10 Best Apps Like Dubsmash Alternatives

Apps Like Dubsmash – Dubsmash is an app name that allows you to create lip-sync-like videos. You can sync with songs, dialogues, and many other famous audio and voice clips.

This application allows searching various categories of voice clips from its library. Once a video is made, it can be saved or shared with your friends through multiple social media platforms.

But if you think this is not what you are looking for, you can take a look at apps like Dubsmash. Through these apps, you can easily create some great fun and entertaining videos from your Android or iOS device.

Although Dubsmash is the best in its place, you can use this app which will give you some extra features compared to this app. Dubsmash can record normal video with only one voice clip.

Here you can find apps that will provide different video effects, voice clips, and recording options for creating dubbed videos. If you are looking for more than just lip-syncing then you might like some of these apps like Dubsmash.

Apps Like Dubsmash

1) MuStar

mustar apps like dubsmash

You can create lip-sync videos from millions of songs in the music app. You do not need to register or log in to make your videos. It has simple controls and options to use. All you have to do is search and choose the song of your choice from different categories and genres.

After choosing, you are ready to shoot your video. In addition, it allows the editing of videos. It has effects like slow motion, reversal, and some others that can be used.

You can also create dance videos in it and you can also challenge your friends and other users online. It can also be shared on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. There are also some in-app purchases that you can do to unlock other effects and audio.

Download MuStar

Download MuStar

2) Dubshoot

dubshoot apps like dubsmash

Dub your videos and add songs, music, funny voices, and dialogue with them to the Dubshoot. It has many audio and clips for many local languages ​​worldwide. You can choose from the list of countries to choose your language. It contains most of the spoken languages ​​around the world.

It will show you the categories of audio that you can use to make dubbed videos. On the main home screen, you can see all the dubs that other users have created and posted on the app. You can also share an audio clip with your friends through WhatsApp and ask them to make a dub.

Download Dubshoot

3) TikTok

tiktok apps like dubsmash

Like Dubsmash, you can make some awesome lip sync videos in TikTok. This app has many types of sounds, languages ​​, and audio clips. It is different from the tithe, you can make a video, edit it and add various special effects to it.

You can also easily use stickers, emojis, and different types of face filters inside your video. This app has audio clips and sounds from different countries and music styles. You can also watch videos of other creators in the app and follow them. It also allows video sharing on other social media platforms.

Download TikTok

Download TikTok

4) Funimate

funimate apps like dubsmash

This app also allows you to create dubbed videos with audio clips from your device. So whether it is an offline or online audio clip you can make a video with both options. Not only this, but you can also make a 3D video by joining two layers of video together. It also allows editing the video and adding a variety of effects to the video.

You can make fun and amazing videos with these features. It can be uploaded to this app or shared with your friends through a social media app. You can also watch videos of different users by following them. It also shows you a tutorial for making videos and this app is among the most trending.

Download Funimate

Download Funimate

5) Sing and Dance Video Maker

sing and dance video maker apps like dubsmash

Unlike other apps similar to Dubsmash for Android to create lip sync videos, unlike the above application, it does not have any libraries from which you can select any audio, but fear not! This application allows you to create dubbed videos with music and songs on your device.

Moving forward, you can make longer videos according to the track you choose. This allows setting start and end times manually in the provided boxes. You can only select the song or all of it. Make some amazing videos and share them through many social media apps.

Download Sing And Dance Video Maker

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6) Dub Studio

dub studio apps like dubsmash

Dub Studio allows creating dub with voice clips and audio provided in the app. You can choose the length of the audio of your choice before listening to your video and listen to it easily. It also allows you to listen audio-only while making videos. There is a toggle button that you can use to use audio mode.

This app allows retaking videos with just one tap so that you can create another in case you are not satisfied with the first. There are not many audios to choose from but you can buy it with stars in the app. There are different categories of audio to choose from. You can earn by sharing, watching videos, etc.

Download Dub Studio

7) MadLipz

madlipz apps like dubsmash

Dubsmash is slightly different from all other apps in the list of the Madlipz app. You can add dialog and lip-sync to videos available in this app. There will be only one difference, you have to add it to your voice. You have to use your imagination and create fun dialogues and dubs for the video. It also has various voice filters to make your voice more fun.

This app has a very large range of clips that you can choose from. It also offers the latest and trending clips, which may interest you. You can watch clips created and uploaded by various users and follow their accounts. This allows sharing the clip that you have used your creativity by posting on this app and showing it to others.

Download MadLipz

Download MadLipz

8) RadioBAE

radiobae apps like dubsmash

In this app, you can listen to radio from different categories and use it to create lip sync videos. It has radio stations almost all the time in radio history. You can also easily lip sync with your favorite stations, RJs, or music.

The app includes pop songs, local radio from various states, and even some special broadcasts around the world. It contains music from different eras such as 50, 80, and many more. There are various stations for these categories that you can choose from.

Download RadioBAE

9) Likee

likee apps like dubsmash alternative

Although originally, it is a video editing app, it still provides lip-sync and dubbing features to make those videos more entertaining. You can choose from various dialogues and music to create your videos. As it is a video editing app, you can add many effects to your clip.

You can also easily use audio clips on them with special effects. These types of effects are created for each song in this category. With this, your video will have animations, lyrics, and many other special effects. It can be accessed in the Music Magic options. You will get many other features, which this app will provide you.

Download Likee

Download Likee

10) Smule

smule apps like dubsmash

If you have a good voice, you can use this app to make songs and videos of songs of different languages ​​and genres. This app allows you to record a video with a song in your voice and its music in the background. In addition, you can add different special effects to video and audio to cool it down.

This app will provide you with lyrics on screen while making videos. It will also show when to start so that you do not miss the flow of the song. You can sing in solo mode or duet with different users or share yours with others.

Download Smule

Download Smule

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Final Words

If you are looking to gather attention and followers on social media then you can make some fun and entertaining lip sync videos. You can show off your acting skills and perform your favorite dialogues, songs, etc. Most of these apps are also used by celebrities and icons from all over the world.

Make some fun or entertaining with the app in apps and share our posts online. They are accompanied by a variety of apps and additional features. These are all really good apps from which you can choose as you wish. So, which is going to happen?

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