5 Best Clipboard Apps For Android Users

Best Clipboard Apps For Android: If you prefer to copy-paste the text, you may encounter a situation where you must have copied a piece of text and you have copied something else before you paste it elsewhere.

And the result of this mistake? Loss of your previously copied text! And of course, the waste of muscle power needed to imitate those texts. But is there any solution to this problem? Or will we keep missing some important texts in need of copying something else?

Well, surely there’s a better way to retain every one of your copied text without losing any. And that is through clipboard apps. Because clipboard apps are a savior in your every copy text action needs. Since they not only retain all your copied text but you can also create categories inside them!

That way you don’t miss anything. But although many Android phones do not come with an inbuilt clipboard manager at all. However, you can easily put your hands on them from the Google Play Store.

But don’t worry, we’re doing a heavy job for you, because here is a list of the 5 best clipboard apps for Android that will help you manage your copied text and make things easier for you.

5 Best Clipboard Apps for Android:

1. Clipper – Clipboard Manager

clipper - clipboard manager

Clipper – Clipboard Manager is a great application that automatically saves everything you copy. So that you don’t have to manually copy and paste everything in the app. Also, within the app, you can create custom folders to store your collected clippings, which will sort and clutter your copied notes. And for a faster method, anyone can use the Clipper app directly from your status bar.

This way you can not only save time but also take notes easily in the clipper. Apart from this, the app also comes with a Clipper Plus version which opens up even more convenient and useful features.

Main Features:-

  • Clipboard history and detail.
  • Easy Clipping.
  • Quick and easy access.
  • Organization and editing.

Clipper – Clipboard Manager

2. My Clipboard

my clipboard

My Clipboard is a powerful clipboard manager because it automatically saves everything you have copied. And you can find your copied notes later in history. But don’t worry about completing your history, because the app can contain thousands of notes! Also, for a quick search, anyone can mark their clip with any tag or add it to their favorites.

This way you will get your favorite text first in history. And for instant and easy access, you can easily open the My Clipboard at any time via the notification panel or via a simple swipe from any corner of the screen. Therefore, store repetitive pieces of text in the My Clipboard and copy them whenever you need.

Main Features:-

  • Automatic clipboard history and detail.
  • Unlimited history of notes created.
  • Quick and easy access.
  • Editing of notes.
  • Add notes to favorites.


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3. Clipboard Actions & Notes

clipboard actions & notes

Clipboard Activities is a simple but great app for every copy of your copied text needs. Since the app includes almost every convenient feature that is not only helpful but also easy to use. To use the app, all you have to do is copy any text and it will be pasted directly into the status bar of your notification or in a nice list in the app.

Apart from texts, you can download and share images and videos directly through the app with just one touch. In addition, with the Speakout Clips feature, one can easily listen to their copied items for pronunciation or pronunciation.

Apart from this, apart from the main clipboard features, the app also offers many other great features. Such as currency conversion, call filters, translation tools, and more. Therefore, download clipboard verbs and create verbs based on your own copied lessons.

Main Features:-

  • Share photos / videos.
  • Speak clips.
  • Link shortener.
  • Currency Conversion.
  • to translate.

Clipboard Actions & Notes

4. Clipboard Manager

clipboard manager

Keep your history in a clean and manageable way and get fast access to your notes with just a few swipes in the Clipboard Manager app. In addition, the app offers unlimited categories meaning you can copy and paste endless notes.

Apart from this, the app also provides many other useful features, such as Auto Clean Trash, Merge Notes, Auto Clean Clipboard Contents, and more. Therefore, manage your clipboard in the best way possible and never leave any important message with the clipboard manager app.

Main Features:-

  • Create unlimited categories.
  • Copy and paste unlimited notes.
  • Paste your notes with the keyboard.
  • Auto Clean Trash.
  • Fast access to recent notes.

Clipboard Manager

5. Clip Stack – Clipboard Manager

clip stack - clipboard manager

The app stores and saves all the items you have manually copied to your clipboard. Therefore, when you copy a text for the first time, it appears on your status bar and from there you can access the Clip Stack tab to either edit or save your favorites within the app.

And the text you mark as a favorite is always available from the status bar. But if you want to dismiss the notification from the app, you can easily do it by swiping or with the long-press method. So, easily copy, share, star, delete and merge each and every text with just Clip Stack – Clipboard Manager app.

Main Features:-

  • Unlimited Clipboard.
  • Works everywhere.
  • Powerful notification.
  • Retrieve text after reboot.

Clip Stack – Clipboard Manager

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Final Words:-

So, here is the list of the 5 best clipboard apps that you can easily use on your Android devices without any hassle. Also, most of the mentioned apps can save your copied text automatically. This means that you do not need to visit the app again and again to copy-paste the item.

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