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7 Best Netflix Apps to Watch Movies and TV Shows in India

7 Best Netflix Apps to watch movies and TV shows in India While was resumed in the form of Hotstar in February 2015, NetFlix launched for India.

With the advent of technology, we can reach the piles of information from our smartphone. Earlier, YouTube was just a website, we used to regret our favorite show remembering and sticking to the TV to run again. Well, it’s a thing of the past.

While YouTube paved the way for much more content in the Indian market with channels like TVF, we had no real replacement for hardcore entertainment. The fastest way forward for 2019, the streaming world is on top! Nowadays, entertainment and OTT (over-the-top) platforms go together like peanut butter and jelly. There are many options to choose, but choosing one means losing another.

Thanks to Jio 4G, entire India was launched to search the Internet, which meant there was also an increasing demand for viewing content. While was restarted as Hotstars in February 2015, Netflix launched for India’s audience in 2016, making the OTT scenario dramatic. At this time, we have a lot of OTT options to choose from, and with today’s list, we will ensure that you get the right platform. So, scroll down and find your sacred tomb.

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7 Best Netflix Apps to watch movies and TV shows in India:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hotstar
  • JioCinema
  • Voot
  • Airtel TV
  • SonyLIV
  • ZEE5

1. Amazon Prime Video

best netflix apps

Remember the song’s dialogue with Jab We Met? Mufti, Mufti, Mufti! Yes, membership of Amazon Prime seems to be exactly the same. If you buy a prime membership, you can get fast delivery from Amazon by bundling with Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Prime Video.

Is not it cute Okay, wait till you get the material offered by an American legend. For starters, like Hotstars, Amazon also has its own special shows such as Jack Ryan, Made in Heaven, Four More Shots Please, etc. There is also a relationship with Amazon’s major production house, which first released popular Hindi films such as Padmaavat and Manikarnika.

Amazon Prime Video contains a huge list of entertainment, which has more than 4000 movies. Prime Members get more than 100 premium channels like HBO, STARZ, Cinemax, etc. You can pay only for the channels you see, although this feature is not available worldwide.

Users have the option to buy or rent content. To see all this repository, you will be charged for prime membership or 129per months or for 999 years. But remember, you get the royal treatment with the inclusion of prime music in Amazon and fast delivery. So, tap on the link below and locate your content.

Main Features:

  • Offline Downloads
  • 100+ Premium Channels
  • Buy or Rent a Video.
  • Amazon Exclusive Show

Download Amazon Prime Video

2. Hotstar

best netflix apps

Earlier known as, Hotstar was officially launched in February 2015 to broadcast live cricket matches with some entertainment content. However, the app soon exceeded 1 million downloads and the rest is history. The purpose of Hotstar is for three types of content – TV bi Watches, movie buffers, and sports aficionados.

This OTT is your one-stop app for streaming Indian content in Star TV serials and Bollywood movies like Game of Thrones and so on. Hotstars have a cricket fever that is so popular in India, which touches the sky during the IPL. Hotstar doubles in the masterpieces of Sun Sect, Season 4 and Sarabhai vs Sarabhai: Tech 2, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, etc.

People can also view news from channels like Aaj Tak, Republic TV news channel, Polymer News, ABP News Live and AsiaNews News Live. Hotstar is currently available in India, USA, and Canada and in the UK. Disney recently announced that they are bringing Disney + content to the Hotstar, which is an additional benefit because you do not have to pay extra money.

For premium content, you would have paid some cash – or 299 per month or per 999 per year for the premium plan, while Plan 365 for the Hotstar VIP. Whatever plan you choose, you will definitely enjoy viewing the content through Hotstar. So, do not wait any longer and download this app for unlimited entertainment.

Main Features:

  • TV Shows and Movies
  • Live Cricket (IPL / International)
  • Aware News
  • Hotstar VIP

Download Hotstar

3. JioCinema

best netflix apps

JioCinema, Reliance Industries Ltd., Is a telecommunication-specific video-on-demand streaming app accessible only by Jio SIM users. Enjoy TV shows, movies, origins and more on JioCinema with Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, Punjabi, etc.

If you are in the mood of Hollywood action movies, you will find plenty of them. In JioCinema’s Library Music videos featuring artists such as Beyonce, Sia, Coldplay and so on are also available.

In the JioKids section, there are also shows to see the children. Naagin 3 is also available to users, along with the original content such as the popular daily soaps such as The Rising Star, The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family, Bose – Dead or Alive, etc. JioCinema includes special Disney content so that you can now watch movies like Avengers, Iron. Movies like Man, The Jungle Book, and any extra cost. So, download this app and have the whole world of entertainment in your hands.

Main Features:

  • Special Disney Section.
  • Original Section
  • JioKids Section

Download JioCinema

4. Voot

best netflix apps

Voot Viacom 18 is a proprietary OTT digital media that gives a dramatic entry into the world of amazing Hindi content. This is the only app in the list, which is completely free, obviously, tons of advertising. Woot’s repository includes Viacom 18’s network channel, children of witchcraft for all the great cartoons, Voot originals and news from the network 18 channels. You get the content for all ages.

Voot is the main feature of the original woot, which opens the door to talented actors who play unusual characters. In special content, it is not easy to starring Swara Bhaskar, with feet, stars, comedies, etc. The legs are included.

If you want to know what is going on in the nation, switch to the News tab, which updates you with prolific channels like CNN-News 18, News18 Lokmat News18, Tamilnadu and so on. The only warning is that you can not access any international content. So, go to the Play Store and download Voot to stream happiness.

Main Features:

  • Largest TV Show.
  • Voot Original.
  • News Section
  • Music Section

Download Voot

5. Airtel TV

best netflix apps

Airtel TV is another telecom-specific OTT app, accessible only by Airtel users. This streaming service is a jack of all trades. After continuous offers, you will certainly not be able to find a reason to download this app. Airtel TV can be known as the hub of entertainment that makes you a potato.

With access to the latest movies, both Bollywood and Hollywood, Airtel TV sets the tone of entertainment that you want for more. And boy, it gives you more. Users can not only watch live television but can also see special content from ZEE5, YouTube Trailer, Eros Now web content, etc.

If the English show is what you are looking for, get ready to blow your mind because you get access to the latest sessions of The Big Bang Theory, SWAT, The Flash, Super Girl, The Goldbergs and DC Legends of Tomorrow. Hoichoi and HOOQ materials are also available. With just one login ID you can see the content in up to 5 devices. Okay, right? So, download this app and enjoy the content of countless hours.

Main Features:

  • ZEE5 Premium Content
  • Eros Now Content
  • Stream Unlimited Movies / TV Shows
  • Free YouTube Streaming
  • Supports 5 Devices

Download Airtel TV

6. SonyLIV

best netflix apps

SonyLIV is the result of all those channels which are Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. This video-on-demand app is the only place where you will find a nostalgic series used for viewing as a child. It dubbed live cricket matches, Hindi TV serials, Bollywood and Hollywood films, original web series, children’s content, short films, LIV FIT, LIVE TV channels and music. Is not it overkill more? Well, not only that, but you also get to see the show of comedy king Kapil Sharma, who has returned to the second season, handmade tail and so on.

Special content is being compelled by Sony LIVE and gives you options like Section 377, Lost and Found, LoveBytes 2, etc. Check out some of Hollywood’s action films in high definition. In addition to all this content, you also get a repository of Tamil, Gujarati, Punjabi and Marathi films.

To enjoy the content by SonyLIV, you will have to buy a subscription that costs $ 99 per month, ₹ 299 for six months and 499 for one year. so what are you waiting for? Download Sony LIV and go high on entertainment.

Main Features:

  • Cricket matches
  • Live UEFA Champions League Match
  • Watch Sony Entertainment Network Channel
  • TEN Sports Network
  • Chromecast Feature

Download SonyLIV

7. ZEE5

best netflix apps

Zee Entertainment Enterprises launched an OTT platform ZEE5 to create a bullseye, which takes care of the needs of consumers. Formerly known as OZEE, ZEE5 is a streaming service with a mixture of both – international and local content. Users get content in 12 languages, which are dubbed in 5 languages ​​(Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu). For better viewing experience, ZEE5 can be adapted in your language.

You can enjoy TV bingers to watch TV shows in more than 500 chains in 8 Indian languages. This app can see all high-quality Zee shows, including Ishq Subhan Allah, Bhabhiji at home, Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji and similar things. ZEE5 has a similar library of Oscar-winning films and Bollywood’s epic dramatic thrillers.

You also get your hands on Turkish, Korean and Spanish shows. The original includes a biopic series of Karenjeet Kaur, The Story, etc., all for one cheap price – all packs (including Tamil and Telugu) per 99 per month, all packs and Ganaa + per month per Rs. 198, all Pack for Rs. 599 for 6 Months and for one year for all Rs. 999 packs. So, download this app and enjoy entertainment around the world from the comfort of your chair.

Main Features:

  • Dubbed videos in 5 Languages
  • Live TV
  • Voice Search
  • 500+ Series
  • ZEE5 Origin

Download ZEE5

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Final Words

So, this was a list of our apps that stream content in India. These apps include original offerings, some shared content, while some are truly unique deals. Let us know in the comments below the streaming platform of your choice.

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With the advent of technology, we can reach the piles of information from our smartphone. Earlier, YouTube was just a website, we used to regret our favorite show remembering and sticking to the TV to run again. Well, it’s a thing of the past.

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