Are Facetime Photos Not Saving on iPhone?

facetime photos not saving

If you are facing the issue of facetime photos not saving, then do not take tension at all, this article is for you only. This can be annoying because maybe you want to capture some important information or something funny, however, they are not getting saved to your Camera Roll. Facetime is a service that … Read more

How to Unsend Instagram Message?

unsend instagram message

Unsend Instagram Message: You just sent a message on Instagram then sent it, now you’re wondering if anyone can see this message in their notifications or in their inbox. Maybe you just sent a strange message and you want to know if people can still see it after you delete it – everyone has experienced … Read more

Do Group Chats Increase Snap Score?

do group chats increase snap score

Are you trying to find out do group chats increase snap score? Then you have come to the right place, this article is just for you. Snapchat is a very popular app with over 1 billion downloads that you can use to send photos, videos, and chat to your friends. According to the Snapchat website, … Read more

Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector?

liquid detected in lightning connector

Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector: After the iOS 10 update, iPhone users now receive a new error message saying “Disconnect the Lightning accessory. Liquid has been found in the Lightning connector. To protect your iPhone, disconnect this Lightning accessory and let the connector dry.” This is a great warning message that could save you and … Read more

Do iPhone Calls Automatically End?

do iphone calls automatically end

Are you looking for a solution to Do iPhone Calls Automatically End then this article is for you only. You are in line with your friend or family member and you are having a great conversation. Out of nowhere, the call ends randomly and you check if your phone is dead. Then you realize that … Read more

How Is Instagram Following and Followers List Ordered?

instagram following and followers list ordered

Instagram Following and Followers List Ordered:- If you’ve ever been to a list following your followers or on your Instagram page, you’ve probably noticed that there isn’t a specific order for either list. They look almost random. You’d think Instagram would order your followers and following list by who recently followed you (some profiles have … Read more

How to Get Settings Icon Back on iPhone

get settings icon back on iphone

Get Settings Icon Back on iPhone:- The Settings app on iPhone and iPad allows you to control the rest of your device. From here, you can toggle certain settings off or on, change your data and time, and connect to WiFi. If you accidentally removed the Settings icon, it could prevent you from changing the … Read more

How to Pair Blackweb Bluetooth Headphones

pair blackweb bluetooth headphones device

Have you recently bought a new pair of Blackweb headphones from your nearest Walmart store? Yes, you must have been attracted to these headphones because of the price. Blackweb headphones are inexpensive headphones commonly sold at Walmart. They are a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones that allow you to listen to music without the need … Read more

How Old Is My Phone?

how old is my phone

How Old Is My Phone: If you’re buying a used phone, chances are you want to find out how old the phone is. You can do this by using the web and app tools to find out using the information that came with your phone or by using the IMEI number. Unfortunately, finding out how … Read more

This Sound Isn’t Available Tiktok

this sound is not available tiktok

This Sound Isn’t Available Tiktok: It was not so long ago that TikTok allowed its users to upload their voices. Music clips were by far one of the most popular choices and one that caused the most problems. You see, it’s absolutely not legal to add music to your TikTok videos that you don’t own. Sure, … Read more

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