6 Amazing TubeMate Alternative Apps for Android & iOS

tubemate alternative apps

TubeMate Alternative Apps – We sometimes feel the need to download online videos (especially from YouTube) for offline access. Given that major streaming sites do not provide the option of downloading, we need to rely on other third-party applications. TubeMate is one of those apps. But if you don’t like … Read more

7 Amazing Classic Shell Alternatives for Windows in 2020

classic shell alternatives

Classic Shell Alternatives – There are many users who still prefer the old start menu as used to be with the predecessors of Windows 8. But unfortunately, the new Windows versions are missing the iconic start menu. To solve this problem, the developers came up with Classic Shell. With this … Read more

Best 7 Carfax Alternatives to Check Your Vehicle History

carfax alternatives

Carfax is used by people who are purchasing a used vehicle, especially from an independent seller. This practice is more common in most countries than you might think. This is where Carfax comes into action, it provides your vehicle information and its history from the time it was first purchased. … Read more

7 Best Website and Apps Like Wattpad Alternatives

website and apps like wattpad

Website apps like Wattpad are nothing less than an online platform for readers and authors to discover new books and publish their own writing as an e-book. It is one of the highly flexible websites that can be accessed on mobile with great ease through its app on Android, iOS, … Read more

10 Amazing Apps Like Dubsmash Alternatives

apps like dubsmash

Apps Like Dubsmash – Dubsmash is an app name that allows you to create lip-sync-like videos. You can sync with songs, dialogues, and many other famous audio and voice clips. This application allows searching various categories of voice clips from its library. Once a video is made, it can be … Read more

7 Best Wordle Alternatives For Working Online

wordle alternatives

Wordle Alternatives – Wordle is one of the best tools for creating a word cloud. Now some of you may think, what is the word cloud? It is what it is called, a cloud of words and phrases forming different patterns or designs. Depending on their frequency inside the content, … Read more

Top 5 Unetbootin Alternative to Make USB Drives Bootable

unetbootin alternative

Unetbootin Alternatives: Unetbootin is a free Windows application that lets you create a live bootable USB drive using ISO files. Not only that, but the tool also allows other system utilities, Linux and other Windows operating systems to be installed without a CD, making use of these built-in flash drives. … Read more

Best 7 Rabb.it Alternatives Videos to Watch Together

rabb.it alternative

Rabb.it Alternatives: With a lot of Surrey TV shows and films around the world, watching binge is becoming more popular. And online connectivity allows you to watch any video or series with your friends and family. Rabb.it is one of them. This will be available to you both as an … Read more

5 Latest Tinder Alternatives Dating Apps for Android Users

tinder alternatives

The term tinder alternatives dating apps is definitely not another word for Indians today. We identify what it is, through which it begins and where it is going in the relationship. The process of dating has evolved amazingly over the years from meeting individuals in the administration of parties or … Read more