10 Best Cinemagraph Apps for Android Users

Best Cinemagraph Apps: In this day and age, almost everyone gets enamored with social media, especially Instagram as it is a no-nonsense app with a plethora of features.

Users find new ways to show off their creativity with a full range of options like Boomerang or existing filters. Cinemagraphs have come to dominate now and today social media is all the rage for users.

What is Cinemagraph? This is the type of motion photo that is half still and half moving, like a live portrait; Almost like moving pictures of Harry Potter.

Well, this new kid on the block isn’t built-in to any social platform, but there are individual apps you can download to create impressive imagery that gives the illusion of a combined photo and a video. So, scroll down to see the best Cinemagraph apps for Android to create amazing Cinemagraphs.

Best Cinemograph Apps for Android Users:



This is one of the best cinemagraph apps. Plotgraph Inc. Has brought an all-in-one app to make Cinegraphs for us. It is focused on three aspects, first, create the second share and explore the third. Plotverse allows you to create stunning live portraits with a single tap-and-drag option.

If you’re active on a lot of social media sites, you’re in for a treat because Plotverse lets you choose from a variety of crop presets. You get the option to export as GIF, mp4, or animated PNG.

In this app, you can control the speed of animation with great ease. If you’re an influencer, you’ll want to see the huge community where millions of people share their creations; Daily contests are also organized in the app to boost your creativity. So, download Plotavers and animate it like a pro.

Main Features:-

  • Simple Navigation.
  • Crop presets for various social media.
  • Multiple Export Options.
  • Aesthetic effects and overlays.




Vimage (which I think is a portmanteau of video + image) is a homespun app that allows you to easily create cinemographs. You can create tons of motion stills but what if you don’t have the options for photos or videos? Vimage has a simple solution built-in stock that offers users a gallery full of 100+ videos and free usable images to choose from.

Apart from these usual features, you can edit your photos in the advanced mode which quickly replaces any other photo editing apps. It lets you apply 10 effects to a single image simultaneously. Also, if you are a social media fanatic or looking for fame, you can put a hashtag on your creation to get the feature on the Vimage community and/or Instagram. so what are you waiting for? Download this app and have fun.

Main Features:-

  • Advanced editing features.
  • Stock images.
  • 100+ Video Effects.


3. Zoetropic


Zoetropic tops this list because of its simplicity and its complete features. We have recently included this app description, which gives you a short tutorial on how to make the speed constant. Zoetropic gives you some amazing options to create Cinemagraphs without any hassles.

To make you understand how this app brings motion photos, you will first be greeted with quick in-app tips. Once you have read all these tricks, you are asked to import a picture and you can start. To make a motion photo like a movie, you have to perform 7 tasks which are at the bottom.

Users also get to add music to their creation which will make the output an amazing experience. The app lets you use all these features for free but comes with a watermark. If you do not wish to do so, you can opt for a premium version with other add-ons. So, tap on the link below to create those great motion stills.

Main Features:-

  • Free Features.
  • Fast export.
  • Simple Navigation.
  • Premium version for added functionality.


4. Loopsie


Loopsie by GameLounge is an unprecedented app for live portraits. This app provides a lot of features in the free version. There are tons of effects to make your photos shine. So having fun reading the content of the best cinemagraph apps.

Loopsie has an integrated video camera that shoots those awesome videos in Full HD and edits them later with a fully functional video editor. Forget your monopod or tripod home because the stabilization algorithm removes the volatile effects. In addition, you can choose from several aspect ratios to export for many social media apps. So, keep using this app on loop.

Main Features:-

  • User-friendly UI.
  • Full HD Video.
  • Built-in video editor.
  • Integrated camera.


5. Photo in Motion

photo in motion

Photo in Motion is the most basic yet feature-rich app you can find on this list. You just have to follow 3 steps to get your live portrait. Add an image from your gallery and select the movement tool and select all the points at the place where you want to give the motion effect.

Just direct the effect and now select the stabilization tool so that the footage looks as if it has been shot on a tripod. So, go to the play store and download this app.

Main Features:-

  • Stabilize the footage.
  • An app is easy to use.
  • Basic Options.

Photo in Motion

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6. Cinemagraph


Crazy Labs has introduced a new Crazy app that has a lot of capabilities. Change the quality of GIFs, adjust GIF frame rates, and more. Use real-time filters on your phone for a flawless effect. Users can easily tap here to focus on the subject and give it effect.

Apart from adjusting the GIF frame rate, you can also adjust the photo capturing frame rate. Share your creations on social media. Easily create animation speed with your finger. If all these features tempt you, you can upgrade to a Pro version which has more options. So, go to the play store and download Cinemagraph to impress your followers. Friends, don’t be bored at all, just enjoy these best Cinemagraph apps.

Main Features:-

  • Adjust the frame rate of the GIF.
  • Touch to focus.
  • Amazing filter.
  • 1-tap share.


7. StoryZ Photo Motion and Cinemagraph

storyz photo motion and cinemagraph

The next app on our list is StoryZ which has a beautiful UI, which makes it easy to navigate and operate without any hassle. It doesn’t matter if this is the first time you are an advanced user, this app simplifies everything for everyone.

The app lets you work in three different areas – ripple, overlay, and motion. While Motion lets you mix still images with video for animated effects, Ripple and Overlay give you many effects to play with and experiment with.

In addition to these features, you can create your own cult of motion stills by joining the StoryZ community. If you are the one who likes to have lots of features (even artificial), then this is the app for you. So, download the link given below and share your stories with the world.

Main Features:-

  • Easy Navigation.
  • StoryZed Community.
  • Animated double exposure.
  • Ripple, overlay, and motion features.

StoryZ Photo Video Maker

8. Motion Stills

motion stills

Motion Stills is one of the simplest apps in which you get a lot of features without paying any money. Create some stunning motion photos and looping GIFs to impress your followers; You can also combine footage into films to share with friends later.

Share motion stills in GIF format. Shoot a short video in one tap with this app which takes 3 seconds. This app also detects your clip and watches other clips in the stream. So, download Motion Stills from Play Store and have fun.

Main Features:-

  • Totally free.
  • Clip creation with 1 swipe.
  • Enhancing and stabilizing videos.
  • Fast forward effect.

Motion Stills

9. Motion on Photo Animation

motion on photo animation

Motion on Photo is a no-nonsense app that has lots of options for creating exceptional cinematography. You get to use features like motion-animation effect, animation smoke effect, and setting image speed. Opacity can also be manipulated in the settings with the Blur video mode.

There is another interesting mode called Photo Slow Motion which lets you apply motion to animation effects. To slow things down in photos, you get another mode called Slow Motion Camera Effect. If you want to send a GIF or video to a friend, you can select that too. So, download the link given below and get started.

Main Features:-

  • Film filter.
  • In-built photo gallery.
  • Set image speed.
  • Adjust speed effect.

Motion on Photo Animation

10. Flapix


Skirl has brought us a famous app for creating live portraits or cinemographs. It is a pro-grade app that offers many features ranging from basic to expert. The app UI is refreshing with a black model that doesn’t require you to turn on Night Mode on your phone. Flapix provides us with basic video editing functionality within the app.

Users can easily zoom in on their existing videos, a feature you will not find in any other app. Easily create loop videos and use the brush tool if you like it a lot. For those who are looking for almost the right app, then I have to say Flapix. So, download this app quickly to upload quality photos to Instagram.

Main Features:-

  • Zoom video.
  • Different brushes.
  • Headquarters Photos.
  • Simple delivery.


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Final Words:-

These best Cinemagraph apps that you need to download for those impressive motion stills. Share with us the most favorite app that satisfies the social media user inside you.

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