Top 7 Alluc Alternatives | Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

Alluc Alternatives: There are some websites available that are free and provide links to download or stream your favorite movies, videos and TV shows.

One of those websites was Alluc. But it took off because the developers wanted to focus more on other projects. Many of you may wonder where to go next to get a similar service when Alluc is not available.

Not to worry because we have come up with the best Alluc alternatives, one of which could definitely be the replacement you are looking for.

Alluc Alternatives to Watch Movies & TV Shows


Users can use this stream search engine to find links to their favorite TV shows and movies from over 80 million links. Just enter the name of the show or movie in the search bar and it will display all the related results within seconds.

Apart from these results, you can also view popular searches from the left column in the search results screen. And if you don’t have a particular video, you can always click on the latest searches instead of entering any video name.


It is basically a search engine that will list all the links in the video you are searching for. These links can be used for downloading as well as for streaming. All you have to do is enter the name of the video you want and prove that you are not a robot by filling the captcha. After that, all the results will be listed.

You can sort and filter these results by date, quality, size and relevance. Or by selecting the video host from Openload and Streamango. And finally, you can select the search mode from Strict and Hole. In strict mode, only those results will be displayed that have all the keywords entered in your name.

3. File Pursuit

file pursuit

The best part of this tool is that it is also available on the Play Store. Like AIO Search, this search engine can be used to search for anything rather than just videos and movies.

Working is similar to the rest of the websites mentioned here. On the results page, you can filter the results by selecting one category from Video, Audio, ebooks, Archives, Mobile, and Custom.

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4. AIO Search

aio search

All in one search engine and a great Alluc option that uses other websites and search engines to produce the results you want. You did not face any difficulty while using this website. Just enter the movie or TV show you want and select the search category from the drop-down and it will display several results for that keyword.

This drop-down includes images, videos, torrents, web, file sharing, subtitles, and streaming websites. All these results are displayed in several tabs, which you can easily switch between them.

5. WatchMoviesFreeUS

watch movies free us

It is almost identical to the website mentioned above. Just scroll through the tabs on this website to find the latest movies, popular genres, horror, comedy, country, and many other tags. Or you can follow the old-school style and enter the name of the keyword or movie you want to search for.

The website will then download some brief information about the movie, as well as display streaming links. In addition, they also have a movie discussion section on the right side of the page where you can interact with other users.

6. Rapid Search Engine

rapid search engine

You can use this search engine to search for any type of file. This website will only provide download links for files that are unlike other websites, which also provide streaming links. Just enter the file name and click search.

On the search results page, you can filter the results by selecting the file’s host, relevance, and size. This engine extracts results from files available on Mediafire, Uploaded, Nitroflare, Rapidgator, and a few others.

7. WatchPlayStream

watch play stream

It is also a search engine similar to Alluc to find links to download or stream movies, videos, and TV shows. You can easily find those links by entering the name of the video in the search link.

And like the AIO, they also have a category drop-down next to the search bar that includes movies, TV shows, companies, people, genres, and many more. And if you want, you can also browse through these categories from their homepage instead of entering keywords.

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Final Words

All the websites mentioned in this Best Alluc Alternatives list are free to use. It is difficult to select any one of them because they all have a huge amount of links to choose from. So, you will never run out of results.

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