7 Best Quran Apps for Android & iPhone Users

Best Quran Apps – Prayer is one of the most important things we do to keep our minds at peace and thank God for everything that we have.

As such there are many religions and each of them has its own way of praying. Here we are going to see apps related to Holy Quran.

Nowadays people are so busy working that they do not get enough time to recite their prayers or listen as they wish. But with these best Quran app, you can get in touch with prayer and listening to know the Holy Quran whenever you want directly from your Android or iPhone.

Best Quran apps to read the holy book

1) Al-Quran

ai quran app

With this application, you can read or listen to Suras and Ajas from your Android devices anytime. It will ask you to choose the method for searching the Quran. You can choose from scrolling, paging, or Al-Quran TV.

To watch and listen to AL-Quran TV you need to download audio once. Then you can use it offline at any time. It can be downloaded from the Form Settings menu. If you wish, you will also have the option to view translations of texts in English.

Also, you will get options to set an alarm for any time you want to read the Quran. And if you give it time to read at night, you can simply enable night mode.

Download Al-Quran

2) Quran for Android

quran for android app

Yet another app that will show you all the tones and juz as given above. Once the app is installed and open, it will download the required files. Additionally, you can also search for a particular prayer from the search bar or bookmark any of the desired suras or juices, so that you can continue reading it from the place you left it, or later on it. Can check at your convenience. And like the app above, you can also translate and night mode for more convenience.

Download Quran for Android

3) Quran Majid

quran majid app

This is one of the best Quran apps that you can download very easily on your Android and iOS devices. Like the above two apps, it will also show you all Islamic fonts dedicated to Surah Al-Fatiha and Juz. This is the Qibla compass to get the direction of prayer and prayer time.

This app will use your location to show different prayer times by location and locality. And you can also easily use a widget for the same. Also, you can listen to the Quran and choose from a variety of lists as per your choice. It also allows you to change the language for translation and set different themes and Arabic font styles if you want.

Download Quran Majeed

Download Quran Majeed

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4) Al Sudais Full Quran Offline

ai sudais full quran offline app

This will provide you audio and MP3 only for prayer unlike other Quran applications mentioned above which you can listen to at any time offline. Also, it has a shuffle option that you can use when you want to keep random notes every time you listen to one or repeat someone. You can also run it in the background and even when your device’s screen is locked.

Download Al Sudais Full Quran Offline

5) Rectangle – Al Quran

ayat ai quran app

As soon as this app starts you can select your default language, either proper Arabic or English. Then it will show you all the pages with writing and its translation on the tab below. You will have to swipe to change the page and use the side panel to jump to any desired page, juz, or sura. To listen to any given text, just tap on the play button and the app will hear it from you.

Also, you can share, copy, bookmark later pages, or translate them into other languages. Some options, such as translation and audio recitation, may require you to download the required files, and after that, you can use it anytime. It will also allow you to take the exam and memorize lessons or prayers.

Download Al Quran

Download Al Quran

6) Holy Quran

holy quran app

This app interface is divided into five sections. In PARA Index and SURAH Index, you can see and hear all the writings of the HOLY Quran. Its pages look exactly like a holy book. You can go to the résumé section from where you went to continue reading.

Besides, you need information about some of the symbols used in these symbols. Finally, you may have a little more knowledge about the Holy Quran in addition to its teaching in information about the Quran.

Download Holy Quran

7) Tajweed Quran – Tartil and Rethinking Rules

tajweed quran app

If you are looking for an app in which you can not only read the Quran but also learn its proper pronunciation, then the fresh Qur’an will help you. The two categories of this app are Basic and Advanced. You can learn to recognize letters, symbols, dots, the pronunciation of letters, Hamza, Shad, and many more.

In advance, you can learn the right way to speak the throat letters, stop the sign, Qalqalah letter, loneliness, movements, and all the ways to know about the correct knowledge of the Quran and its recitation.

It will give you audio feedback to listen and learn pronunciation. To unlock some of the advanced options you must first complete the basic category lessons so that you can progress appropriately.

Download Tajweed Quran

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Final Words

All the apps will give you the Holy Quran lessons that you can read, it just depends on who you like. Some of them will also give you translation, but if you prefer to read the Quran in the real Quran style then that is also provided. We hope you have found your Go-App for prayer or reciting the holy book at any time.

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