7 Best Tech News Apps for Android Users

Let’s take a look at some of the 7 Best Tech News Apps for Android Users on Google Play Store. These apps will keep you updated. With the passing of time technology is developing rapidly.

The development of technology and the advent of smartphones and the Internet have brought almost everything under our fingers. Nowadays, most of our daily efforts, including texting, banking, or even shopping, can be made simpler with the help of a smartphone connected to the Internet.

Similarly, if you are an enthusiastic reader and a tech enthusiast, you definitely would like to keep yourself updated with all the latest televisions. Surprisingly, you no longer need to wait for newspapers or television broadcasting.

All the troubles have been resolved with the introduction of the Tech News app Although Tech News App has already gained popularity, people are still ready to search for the best Tech News app from the Google Play Store. So, let’s take a look at some of the best Tech News apps available for your Android device today.

7 Best Tech News Apps for Android Users

1. Feedly

best tech news apps for android

Feedly is one of the destinations for all your reading demands. The app integrates all your subscriptions and categorizes them accordingly so that you keep in touch with every update of your favorite websites and blogs.

In particular, you can share content with more than 40 million of the total feed. One of the main advantages of feedlines on other apps should be their well-designed and attractive user interface.

As a result, it provides hassle-free access to many articles from different types of sources. In the deal, Feedly also has a night-mode checkbox that helps to adjust the app theme between light and dark tones.

Main Features:

  • Based on the RSS feed
  • More than 40 million feeds available
  • Breaking news alert
  • Night format


2. TechCrunch

best tech news apps for android

The TechCrunch app is a simplified form of the TechCrunch website, which allows you to contact all the technology reports included in their website. In addition, one of the best sources for information related to technology, the app covers stories about the latest gadgets, gadgets, internet products, capital, etc.

You will start receiving notifications after successfully subscribing to any topic. In addition, if you are busy on time, you should not worry about remembering any trending alerts. The app allows users to either save stories for later reading or search and search for any missing article at any moment.

Main Features:

  • Latest Tech Articles from TechCrunch
  • Subscribe to favorite topics
  • Breaking news alert
  • Save later to read


3. Inshorts

best tech news apps for android

Inshorts, as the name suggests, is a trending news app that provides news updates to you less and on time based on your interests. To illustrate, App summarizes long stories into short stories which are basically about 60 words for the reader’s ease. Although this may be true, though users are only one click away from full-length articles.

Apart from this, for those readers who are interested only in a particular subject, App resolves this issue by classifying the news into different groups. As a result, you are not getting any updates, because they will no longer be mixed with other articles.

In addition, shorts also come with some useful features for a better user experience. As a result, you can create your own feed, search articles, even if you’re offline, read the content. Finally, it also adds the option of liking and sharing articles using the app alone.

Main Features:

  • Summary news in 60 words
  • Create your feed
  • Like and share stories
  • Read offline and night mode


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4. AA App for Android

best tech news apps for android

AA App for Android is a native app for your Android device with Android Authority. The app is focused to distribute unique and quality content to keep its users up to date with the daily technology.

Specifically, the app supplies a large number of articles related to technology every and every day. It includes device reviews, leaks, app reviews, Android tools, how-to guides, and more. so what are you waiting for! Install the Android Authority app just now.

Main Features:

  • Exclusive content
  • Faster access to video
  • Favorite stories
  • Free to use


5. Medium

best tech news apps for android

The medium is another news reading app designed for all curious readers out there. Distributes all consecutive and trending articles based on your relevance and interests to the application. Apart from this, it also displays the best article of the day based on the editor’s choice.

Regarding its design, the app also holds a decent user interface, along with a top and ad-free experience. Consequently, you can spend more time reading your favorite articles without any distractions.

Finally, some moving features are also included in the middle. This includes highlighting your favorite pieces, bookmarking articles, the option to clap to show your gratitude, and giving feedback on the stories.

Main Features:

  • Articles based on interests
  • Bookmark stories
  • Easy access to articles
  • Paid subscriptions are available


6. Flipboard

best tech news apps for android

Flipboard is a great personalized news app that bestows instant news updates on topics about which you are passionate. So you do not need to waste your precious time on randomly targeted content. In addition, users are also allowed to create individual magazines to store content that falls under their favorite categories.

Flipboard enables you to follow and share stories with your favorite creators and editors without any hassle. Finally, users can share their own articles and understand some followers using this awesome app.

Main Features:

  • Stories based on interest
  • Make Personal Magazines
  • Breaking news alert
  • Add your stories


7. Gadgets 360

best tech news apps for android

Gadgets 360 is a famous tech-news app for the NDTV official. The app exposes articles relating to all the latest texts published on their official website. As a result, you will not lack any content published on their website.

In detail, they cover a bunch of articles related to technology each day. It includes reviews, updates, and rumors based on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. The app also includes a search bar to target your targeted articles as well as to hunt. So, install your app now so that it’s up to date with all the technical passes.

Main Features:

  • Special Tech News and Reviews
  • Breaking News Notification
  • Easily Find Products
  • Access video content

Gadgets 360

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Final Words:

Above were some of our pics for the best Tech News app available for our Android device. If you find this article helpful, do not forget to share it with your friends.

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