7 Best Tetris Games for Android, iOS & PC/Mac

Tetris is one of the best games that came to Gameboy and other gaming platforms. Here you have to join the blocks of various shapes so that they mix and make the line that they disappear.

These games are also available for Android, iPhone, and PC which you can download and play. But it can be time-consuming to find the best among them all. So for all the Tetris lovers, we have brought the list of the best Tetris games you can use on your Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Mac and can be played offline or online.

Best Tetris Games That You Need to Try:

1. Tetris

best tetris games

This is a classic original Tetris video game available to play on all three platforms. You can play this game through a web browser on your desktop PC, though it will be slightly different from the mobile game. This is a very colorful and fun game. Here you will find 3 modes to play with marathons, explorers, and galaxies.

Regularly play Tetris and score as much as possible in marathon mode with various difficulties. In the searchers, you can play online with other players and show your Tetris skills to discover a new planet. You can solve puzzles to unlock different constellations and clean up various missions in the galaxy.

Tetris for Android

Tetris for iOS

2. Classic Blocks

best tetris games

This is exactly the type of Tetris brick game that is used on a handheld game boy. Here you can play classic Tetris games, timed matches, where you have to score as much as possible in the given time. Or even a manual mode where you determine the speed of blocks and games according to your liking. Black blocks and all the details will surely bring you back to the real classic Tetris experience. This is one of the best Tetris games because it can be played offline games so that you can enjoy it without advertising during the game while playing.

Classic Blocks for Android

Classic Blocks for iOS

3. Tetris Blitz

best tetris games

Tetris Blitz is a game similar to the one above, but with different modes and block styles. You can play regular mode to earn high points and earn coins. With these coins, you can buy powerups in the game, which can be used while playing. There is a war mode in which you can play matches against other players and friends online and try to defeat each other’s scores.

You can play the tournament to see Leaderboard at the top. When you reach the essential level of the game, then all these modes and various other powerups will remain unlocked. There are daily challenges from which you can earn some extra coins and increase your level.

Tetris Blitz for Android

Tetris® Blitz for iOS

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4. Wood Block Puzzle

best tetris games

This is a Tetris-based Android puzzle game with completely different gameplay. You have to drag and drop the wooden block at the most appropriate place on the board. And lines can be made horizontally or vertically on the board to make them disappear.

The puzzle here is that you can not change the direction of the block. You have to use your mind to find the right placement for each piece so that they can make a line and disappear from the board so that it does not fill up.

Wood Block Puzzle for Android

Wood Block Puzzle for iOS

5. Falling Lightblocks

best tetris games

Light Colors Fall is a dark theme-based game like Tetris that you can play. Unlike other games in this list, here you will get gesture control for block and move. You can play the single-player match with modes like Mission, Marathon, Practice, and Sprint 40L. All these instruments have different types of difficulties and speed makes it more challenging. This is also a multiplayer Tetris game. You can either play games with your friends through local Wi-Fi or play online matches with people around the world.

Falling Lightblocks for Android

Falling Lightblocks for iOS

6. Tetris Master

best tetris games

You can download Tetris Master Game App from Microsoft Store on your Windows PC. It’s a colorful game that you can enjoy playing on your desktop without the need for an internet connection.

Microsoft Store

7. Tetris Marathon

best tetris games

Tetris Marathon is an online web browser-based game that you can enjoy on your PC and Mac by Tetris Friends. To win the game, you have to clear 15 levels, which is not as easy as it looks. In each level, you have to eliminate the given number to move on to the next one. You can play this game using keyboard control which is very convenient because it can also be played using one hand.


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Final Words: Best Tetris Games

We hope you enjoy our best Tetris games which you can play on different devices. All the games on the list are great because they are all different to provide something different. Enjoy playing these games and tell us which one you like the most.

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