all your weapons. With the help of the following link, you can download the app and protect your precious phone.

antivirus for android smartphones

Main Features:

  • Automatic Virus Scan.
  • In-Cloud Cloud Security
  • AutoPilot, which checks all your apps.
  • Lock, locate and wipe the stolen device.

Download Bitdefender Antivirus Free

9. Lookout Security and Antivirus

Protect your smartphone with the most reliable antivirus on the Play Store. Lookout is an all-in-one app that gives you the option to keep WiFi safe, which identifies secure and dangerous public connections and allows you to browse safely.

Is a system advisor who searches for root detection. If you are not confident with the free version, then buy premiums which have all the bells and whistles. So, download this app and watch out for your device.

antivirus for android smartphones

Main Features:

  • Unexpected Antivirus Protection
  • Safe wifi
  • System Consultant
  • Lookout Premium Plus

Download Lookout Security and Antivirus

10. Antivirus Free 2019

Antivirus Free is the last app on our list which is very good at reducing the virus. You get powerful tools to remove spyware, trojans, etc from your phone, which keep it safe and smooth. You also get a tool to clean your phone’s RAM, including killing flies.

App Locker lets you lock sensitive app with eyes sticking. Heat heavy notifications? Disallow it by in-built notification cleaner. For added security, use the call blocker to block unwanted calls. People downloading this app are eligible for free help regarding the app.

The UI of the app is a beautiful smoother and makes your phone smoothed. So, go to the Play Store or click on the link below to download this app.

antivirus for android smartphones

Main Features:

  • Powerful Antivirus
  • Seamless UI
  • Systems and Junk Cleaners
  • App Locker

Download Antivirus Free 2019

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Antivirus for Android Smartphones Users: Final Words

Here are the top choices for antivirus applications for your expensive investment. Do you know which app you use or which of us are ultimately connected to it?

7 Best Tech News Apps for Android Users

best tech news apps for android

Let’s take a look at some of the 7 Best Tech News Apps for Android Users on Google Play Store. These apps will keep you updated. With the passing of time technology is developing rapidly.

The development of technology and the advent of smartphones and the Internet have brought almost everything under our fingers. Nowadays, most of our daily efforts, including texting, banking or even shopping, can be made simpler with the help of a smartphone connected to the Internet.

Similarly, if you are an enthusiastic reader and a tech enthusiast, you definitely would like to keep yourself updated with all the latest televisions. Surprisingly, you no longer need to wait for newspapers or television broadcasting.

All the troubles have been resolved with the introduction of the Tech News app Although Tech News App has already gained popularity around, people are still ready to search for the best Tech News app from the Google Play Store. So, let’s take a look at some of the best Tech News apps available for your Android device today.

7 Best Tech News Apps for Android Users

  • Feedly
  • Techcrunch
  • Inshorts
  • AA App for Android
  • Medium
  • Flipboard
  • Gadgets 360

1. Feedly

Feedly is one of the destinations for all your reading demands. The app integrates all your subscriptions and categorizes them accordingly so that you keep in touch with every update of your favorite websites and blogs. In particular, you can share content with more than 40 million of the total feed.

One of the main advantages of feedlines on other apps should be its well-designed and attractive user interface. As a result, it provides hassle-free access to many articles from different types of sources. In the deal, Feedly also has a night-mode checkbox that helps to adjust the app theme between light and dark tones.

best tech news apps for android

Main Features:

  • Based on RSS feed
  • More than 40 million feeds available
  • Breaking news alert
  • Night format

2. TechCrunch

The TechCrunch app is a simplified form of the TechCrunch website, which allows you to contact all the technology reports included in their website. In addition, one of the best sources for information related to technology, the app covers stories about the latest gadgets, gadgets, internet products, capital, etc.

You will start receiving notifications after successfully subscribing to any topic. In addition, if you are busy on time, you should not worry about remembering any trending alerts. The app allows users to either save stories for later reading or search and search for any missing article at any moment.

best tech news apps for android

Main Features:

  • Latest Tech Articles from TechCrunch
  • Subscribe to favorite topics
  • Breaking news alert
  • Save later to read

3. Inshorts

Inshorts, as the name suggests, is a trending news app that provides news updates to you less and on time based on your interests. To illustrate, App summarizes long stories in short stories which are basically about 60 words for the reader’s ease. Although this may be true, though users are only one click away from full-length articles.

Apart from this, for those readers who are interested only in a particular subject, App resolves this issue by classifying the news in different groups. As a result, you are not getting any updates, because they will no longer be mixed with other articles.

In addition, shorts also come with some useful features for a better user experience. As a result, you can create your own feed, search articles, even if you’re offline, read the content. Finally, it also adds the option of liking and sharing articles using the app alone.

best tech news apps for android

Main Features:

  • Summary news in 60 words
  • Create your feed
  • Like and share stories
  • Read offline and night mode

4. AA App for Android

AA App for Android is a native app for your Android device with Android Authority. The app is focused to distribute unique and quality content to keep its users up to date with the daily technology.

Specifically, the app supplies a large number of articles related to technology every and every day. It includes device reviews, leaks, app reviews, Android tools, how-to guides and more. so what are you waiting for! Install the Android Authority app just now.

best tech news apps for android

Main Features:

  • exclusive content
  • Faster access to video
  • Favorite stories
  • Free to use

5. Medium

The medium is another news reading app designed for all curious readers out there. Distributes all consecutive and trending articles based on your relevance and interests to the application. Apart from this, it also displays the best article of the day based on the editor’s choice.

Regarding its design, the app also holds a decent user interface, along with the top and ad-free experience. Consequently, you can spend more time reading your favorite articles without any distractions.

Finally, some moving features are also included in the middle. This includes highlighting your favorite pieces, bookmarking articles, the option to clap to show your gratitude and to give feedback on the stories.

best tech news apps for android

Main Features:

  • Articles based on interests
  • Bookmark stories
  • Easy access to articles
  • Paid subscriptions are available

6. Flipboard

Flipboard is a great personalized news app that bestows instant news updates on topics about which you are passionate about. So you do not need to waste your precious time on randomly targeted content. In addition, users are also allowed to create individual magazines to store content that falls under your favorite categories.

Flipboard enables you to follow and share stories with your favorite creators and editors without any hassle. Finally, users can share their own articles and understand some followers using this awesome app.

best tech news apps for android

Main Features:

  • Stories based on interest
  • Make Personal Magazines
  • Breaking news alert
  • Add your stories

7. Gadgets 360

Gadgets 360 is a famous tech-news app for the NDTV official. The app exposes articles relating to all the latest texts published on their official website. As a result, you will not lack any content published on their website.

In detail, they cover a bunch of articles related to technology each day. It includes reviews, updates, and rumors based on smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. The app also includes a search bar to target your targeted articles as well as to hunt. So, install your app now so that it’s up to date with all the technical passes.

best tech news apps for android

Main Features:

  • Special Tech News and Reviews
  • Breaking News Notification
  • Easily Find Products
  • Access video content

7 Best Tech News Apps for Android Users: Final Words

Above were some of our pics for the best Tech News app available for our Android device. If you find this article helpful, do not forget to share it with your friends.