10 Best Survival Games for Android Users

Today we have brought you 10 Best Survival Games for Android that will make you live like James Bond or Kill Bill. When it comes to daily existence, it is 50-50 in the real world.

We cannot always begin, which keeps us waiting for the next day. Games have to divert daily attention to divert our attention. Become Angry Bird to get out of anger or asphalt 9 for the super-fast ride, best survival games for android has games that meet all our needs.

10 Best Survival Games for Android Users:

One such style is a survival game, which has recently been popular, thanks to PUBG. If you can not kill your boss, then you have the option to kill 99 people in the game and wreak havoc with calling one day or with a unique collection of weapons. Therefore, switch to the living mode and portray the ruthless killer while playing these best survival games for android users.

1. PUBG Mobile

best survival games for android

PUBG Mobile does not require any introduction. It is also known as PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS, it is the most popular survival game, which plays three million people daily. After dismissing the PC, Tencent launched PUBG for mobile in 2018, which currently has more than 200 million downloads.

Often as the Royal Royal, this game actually looks royal as a great gamut of great graphics, maps, and versatility. Other features include voice chat, anti-cheat mechanisms for a fair game, and the ability to team up with their friends and incorporate their rivals.

To speed up the game and defeat your enemies, you can command various vehicles like trucks, bikes, and cars. Maps are constantly added and updated for an adventurous experience. If your device does not support the need for graphics PUBG, Tencent Games roll out PUBG Lite which supports all phones.

Keep in mind, to run PUBG uninterruptedly, you should be connected to a stable Internet connection. So, hit the download link below and get ready to jump from that plane.

Main Features:

  • Commendable graphics
  • Lite version.
  • Realistic Environment and Weapons.
  • Team Play

PUBG Mobile

2. Last Day on Earth: Survival

best survival games for android

The title suggests too much a line story: your last day on earth! You are expected to behave like a person who is going to avoid this horrible single day. Only, you are not alone. The game has been set in the omnipotent world after 2027, where humankind was removed by an unknown outbreak.

Those living soon became zombies and began eating non-affected humans. Unlike other zombie games, where you just point and shoot, this game lets you create visual, weapons, or even commander animals. You have separate maps to choose from for immersive gameplay. So, tap on the download link and win your last day.

Main Features:

  • Seasonal location
  • Smooth game controls.
  • Creating Weapons and Vehicles
  • Build to survive

Last Day on Earth

3. Rules of Survival

best survival games for android

NetEase Games gives you the same experience as PUBG. The rules of survival include an immersive gaming experience with a broad gamut of maps, firearms, and accessories. As the name suggests, you have to follow some strict rules to get the crown of survival among 230 million players.

Another feature similar to PUBG is the ability to choose between single or team mode. Both modes have great gameplay, but we recommend that you go to the battleground with a team so that your chances of survival will increase. So, go to the Play Store or hit the download link below to avoid the war.

Main Features:

  • Choose solo or team missions.
  • A wide variety of weapons and vehicles.
  • HD Maps
  • Flexible building mode.

Rules of Survival

4. Hopeless Land:  Fight for Survival

best survival games for android

Hero game comes with unique gameplay. Properly nominated, Hopeless Land dives into such a land, where all hope is lost, but should not be won. With the ability to play with more than 120 people, the game gives you unique weaponry and charismatic backgrounds, including various special Asian architecture.

The missions are quite simple, in which you can control a number of vehicles like a helicopter or jeep to move one step forward from your enemy. This is a more strategic gameplay game. The battlefield is specifically designed to combat the enemies and ride the brand new car.

Another feature that enhances the quality of this game is that an invoice communicator, called PUBG, for better team control. The movements are designed with motion capture, which gives it a smoother feel of butter. Controls are easy, which can be done by a cheater in no time. Therefore, do not feel hopeless and tap on the link below.

Main Features:

  • Voice communication in the game
  • Simple Control
  • Asian Battlefield
  • No specific configuration is required.

Hopeless Land

5. Dead Trigger 2 – Zombie Survival Shooter FPS

best survival games for android

Probably the best zombie shooter game that has come across us, the Dead Trigger 2, the sequel to the adorable Dead Trigger, engages in fun gameplay. Its purpose is simple – shoot point and zombies. This is the first-person shooter to use different difficulty levels for you.

Dead Trigger 2 has console-quality graphics, which gives other survival apps a run for their money. To pursue smooth things, players can choose between a touch control target shooter system, an enhanced virtual joystick, or console gaming.

With over 50 guns and Arenas of 33 different battles, you can choose one according to your style and kill those dead bodies. The game lets you choose between a wide 600 gameplay and starts shooting those corpses.

Main Features:

  • The best zombie shooter.
  • 50+ guns
  • Different gaming controls
  • Actual award for FPS Zombie War Tournament


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6. Last Shelter: Survival

best survival games for android

The Last Shelter is a Multi-player game based on the zombie theme. Players get to create their own empire and defend against zombies, which were created by an outbreak. You lead the world to get the battle zombies and other people fighting for your survival.

With strategic gameplay, you fight with R & D, warrior and survivor training and powerful hero recruitment with your alliance. Graphics are like life, which gives the gameplay a realistic look. So, jump to the right shelter by tapping the download link below.

Main Features:

  • Build cities
  • Map around the world.
  • Strategic gameplay.
  • Different levels to choose from

Last Shelter: Survival

7. ARK: Survival Evolved

best survival games for android

Dinosaurs extend our interests, whether it is Jurassic world flicks or TV shows, or sporadic fossils found worldwide. Well, get your hands on the most living game, which is the characteristic of dinosaurs as the main human race vs. mankind.

More than 80 dinosaurs are waiting to be caught and the days are ready to survive. You begin unarmed, with progress, you can build your fort, and against that, it can mean against humans and powerful predators.

Another notable feature of the ARK is the scenario, it imitates an experience that we humans never had in our eyes. So, I hope for this ark by tapping the download link below.

Main Features:

  • Dino-Adventure
  • 80+ dinosaurs
  • Breathing ancient landscapes
  • Construction and rescue.

ARK: Survival Evolved

8. Survival Island: EVO 2

best survival games for android

The Island of Survival by PRIDEGAMESSTUDIO will have to be downloaded for gamers who prefer to vacate the island. In addition to the stunning adventures of teeth, you meet the enemies to fight those who are powerful.

Even if you have to start with the basics – find food and shelter, once you are warm, you fight with the enemies while searching for the forests. There is also an island survival sandbox simulator, which gives you an island realistic experience. So, download this game and walk into oblivion.

Main Features:

  • Island Simulator.
  • Primitive aura
  • Stop wild animals.

Survival Island

9. Day R Survival

best survival games for android

The test game offers us another survival game, but this feature features role-playing as immersive gameplay. This game is not easy on you, so take pandemic radiation, challenge to keep the zombie alive between other unforeseen situations. Along with the choice of about 2,700 different places, you also get to explore the jungle with deadly animals.

Apart from the amazing features, you get an opportunity to avoid a nuclear war and meet other people, listen to their stories, while fighting with those fatal zombies on the way. With the coveted weapon, you easily get to kill the undead. So, download the link below and make it your day of survival.

Main Features:

  • Strong plot
  • Innumerable ways
  • Shelter Simulator.
  • Seamless maps

Day R Survival

10. Stormfall

best survival games for android

Stormfall is a widely multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that allows you to do fencing and sorcery. The conspiracy follows a master who has been betrayed and should begin. To return to the top, you must craft and constructing, learning the mystery of magic and bundling wild animals.

Beat the dark spirits which will not stop you from destroying once again. Players need to fight with hunger, fight against corrupt pirates and fellow exiles and find the secrets of ancient ruins and wildlife, which they supply throughout the country. Click on the download link below and dedicate yourself to the forest.

Main Features:

  • Variety of wild animals.
  • Construction, Survival, and Rescue
  • Different maps
  • Under the ground mode.


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Final Words:

Here are our top choices for the best Survival Games for Android. While we think PUBG and Dead Trigger 2 have lifted the bar altogether, the other games on our list are also booming. So, which game you choose or are already playing? Let us know in the comments section.

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