11 Best Stickman Games for Android Devices

So, you must check out these best stickman games for Android once. All these games are free to download and some of them can also be played offline.

Who doesn’t like stickman or stick fighting games? They are cheerful and thrilling at the same time. And what better way to enjoy a stickman than in stickman fighting games.

So let’s start.

Best Stickman Games

1) Stickman Sword Fighting 3D

stickman sword fighting 3d games

Unlike the games mentioned above, this game focuses more on the mission and purpose side rather than just killing enemies endlessly. There are scattered various missions to choose from. Such as collecting a specific amount of gold or destroying a certain number of his taxes, and more.

Once the mission is completed, you must exit the mission area. It sounds simple but it is not due to many other stick figures trying to kill you.

You can move your stickman game character very easily with the help of a joystick on the left side and can also easily attack by tapping on the attack button below on the right. The game is available to download and play completely for free.

Stickman Sword Fighting 3D

2) Stick Fight

stick fight games

A simple but addictive game. In this stickman game, you can use your character to kill all the opponents coming from both directions. As long as you survive in this game and kill your enemies. Till then your soul meter will keep increasing. You can use these spirits to equip and upgrade the weapons you are using.

After killing enough stick enemies, you have to face the boss which is very strong and hard to kill. And whenever you die, you have to start again which prompts players to play again and again. Coming under control, all you have to do is tap on the side of the screen from where the enemy is coming.

Stick Fight

3) Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior

stick fight shadow warrior game

It is a game similar to Stick Fight but with better graphics and gameplay. In this game, you have to defend yourself from enemy waves coming from both sides. The action is slightly slower than 1 game on this list. So you have to guess the enemy’s moves accordingly.

The only controls available to players are tapping on the screen to perform an attack. You can also collect coins among all these to increase your high score. The objective will be displayed each time at the beginning of the game which upon completion will reward you with weapons and items.

Shadow Warrior

4) Stickman Battle Royal

stickman battle royal game

For all PUBG fans, it is one of the best Stickman games and a great alternative to PUBG. Although the graphics and gameplay are very different, the purpose of the game is the same. Your main objective in this game is to survive to the last by killing anyone who comes in your way. You can pick up the gun and ammo from the ground to shoot other enemies.

It lacks intensity like other Battle Royal games but is a Stickman game. The only possible way to avoid bullets is to help them win in the case of some guns and their bullets. And the best thing about this game is that there is no hiding place in it. All actions and battles are in front.

Stickman Battle Royale

5) Stickman Fighting 3D

stickman fighting 3d game

You don’t know about everyone but this game reminded me of Taken 3 which we all loved. You can play this game in three modes that are rarely available on any other game on this list. These three modes are Story Mode, 1 Match, and Training Mode. But to be honest, you will do the same thing in all these means i.e. beating the opponent in one to one battle.

The game provides a left stick for you to move around in the fighting area very easily. You can also jump or stop to avoid enemy punches and kicking. For combo performance via fists and feet, 6 buttons are given on the right side of the game. You need to try and combine them all to find some deadly attack combo.

Stickman Fighting 3D

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6) The Spearman

the spearman game

This game is definitely the most favorite on this list. There is also no backstory here. Your only objective is to survive as long as you can. You must kill all your enemies by throwing them with your spear.

Initially, opponents will get coins one after the other, they will appear randomly at any location and even their quantity will increase. Everyone on this plus will shoot at you with arrows, spears, and fire shots. Your stickman can only stand against one attack. If you get hit twice you are out.

The Spearman

7) Stickman Fighter: Mega Brawl

stickman fighter mega brawl game

The game is similar to the two games mentioned here that are Stickman Fight and Shadow Warrior. But this is not an endless game. Here the game is divided into several levels so that you can track the progress of the game. In addition, the fighting combo is also different. Personally, I loved the final part in every level where you have to brutally kill the last opponent several times.

Mega Brawl

8) Stickman Fighting: Neon Warriors

stickman fighting neon warriors game

The game is almost identical to the one mentioned above. It has two modes including story mode and two matches. And to be honest, training mode is not required. You will easily get used to controlling only after the first or second round of a fight.

In addition, the highlights of the game are the characters’ designs and new cities or maps. You can also play as Pizza Man in both available modes. And if you ever felt that the game is too difficult or too easy, you can always change it from the main menu of the game.

Stickman Fighting

9) Stickman Battlefields

stickman battlefields game

I was saving the best for last. This is a story-based stickman fighting game. When I started playing this game, it automatically reminded me of the mini militia, the graphics are almost identical.

Your main objective in this game is to kill the opponents on your way. Controls are a bit clumsy in the initial stages, don’t worry, you’ll get used to them. On the right, you have a joystick to move the player back and forth. And from the left, you can aim, shoot, select different weapons, and jump.

Stickman Battlefields

10) Stickman Warriors

stickman warriors game

Possibly the most unique game on this list. In this game, your main objective is to keep your stickman from falling. But the only crime is your body. So, you will need to use your body to hit and smash other stickmen. Protect your head at all costs as it is a sensitive part and takes the most serious damage in the game.

Try to use your hands and feet to hit other characters. Each time, you or one of your opponent hits will slow down the game for one second. A fun way to fight.

Stickman Warriors

11) Stickman Street Fighter

stickman street fighter game

Definitely the funniest game on this list. This is a story-based game in which you will run on the streets and kill every bad guy or we should call it a bad stickman. And when it comes to fighting skills and combos, it is the most interesting game ever.

You can do many terrible attacks on the ground and even by jumping and flying. There are four controls for grounded kick and punch as well as aerial kick and punch.

Stickman Street Fighting

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Final Words

Personally, for me, The Spearman is the best Stickman game I’ve played so far. It is very addictive and will completely soak your attention span. Apart from this, you can also try Street Stickman Fighter because of its unique street crawl gameplay. Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below.

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