10 Best Evite Alternatives to Send Invitations Online

Are you looking for the best Evite alternatives? Well, today I am back to the top 10 sites like Evite to send invitations online. Inviting people to any type of event is easier than ever. You Can Have Great Invitation Services Right at Your Fingertip.

There are online services that can help you organize the event, find suitable locations where the event can be held, choose the right invitation card and provide directions to the venue.

Well, we have researched for some time and found these sites helpful in inviting people. You don’t need to do complicated things to send an invite. It is a very easy process using these websites.

What is Evite?

Evite is one of the first online invitation websites that was launched in 1998 during the dot-com bubble. It quickly gained popularity thanks to its free service and pop culture references. This website has made it much easier and faster to invite people for various occasions as compared to our traditional invitations.

To send invitations through Evite, you’ll need to fill in all the details about the party or event, then enter the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of all the guests you want to invite, and then click ” Click on the “Finish and Send” button

Creating an Evite (invitations sent through this website are called Evite) is easy to create, but it is losing its popularity. Because the manufacturers are not sufficiently innovating and improving the user experience on the product as compared to all their competitors.

Best Evite Alternatives:-

1. Paperless Post

paperless post

Well, Paperless Post is one of the best Evite alternatives to invite people digitally. This company is based in New York and was established in 2009. It pretty much sets itself apart from the rest with the number of customizations available on the website. It also has an iOS app.

Paperless Post partners with some of the most popular fashion designers (Kelly Wearstler, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, and more) to offer the best designs upon invitation.

In this, you can have the card sent to up to 2,000 e-mail addresses for free. The new product- Flyer- will let you share your event across most platforms like social media, SMS, email, and more.

‘Save the Dates’ is one of the best services for wedding invitations by website, but it is not free, and you will need coins to send these invitations. You can do some customization using the free card, like uploading your own design or image.

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2. Facebook


You can also send invites to people through Facebook, but these invites are not as efficient and user-friendly as compared to other Evite alternatives. Sometimes these invitations go unnoticed.

First, you need to create an event on Facebook, then go to Events and click “Invite”. You can send invitations to people by entering their name, email address, or phone number. Tap the profiles of the people you want to invite and then click “Send Invitation.” Sending invitations on Facebook is easy and free.

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3. SmileBox


Owned by Perion Networks Ltd., Smilebox is one of the best applications used for creating slideshows, invitations, greeting cards, and collages. After selecting a format, the website will allow you to customize the card. You can add photos, animations, music, captions, and more to cards with great ease.

In addition, you can share the invitation card via email or social media. It has limited design templates when using the free version. However, you can easily customize the card to make it interesting too. It will be relatively easy and hassle-free for you to create and send invitations using Smilebox.

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4. PurpleTrail


One of the best paid online invitation sites like Evite is PurpleTrail. Invitations are available for every type of event, or you can create custom cards specifically for your event. There is a lack of subjects in some categories.

You have the option to chat with your guests, and guests can suggest different locations and times for the event. Creating and sending invitations is easy, all you have to do is sign-up and then enter all the event details.

PurpleTrail is ad-free and allows sending printed ads for a small fee. The website also lets you create a personal planner.

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5. Minted


If you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing wedding cards, Minted might be the website for you. This website is mainly for wedding invitations, however, in recent times, they have made their collection quite extensive for various occasions.

The entire process of creating and sending an invitation through Minted takes about 10 minutes. All the designs available on the website are created by independent designers, and you can work with a designer to create the design you are looking for.

RSVP can be tracked through the wedding website. You can also buy gifts, calendars, stationery, etc from the website.

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6. PunchBowl


Founded in 2006, the website gained popularity after being featured in PC World’s “25 Web Sites to Watch” and won the MITX (Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange) award for usability.

After improving the UI a few years back, Punchbowl became more user-friendly. The free online service allows invitations to be sent to up to 100 guests per event. You can also send digital cards to up to 10 recipients per month which will also include advertisements on invites.

RSVPs can be tracked, and we can also send updates to guests via the website. It is one of the best Evite alternatives for sending invitations online.

Punchbowl may be the best option for planning children’s events. Recently, I posted about sites like Rainierland, a must-read if you are a movie freak.

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7. ShinDigg


Shindig is another great site on this list of the best Aviation alternatives. This website lets you create and manage your events effectively. You’ll need to create an events page on Shindig and then customize it by adding text, animations, images, and videos.

Enter all relevant information on the event page and then send the invitation via email or social media. You can sell tickets and even deposit money through Shindig. The website keeps track of all the transactions making the job easy for you.

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8. Sendomatic


This website allows you to create 100 percent customizable designs or choose from their wide range of elegant designs.

To invite more people, you can either pay for one event or buy an annual subscription for unlimited events.

You can select designs for different occasions and also send and track RSVPs. You can also sell tickets on Sendomatic, and all invitation cards are ad-free.

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9. GreenVelope


This application offers a beautiful design that is highly customizable and sends invitations directly to family and friends. There are various invitation cards available for a wide range of occasions.

Greenvelope allows adding music, event location via Google Maps, images, animations, venue information, and much more. Creating and sending invitations is not free, you can check their single mailing and annual subscription package from their official website.

It lets you send RSVP and track it easily. It also allows you to send a single invite to a family by grouping guests together.

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10. Pingg


If you like minimalistic and simple designs, then this might be the site for you. When using the free service, you can send invitations to a recipient list of up to 75 people.

It offers some great features, and you can sell tickets to third-party events or even collect donations for joint gifts. Invitations to the free service will include advertisements. Well, it is one of the best sites like Evite.

Another great feature offered by Pingg is that you can upload your own photos and designs to be used on invites. Sending RSVPs is simple with the ability to track it, you can even send guests updates about the event.

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Final Words:-

Well, that was all for the best Evite alternatives. I hope now you got the idea about these sites like it to send invitations online. Evite is still widely used, but if you are looking for some great features and designs for your invites, then the websites listed above can prove to be helpful for you.

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